Best Baby Floor Mat: The Best Choice for Parents in 2021

As a parent, finding the best baby floor mat that’s not only safe but durable may be daunting. A baby play mat is an inevitable and valuable piece that’ll make your child’s crawling adventures indeed entertaining. In truth, the best baby floor mat further helps with your infant’s development, such as imagination, hand coordination, and above all, eyesight. They also relieve you of the stress of eventually carrying your baby 24/7. Not to mention, they protect your floor from spills and finally add to the decor of your home. 

Here, you’ll find the nine baby floor mats on the market in 2021.

1. What to Consider WHEN Buying a Baby Floor Mat?

If you’re searching for the best baby floor mat, here are things to keep in mind.


When purchasing the best baby floor mat, check whether it’s toxic-free or not. Below are the common materials for a floor mat.

Safety 100% safe and non-toxic Non-toxicContains slightly poisonous materials.  
SoftnessSlightly softNot softSuper soft
Elasticity Easy to foldEasy to foldDifficult to fold
Durability Sightly durableNot durableVery durable
Waterproof Good Waterproof Excellent waterproof Water and flame resistant 


The best baby floor mats also come in various styles, such as integral, zigzag stripes, foldable, and an overhead gym.


For overall comfort, the floor mat thickness should specifically range between 8 inches to 1 ½. Depending on the purpose, you may either place it on a rug or carpet. 


The best baby floor mats generally vary with activities. For your child to surely enjoy playtime during the day, it’s ideal you buy a sizable mat rather than a small one.


Depending on your priority, it’s indeed essential you either choose a mat with toys or a plain one. On the other hand, if bright colors don’t suit you, there are certainly options in natural tones. In the meantime, whatever your preference, there are also floor mats to match.

a baby lying on a foam floor mat

(a baby lying on a foam floor mat)

2.Best Baby Floor Mat Recommended

Here are our top picks of the best baby floor mat for 2021.

Foldable Baby Play Mat

Foldable Baby Play Mat
  • Product style: Crawling mat
  • Material: HDPE/Foam
  • Selectable size: 78 x 71 x 0.6 inches

Why we recommend it:

  • Reversible and Foldable

As a result of the foldable and reversible design, it’s simple to store, portable, and above all, light. This feature also makes it an ideal mat for on the go.

  • Safe and toxic-free 

Another point to note is it’s 100% BPA-free. It undoubtedly means it’s lead-free, non-toxic, chemical odor-free, no-fading, and most importantly, safe for infants.

  • Waterproof 

The high-density material not only makes it thick but also moisture resistant. Besides, all that’s required is you wipe off liquids from the surface without washing it after.  

  • Beautiful design 

Unlike other play mats that’ll put your child to sleep immediately, it has a cutie fox as well as a baby bear on the surface. It will surely make playtime entertaining.

  • Warranty 

Furthermore, it offers you either a full refund or replacement if it doesn’t suit you. 

SkipHop Baby Play Geo Foam Mat

SkipHop Baby Play Geo Foam Mat
  • Product style: Splicing
  • Material: XPE Foam
  • Selectable size: 70 x 56 x 0.5 inches

Why we recommend it:

  • Customizable

The large tiles further allow you to create different trend-setting designs and patterns to personalize your infant’s play area.

  • Wide

The Skiphop mat has about 40 interlocking pieces in addition to 30 foam tiles. Moreover, it covers a space of 70 by 56 inches. It makes it undoubtedly excellent for crawling to the first steps and beyond. 

  • Muted colors 

It is different from other bright colors of the mat, it has very soft tones, such as white, gray.


  • Soft surface 

Finally, this best baby floor mat material indeed has a thick foam, which generally keeps the surface both soft and bouncy for playing. 

Teytoy Baby Baby Cotton Play Mat

Teytoy Baby Baby Cotton Play Mat
  • Product style: Play Mat
  • Material: Plastic, Cotton
  • Selectable size: 14.92 x 12.95 x 3.74 inches

Why we recommend it:

  • Thick and Soft Cotton

Unlike some cotton floor mats with toxic smells, it is 1000% safe as well as thick. This baby mat will undoubtedly offer your baby a happy place for playtime.

  • Comfortable and wide

The best part is, it offers your overall infant comfort. It indeed makes it perfect for sitting, moving, and of course, crawling. With it, your floor becomes a baby play area. 

  • Overall versatility 

Compared to other mats specifically for the home, Teytoy certainly suits both outdoor and indoor areas. It’s also ideal for the beach.

  • Educational and fun

It further has several learning themes such as numbers, letters, fruits, and animals. It indeed promotes the intelligence of babies while they crawl across the floor mat.

  • Anti-slip back

Finally, it has an anti-slip back that not only protects your baby from falling but also keeps the mat intact on the floor.

Baby care play mat

Baby care play mat
  • Product style: Playmat
  • Material: eco friendly PVC
  • Selectable size: 83 x 0.5 x 55 inches

Why we recommend it:

  • Excellent insulation and comfy

First, it’s so padded and comfy that it can also serve as both a noise insulator and rug in your home. Secondly, it’s free from any harmful ingredient.

  • Reversible and versatile 

It is generally sturdier and more significant than most puzzle mats. Not to mention, it’s also beneficial for several activities such as tummy time, tumbling, crawling, and adult yoga. Moreover, it’s straightforward to roll and store.

