Best Baby Bottle Cooler Bag: Your Best Choice in 2021

As a nursing mother, you desire the best baby bottle cooler bag for your child. Of course, you’ll want a bag that can maintain the temperature of your baby’s food. Whether you’re weaning your child or otherwise, you need a bag that helps you transport milk safely.

Nowadays, finding the right bag can be quite tricky as there are several options on the market. It is why we have taken the time to list the best baby cooler bags of 2021. Not only will you find excellent choices that you can consider alongside their features. We have also answered some questions you may have about cooler bags.

1.Why Do You Need a Baby Bottle Cooler Bag?

There are various reasons you’ll need a baby bottle cooler bag. To begin with, it’ll help you store the baby’s formula for hours. It means it won’t get spoiled by unexpected temperatures. In addition to this, it offers you a healthier way to feed your child.

As a nursing mother, you should know that it is not ideal for heating a baby’s food, especially breast milk. Why? It is because heat reduces the present nutrients. Besides, the microwave may warm it unevenly or, even worse, scald your infant’s mouth. With a bottle cooler, you can preserve the food for hours till your baby’s feeding time.

Cooler bag for baby milk bottles isolate icon

(Cooler bag for baby milk bottles isolate icon)

2. Advantages of Baby Bottle Cooler Bag

If you’re searching for the best baby bottle cooler bag? Then you ought to know some benefits of their use. Below are the advantages of using a cooler bag.

  • It preserves the food; The cooler prevents the formula from getting spoiled. It can store your milk for about 24 hours. Besides, it saves you the stress of pumping breast milk at an uncomfortable time. 
  • Maintains the bottle upright; When you use a standard cooler, the bottle usually lies flat. However, this won’t work with your baby’s bottle. A baby cooler bag holds your child’s bottle upright at all times to prevent spills.

3. Baby Bottle Cooler Bag Guide

When looking for the best baby bottle cooler bag, there are several factors to consider. No one wants to spend so much purchasing the wrong brand. Below are things to look out for when selecting a baby cooler bag.


It plays a significant role in choosing a bag that suits you. The baby bottle cooler bag is available in every size. Suppose you plan to keep your baby’s diapers, toys, wipes, blankets, etc., and all other things you’ll need for the road. 

Then, we recommend you get a giant bag. On the other hand, if it’s for the sole purpose of storing your child’s food, then you can purchase the standard size. 


The average-sized bag accommodates two bottles with some ice packs. Do you need more space? Then go for a larger bag that holds four or more bottles. 

Ease to clean

Not all coolers are easy to wash. Some of them require extra care and time while cleaning. Hence, you must read the cleaning instructions for every bag. You don’t want to buy a bag that’ll take you hours to wipe the surfaces clean. 


The cooler doesn’t have a defined style. It comes in different colors and designs that are gender-neutral and trendy. Gone are the days of looking tacky with your baby accessories. Nowadays, you can rock any bag that fits your lifestyle.

For example, if you’re a working mum, you may choose the ‘clutch’ style. Other cooler styles include totes, backpacks, and messenger bags. 

4. Best Baby Bottle Cooler Bag Evaluation 

Let’s begin by highlighting our top selections for the best baby bottle cooler bag for infants. 

1. Medela Breast Milk Cooler Bag

Medela Breast Milk Cooler Bag

Pric; $16.99

Product introduction;

The Medela bag is one of the most trusted baby brands. As a nursing parent, it’s a must-have accessory for your baby. Despite its high quality, this cooler is affordable. It can hold 5 oz (ca.189 gram)/150 ml of formula, and it comes with an ice sack. This pouch can preserve four milk bottles for about 12 hours.

The interior composes of  BPA-free microfiber. Meanwhile, the bottles are available in safe plastics. What’s more? The Medela Breast Milk Cooler Bag bottles have visible volume measurements and are easy to wash. This cooler also suits other Medela accessories.

What you may not like;

  • The product is not suitable for long travels. 

2. PackIt Breastfeeding bottle bag

PackIt Breastfeeding bottle bag

Price; $21.99

Product introduction;

The PackIt cooler doesn’t need ice packs or gels. All you need to do is place the bag flat in your freezer overnight. After this, the insides of the cooler stay cold for your journey. The bag is 5.5 inches (0.14 m) long and easy to wash.

