Best Baby Gifts for Twins: 2021 Selection Gift Guide

If you or someone you know is expecting twins, it can be overwhelming to figure out the best baby gift for twins or essential items for when they arrive. The prospect of two babies instead of one can be daunting, but certain products can make life easier for new parents to twins. 

This article will go through the products that will best help when someone is expecting twins. Above all, you can be sure that your gift will be well-received and used when the twins arrive. 

1. Things to consider when buying baby gifts for twins


You want to make sure that what you buy for twins will help both them and the parents. Practical things will be much appreciated and go a long way in helping to prepare the parents. 


You also want to give something creative and fun. It may be a hack that the new twin parents would not know or a creative way to make their lives easier. Twins are hard enough, and any help you can give will be much appreciated.


When shopping for a gift, you also want to be sure it is within your budget. Baby items can get expensive, especially if you are buying more than one of something. You will need to take this into account when shopping.

2. Best baby gifts for twins recommended

Fisher-Price Hedgehog Shaker Twins

Fisher-Price Hedgehog Shaker Twins

Price: $5

Age/weight: 3 months and older

Toys are a lot of fun as your babies grow. These hedgehog rattles are lightweight and easy to grasp for small baby hands. They are colorful, and each one makes a different rattle sound.

Why We Chose It:

When you have kids, they will often fight over toys. By having two hedgehog toys, each baby will get to play with one without worrying that the other has something they want. These rattles are affordable and will help strengthen your babies’ fine and gross motor skills.

Rainbow Bodysuits

Rainbow Bodysuits

Price: $23

Age: All sizes up to 24 months

Since you need to buy clothes anyway, why not buy matching outfits for the twins! There are various prints and sizes from which to choose, and these outfits make for great picture opportunities.

Why We Chose It:

These onesies are great for both girls and boys and a fun gift for parents expecting twins. These are a lot of fun and contain 100 percent cotton. They will be cozy and cute for the twins.

Twin Elephant Rattle Gift Set

Twin Elephant Rattle Gift Set

Price: $26

Age: All babies

Finally, a baby/toddler gift set that is specifically for twins! It comes with two elephant toys, one for each baby, and a 26-page storybook about the twins’ special bond. Each plush elephant is seven inches tall, and the book is just more elevated than that at seven and a half. 

Why We Chose It:

This gift set is excellent for both boys and girls and provides a toy for each twin. The book will bring some fun and humor into storytime with some adorable elephants. This product is such a cute set that considers both twins and gives them a story that everyone will love.

Twins First Year Memory Book

Price: $25

Age: N/A

This product is the first baby memory book designed specifically for parents who are expecting twins. There are all the sections you need to record special memories for twins that they will want to revisit when they grow older. 

Why We Chose It:

Keeping up with one baby book is hard enough, but two is almost impossible. This memory book is a great way to record memories for both babies within one book. This book will save you time, is 100 percent customizable, and is the perfect way to create a keepsake of your twins’ first year.

Best baby gifts for twinsTwins Milestone Blanket

Price: $23

Age: All babies

This twins milestone blanket is a great gift for parents expecting twins. It is a great way to document as the babies get older. It includes enough space for both babies, is super soft, and has a lifetime guarantee.

Why We Chose It:

Many parents take milestone pictures as their babies get older, but many of them feature blankets designed for just one baby. This blanket is ideal for showing how much the twins are growing and provides enough space so they can both lay comfortably. 

Best baby gifts for twinsWeego Twin Baby Carrier

The Weego TWIN Baby Carrier

Price: $170

Age/weight: Premature babies 4 lbs and up to joined weight of 33 lbs

A baby carrier that can hold both twins will be so helpful to the new parents. They will be able to carry them both around at the same time.

Why We Chose It:

This carrier is great because it is appropriate for newborns. There are not many carriers out there for twins that can do this. You will get great use out of it for those initial months.

Best baby gifts for twinsTwinGo Baby Carrier

Price: $215

Age/weight: Kids between 10 and 45 lbs

It is another excellent option for baby carrying when you have twins. It is not appropriate for newborns but will serve you well as the babies get older.

Why We Chose It:

It is a suitable carrier for twins once they get a bit bigger. Has pockets and an ergonomic design for babies. It will be convenient to take two children out.

Best baby gifts for twinsBaby Trend Twin Nursery Center

Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center

Price: $270

Age: All babies

When you bring the babies home, they will need somewhere to sleep. Many people use bassinets for the initial months. This nursery center not only has bassinets for both babies but additional features as well.

Why We Chose It:

There are two side-by-side removable bassinets. They each have a carry handle and canopy, so you will not disturb the other baby. They also have a nightlight, music, and vibration settings. You can use this for a changing table or pack n play as your kids get older. 

Best baby gifts for twinsBaby Trend Double Stroller and Car Seats

Baby Trend Double Stroller and Car Seats

Price: $318

Age: Newborns up to about 35 lbs

If you need both car seats and a stroller, this product is a great buy. It features both infant car seats with 5 point safety harnesses, and they fit into the double stroller provided. 

Why We Chose It:

This product is helpful to get twins around when they are little. It includes car seats, so you will not need to buy them separately. 

Best baby gifts for twinsStroller frame for two car seats

Stroller frame for two car seats

Price: $85

Age/weight: 5 lbs to 40 lbs

When you have two babies, you need to be able to get around. This double stroller frame is excellent for when your babies are little because they will not be able to sit in a regular stroller for a while.

Why We Chose It:

You can snap in two infant car seats into this double stroller frame, so if the parents already have car seats, this is a great buy. It makes it easy to get the babies in and out of the house or store. Carrying two car seats at once is difficult, and this will make things much more manageable. It works with most major car seat brands, so you will not need additional attachments.


When it comes to shopping for gifts for twins, there are many things from which to choose.  The skills above are a great start and are sure to help new parents of twins. You can also consider matching outfits or toys, but these have many options. The gifts above are the most practical and can be significant assets to new parents. We hope to share more useful baby items with you!

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