Best Baby Gym: A Good Way to Enhance Growth

As a parent, you automatically begin to worry about your child’s physical development even before birth. They barely have adequate coordination skills, motor skills, and muscle strength to support their tiny bodies. However, a baby gym offer the perfect solution for your baby’s development. Babies lie on their backs and reach for the dangling toys.

Luckily, this gym/play mat strengthens muscles and enhances the baby’s gross motor skills. 

This article will give you more insight into baby gyms and why they are essential.

Chapter 1: When do You Need a Playmat?

Typically, you can use these playmats from day one to encourage the newborn’s development. However, the baby becomes more active on the playmat from around two or three months. Luckily, your child can enjoy spending time on the playmat even after one year. Below are more benefits of introducing your baby to the best baby gym.

Why Babies Need a Playmat

Improves hand and eye coordination

Generally, by reaching for the dangling items, babies learn how to focus on one thing at a time. Secondly, they also practice how to grasp and reach for objects, strengthening muscles and improving their motor skills.

Enhances motor skills

Certainly, gross motor skills are essential. As the baby continues to grow, you need to see an improvement in these abilities. For this reason, the baby gym design directly supports the development of your child’s motor skills. They begin by trying to reach for the objects, grasping them, and eventually moving their bodies to gain closer contact.

Enhances cognitive skills

The playmat consists of colors, shapes, patterns, and sounds that capture a baby’s attention. These features teach babies the basics of cause and effect. You’ll begin to notice your child intentionally repeating his/her actions because they consider these actions to be fun.

Sensory stimulation

The bold patterns and colors on the playmat automatically stimulate the baby’s senses. The babies get in contact with various textures, colors, and sounds. These bold features and vivid colors will foster your baby’s sense of hearing, touch, smell, and sight.

Visual benefits

The gym’s design encourages babies to reach out and grab dangling toys. Not only does that help with hand-eye coordination, but it also enables the baby to nurture depth perception. The more they focus and grab toys, the more their vision improves.

Encourages freedom

Playmats give the babies plenty of room to play, roll around, and kick freely. Additionally, the playmat teaches babies to enjoy their company and be independent at an early age. You won’t have to worry about your baby being clingy as time progresses.

Chapter 2: Guide to Selecting the Best Baby Gym or Playmat

You already know how essential baby gyms are for your baby’s physical and intellectual development. Now it’s time to find out how to select the best baby gym. Several things are of utmost importance. They include:

Baby Gym–Size 

Because newborns are tiny at the time, most mothers opt for smaller baby gyms. However, you need a baby gym that will transition with your baby through every milestone. 

Baby Gym–Safety and material

At the back of every mom’s mind is safety. Choose a well-padded playmat to ensure the baby’s safety. That is especially crucial if your home features hard floors. Your baby may hit the floor and develop serious injuries. Additionally, the material should be baby-friendly. Most play mats consist of foam and outer cotton fabric to improve comfort and texture.

Baby Gym–Washable

As you may know, babies make a mess easily. Therefore, the playmat you select needs to be washable and easy to dry. That allows you to wash the mat a few times a week.


When you buy a play mat, you need one to fit into big and small spaces without falling apart. 

Easy assembly/disassembly

A reliable playmat needs to be portable and easy to carry around. Wherever you go, you should hold it and unfold it at will. This should apply when on a vacation or at the park.

Thickness and comfort

Although some parents prefer flat mats, the baby gym needs to be thick enough to ensure comfort and safety. However, keep in mind that the baby gym needs to remain stable on a flat surface.

The best mat has a wide range of positions to hang toys.

You need to get a baby gym that has a variety of toys and toy positions. It encourages the baby to stretch and move towards the toys. That develops their motor skills and strengthens their core.

Chapter 3: Best Baby Gym Worth Buying

You should purchase a versatile playmat that meets your baby’s physical, visual, and cognitive needs. Here are some of the best baby gyms on Amazon.

The best baby activity gym overall – Play Gym by Lovevery

The best baby activity gym overall

The play gym by Lovevery is one of the best baby activity gyms in the market. From tummy time to independent play, the gym accommodates your baby’s physical, intellectual, and cognitive needs. It comes with a broad range of colors, toys, and toy positions to enhance the baby’s motor skills. The one thing that differentiates Lovevery play mats from other activity gyms is the defined wood. The wood arches that prevent the playmat from collapsing. It consists of 100% baby-friendly materials and 100% organic cotton fabrics.

Baby Gym–Best adjustable baby activity gym: Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Baby Play Mat and Infant Activity Gym

Best adjustable baby activity gym

Skip hop’s silver lining cloud not only consists of variety, but it’s also adjustable and affordable. The playmat consists of musical sheep toys, colorful lights, a speaker, a bird rattle, and a mirror. The baby can roll on the large mat without falling off because it is very spacious. It includes adjustable arches and toy positions that enhance mobility.

Baby Gym–Best activity gym for travel and small spaces – Tiny Love Tiny Princess Tale Super Mat, One Size, Multi

Best activity gym for travel and small spaces

When traveling, you need a portable and collapsible playmat that can fit into any space. The tiny princess tale super mat from Tiny Love is perfect for travel and small spaces. This mat is easy to assemble and disassemble. Which means you can carry it whenever you’re traveling with the baby. However, it is only suitable for up to nine months.

Best budget baby activity gym – Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym & Maracas

Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym & Maracas

Certainly, affordability is crucial when purchasing the best baby gym. Fisher’s Deluxe Kick and Play Gym and Maracas go for $39. This is cheaper than most play gyms. Secondly, it consists of a detachable keyboard, rattle, and other learning content. The only downside is that it consists of one toy position, and the size is small.

Grow-with-me playtime teepee gym – Infantino Grow-with-Me Playtime Teepee Gym

Grow-with-me playtime teepee gym

Not only is Infantino’s grow-with-me playtime teepee gym large, but it is also unique and has four play positions. This means the baby can enjoy playing in the tent-shaped baby gym from birth to around three years. The size, toy variety, and color variety accelerate your baby’s development. The gym consists of different play positions, musical elephant tunes, toys, and mirrored mobiles.


You can pick the best baby gym from this selection or scroll through Amazon for more samples. Baby gyms offer convenience and distractions for your baby as you complete other tasks. However, don’t leave the baby unsupervised for an extended period to avoid accidents. Remember, a happy baby equates to a happy parent.

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