Another innovative feature of this bag is the zip-top design. This zipper traps the warmth in the cooler. The handle also comes with a clip that you can hang onto your child’s stroller. Moreover, this option is excellent for parents who like hands-free accessories. The PackIt bag also features a replaceable divider containing four 5 oz (0.19 kg) bottles.

Furthermore, the PackIt cooler is made with non-poly nylon and is waterproof. You can find it in unique color patterns at stores.

What you may not like;

  • The interior is not durable and can cause leaks.
  • It is sold separately from the bottle.

3. Like baby Breast Milk Cooler Bag

Breast Milk Cooler Bag

Price; $18.99

Product introduction;

The Lekebaby bag’s distinct feature allows you to pack six bottles instead of four. Undoubtedly, this is a bonus if you’re going on a long trip. It comprises two zippered openings to take out the bottles. It also has an extra front pocket where you can keep wipes, toys, keys, etc.

The Lekebaby bag is waterproof. Besides, it has high-quality aluminum lining for excellent insulation. Since this bag doesn’t come with an ice pack, you must include it yourself. This brand offers you a 30-day refund guarantee. As well as a 6-month warranty if you experience any usage issues. 

What you may not like;

  • It’s bulky.
  • It comes with an empty freezer pack.

4. Momcozy Insulated Baby Bottle Bag

Momcozy Insulated Baby Bottle Bag

Price; $22.99

Product introduction;

Momcozy is a well-known brand for baby accessories. The bag has two separate openings. However, we can combine them to form a larger compartment to store longer bottles. It’s very spacious and can house four bottles with an ice pack. Plus, you can use the upper part to carry lunch when introducing solids to your child.

Again, it works for bottle brands like Tommee Tippee. It also has a removable buckle you can hang on a stroller. We cannot stress the versatility of this bag enough. In like manner, you can use it throughout your child’s first year. Finally, you can also use it as a wine bag.

What you may not like;

  • The bottom isn’t strong enough to prevent the bottles from tilting.
  • It has little space in the front pocket.

5. JJ Cole Baby Bottle Cooler

JJ Cole Baby Bottle Cooler

Price; $18.22

Product introduction;

The JJ Cole bag is an excellent option for two bottles of baby food. The exterior comprises polyester, while the inner insulation is Polyurethane. Furthermore, We can buy ice packs together to ensure that the contents remain cold for a long time. This brand has a convenient handle and a front chamber for your extra storage. 

To keep your baby’s milk warm, you can remove the ice pack. It helps trap the heat of your bottle in the cooler. Every JJ Cole bag comes with elastic bands that’ll hold your bottle upright without you bothering about spills. Moreover, it’s suitable for both long and short trips.

What you may not like:

  • The handle isn’t durable.

6. Skip Hop Insulated Baby Milk Cooler and Double Bag

Skip Hop Insulated Baby Milk Cooler and Double Bag

Price; $14.99

Product introduction;

The Skip Hop product is indeed one of the best baby bottle cooler bags you can find online. It comes in various designs, and you can carry it as a regular bag. Consequently, it is well insulated and can house two big bottles with an ice container. It has a mesh pouch in the interior for storage. Furthermore, you can use it to either keep your child’s milk cold or warm. 

If you prefer tote styles, this is the bestseller in this category. Apart from storing breast milk, it can pack snacks for children as well as sippy cups. Additionally, it has a two-way zip that gives you access to one or both bottles to improve the insulation. 

What you may not like:

  • The ice pack pouch is small.

5. Frequently Asked Questions about Baby Bottle Insulation Bag

Undoubtedly, you’ll have multiple questions when shopping for the best baby cooler bag. Luckily for you, we’ve answered the most common questions on everyone’s minds. 

How long does a baby bottle cooler bag stay warm?

An average baby cooler with less insulation can keep your baby’s food warm for 5 hours. Depending on the brand you use, the time may range from a few hours to more. Now, some products have double and triple insulation. Ultimately, coolers like this keep your food warm for 8 hours and beyond.

Can I keep breast milk and formula in the cooler?

Of course, you can. You can store both formula and breast milk in the cooler. Children who take solids can also use them. Just ensure the bag is well insulated to prevent food wastage. 


The baby bottle cooler bag is a must-have for your baby’s food on the road. Its purpose is to preserve milk for a long time. Now, you can travel without bothering about your milk turning sour. No matter your style, several options will fit your needs.

In conclusion, our top picks of baby cooler bags are sure to get you the right cooler bag for your child. Feel free to choose any to find your favorite. Please share with us your experience using a baby bottle cooler bag. 

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