  • It is an excellent learning tool.

It also has various animals as well as alphabets on one side. And a neutral design on the other. This feature not only develops your child’s brain but also makes it suitable for the home interior. 

  • Warranty 

This best baby floor mat offers you a two-year warranty. It is indeed a bonus because they ensure customer satisfaction. 

Tiny Love Princess Super Mat

Tiny Love Princess Super Mat
  • Product style: Playmats
  • Material: Foam
  • Selectable size: 39 x 59 inches

Why we recommend it:

  • Boosts facial recognition

There are some animal patterns that can enhance your baby’s visual experience.Besides, it assists your child in focusing both their eye movements and coordination.

  • Fun Textiles

The different images and toys further improve both your baby’s tactile and motor skills. It also has a butterfly teether to soothe infants during playtime. Not to mention, it’s large and extra comfy.

  • Travel Friendly 

Granted that it has a small size, it’s indeed excellent for carrying along to the park, workplace, and overall, extended trips.

Tadpoles soft EVA foam

Tadpoles soft EVA foam
  • Product style: Playmat puzzle 
  • Material: EVA Foam
  • Selectable size: 74 x 74 x 0.4 inches

Why we recommend it:

  • Durable and soft

The iconic high-quality EVA foam indeed makes this mat soft as well as durable. Not to mention, its precise cut holds the pieces of the mat together tightly for two years and beyond. 

  • Sensory development 

Furthermore, it’s excellent for learning. Colorful numbers and letters undoubtedly boost your baby’s imagination during playtime. They also help to improve your child’s eyesight as well as hand-eye coordination.

  • Wide Non-slip surface 

Another feature that puts Tadpoles playmat above all others is its distinct surface that protects your baby from slipping. Furthermore, given that it comes with several interlocking mats, it can especially cover a large area. 

  • Easy care

Lastly, it’s easy to clean. However, it’s not machine washable. 

 K & C Playtime Mat

K & C Playtime Mat
  • Product style: Activity gym
  • Material: Latex
  • Selectable size: 55 x 39 x 1 inches

Why we recommend it:

  • Educational 

This mat specifically allows babies to learn about their environment. Above all, it indeed promotes make-believe, interactive as well as cognitive play.

  • Non-skid

The latex backing material particularly makes it certainly safe and soft for both play and sleep time.

  • Longevity 

Finally, it’s not only sturdy but durable. It also lasts for an extended period without tearing or fading. 

 Twinkle Clover Baby Play Mat

Twinkle Clover Baby Play Mat
  • Product style: Puzzle mat
  • Material: Foam
  • Selectable size: 23 x 15.2 x 14.3 inches

Why we recommend it:

  • Contemporary design

Compared to most playmats with flashy colors, it has a modern and kid-friendly design that’ll indeed blend in with your home. 

  • Toxic-free

It’s free of chemical smell. As a bonus, the mat is surely 100% recyclable to keep both the world and your baby’s environment safe.

  • Multiple designs

This best baby floor mat further comes with big interchangeable squares, various designs, and chevrons that’ll especially enable your baby to reach full potential while playing. 

  • Waterproof 

Finally, babies often spill liquid on surfaces. Fortunately, this mat is waterproof, plus it resists stains, spills, and overall discoloration. For instance, you can quickly wipe off stains without washing them later. 

 Superjare Baby Play Mat 

 Superjare Baby Play Mat
  • Product style: Baby playmat 
  • Material: Foam
  • Selectable size: 13.35 x 13.27 x 6.97 inches

Why we recommend it:

  • Simple design 

It indeed offers you a simple design. Unlike other mats with bright colors, it has neutral tones that certainly attract your baby. Moreover, you can generally place it in any part of your home.

  • Boosts Overall Development and creativity 

It comes with patterns, shapes and animal designs that’ll eventually spark curiosity in your baby. Besides, it also stimulates your child’s brain, especially if you interlock the tiles to form a separate toy. 

  • High quality and safe

This playmat is not only waterproof but heat resistant. Aside from that, it’s also free of chrome, lead, and most importantly, phthalates. Above all, it has no small pieces. So, it’s certainly safe for children, including newborns.

  • Flexible 

Despite the thickness, it allows you to reshape the different pieces of the mat to suit your taste. For example, you can arrange it to form either a box or square. 

3. How to maintain a Baby Play Mat 

Perform regular cleaning and disinfection

In truth, not all baby playmats are machine washable. Hence, it’s ideal you at least clean them with baby wipes. Most importantly, ensure you disinfect the best baby floor mat at least twice a week.

Do not place sharp objects near the mat.

Playmats are generally for crawling babies. Therefore, we recommend you keep harmful objects out of sight while your infant is playing. In fact, for 100% safety, place the mat in the nursery.


With this, you’ll indeed find shopping for the best baby floor mat straightforward. We undoubtedly ensured that every mat was easy to clean, non-toxic, sizable, and entertaining throughout our search. The shopping and maintenance guide should also help you pick a long-lasting product.

Whichever your pick, ensure it suits your purpose and style. If, after this, you still have questions or concerns about a particular floor mat, kindly let us know in the comment section below. 

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