Best Apps For Baby Pictures: The ‘Must-Have’ App For Moms

About Best Apps For Baby Pictures, “They grow up so fast” is a common phrase amongst parents. One day you are bringing your little bundle of joy home from the hospital. Before you know it, they are moving out to establish their own homes.  

For many parents, capturing the growing-up process brings so much joy. Hence, you want to remember every single milestone. The first taste of food, the first step, and words are camera-worthy moments. 

A good camera is nice to have, and it also helps to have the best baby pictures. Therefore, that is what we will share in our article below. 

1. What are the Benefits of Using Apps for Baby Pictures? 

The best apps for baby pictures give you access to photo editing capabilities. So, parents can tweak the pictures as they wish. Add or remove elements to make the pictures more interesting.  

Some of the apps have artworks that can make the editing process much more manageable. Additionally, it allows you to customize the pictures to different occasions or significant milestones. By adding quotes or comments, you will never forget impactful moments in your baby’s growth journey.  

2. Things to Consider When Choosing Apps for Baby Pictures


Look for apps that are simple to use depending on how tech-savvy you are

Personalized design;

When using the apps, you should personalize the designs to what you desire.  As a result, it allows for customization, resulting in unique photos that tell their own story. Personalization options are many, including the use of artworks. 

Additionally, you can add stickers or any other element that has a specific meaning to you.  Moreover, the ability to include quotes and comments can help you capture the best moments of your baby’s growth journey. 

Simplified methodically;

Picture editing photos follow specific steps from capturing to the final output. You want an app that works with a step-by-step process for the best results. Consequently, they should be simple to follow and applicable to all.  It should not matter whether you are a beginner or have more experience in photo editing.  :

Can you share with family members;

Where is the joy in taking pictures if you cannot share them with loved ones? The app you choose should allow you to share photos with family members or friends without any stress. Also, it should give you the option of email, tagging, or uploading on social media platforms. 


Make sure the online app you are using has the relevant security features. If not, hackers may use such to gain access to your system.  Once they are in there, they can steal your data or install seven aware pictures that will compromise your security. 

Additionally, it is important to read customer reviews because they are the best and most honest feedback you will get on the application.  

(The mother uses her smartphone to photograph her baby)

3. Best Apps for Baby Pictures Recommended 

 1. Baby Pics

Operating system – Android and iOS

Price – $5.99 per month. You have the option of 3 or 12-month subscriptions. 

Download it from Google or Apple Store 

Why do we recommend it;

Do you love some creativity in your pics? If yes, Baby Pics is the app for you. First, It allows you to personalize photos or add quirky little touches. All this is simple by using over 1000 in-built artwork templates. 

Then, it is also a fantastic app to document your pregnancy journey. Consequently, you can share the pics via email, text, or social media.  

Moreover, we love the ruler that allows you to measure your baby’s weight and height gain over the years.  There are a lot of functionalities you will enjoy. 

It could explain why it has won numerous awards and has so many people downloading it every day.

2. Lifecke

Operating system – Android and iOS

Price – Free for the basic package.  You can also get access to VIP at slightly less than $70 per year.

Download it from Google or Apple Store 

Why do we recommend it;

Most of all, Lifecake provides a timeline where you can store the baby’s memories. Additionally, you can quickly share photos and videos with family members via the timeline. Easily pick pictures from Instagram or Facebook and tag your friends and family members.  

Also, it makes it easy to go back to specific periods without having to scroll through thousands of photos. Furthermore, you can add comments for the days you don’t want to forget. You also get privacy with the invite-only sharing option. 

The app comes with 1 GB storage with the free package. Signing up to VIP gives you access to unlimited storage.

3. Snapseed

Operating system – Android and iOS

Price – Free

Download it from Google or iTunes 

Why do we recommend it;

Snapseed is user-friendly because it comes with expert guidelines. You can quickly complete tasks like cropping, tuning, and adjusting. Luckily, editing photos is effortless. 

As a result, your social media shares will get plenty of likes with professional-looking pics.  

4. Apps For Baby Pictures–Totsie

Operating system – iOS

Price – $5.99 with a seven-day trial period. You have the option of 3 or 12-month subscriptions. 

Download it from Apple and Google stores

Why do we recommend it; 

First, Totsie allows you to customize pictures with over 1000 filters, artworks, fonts, and stickers. 

Secondly, it makes the editing a step further by creating comparison collages. 

Then, effortlessly share the pictures using the social media sharing tool. 

Additionally, the time capsule feature will give you exciting storytelling material. Moreover, it has separate private storage that allows you to capture critical moments in your baby’s years. 

5.  Apps For Baby Pictures–Baby Snaps Pics and Photo Editor

Operating system – iOS

Price – free limited subscription. $23.99 annual subscription

Download it from Apple Google stores 

Why do we recommend it; 

Most importantly, you can start recording baby milestones right from pregnancy. 

Also, customize the pictures and texts, doodles, quotes, and captions. Consequently, make the pics more interesting with artworks and filters. So, you have over 100 filters to choose. 

Further, the editor allows you to share the pictures with your loved ones. You can download the pics from the gallery or camera. 

We love that developer’s afternoon in quotes and captions that you can include with the photos. As a result, it frees you from thinking up interesting words to go with the images. 

6. Apps For Baby Pictures–Camera ZOOM FX

Operating system – iOS and Android

Price – free on Android. Premium plan costs $3.99 

Download it from Apple and Google stores 

Why do we recommend it; 

Most of all, increase the quality of your photos with Camera ZOOM FX. The camera app will turn your regular camera into a professional one. 

Consequently, the enhanced functionalities that come with the different settings and add-on features will give you some fantastic photos. You will especially love the filters that allow you to do so much. 

Then, the inbuilt editing studio allows you to do everything you need to on the app. Easily share photos on social media after customizing them with the filter options. 

Finally, you don’t even need to take any photographs.  You can simply upload what you have and then edit them as you wish. 

Consider signing up for the premium plan for more advanced functionalities. 

Final Thoughts

We have looked at some of the best baby apps for baby pictures.  Consequently, they are easy to use and readily available on Google, iTunes, or Apple stores. 

We like that you can capture milestones for some lasting memories. Further, sharing the pictures is accessible amongst friends, on social media platforms, or by email.   

Furthermore, we welcome your feedback if you have used any of the apps we have highlighted. Even if your favorite app does not appear on the list, please feel free to share it with us.   

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