Best Baby Hairbrush: Tips for a Healthy Baby’s Scalp

Taking care of your infant is an exciting time. Besides the fact that you get to play with their hair, which every mom loves, you also help your infant relax and stimulate their neural system. Further, it also keeps your baby’s hair clean and held together. However, to effectively do this, you must pick a baby hairbrush that fits your little one’s hair type and age. 

But, when they are still in their infancy stage, do kids need hairbrushes? So, before checking out the best baby hairbrush in the market, let’s first consider if infants need them at all.

Baby Hairbrush–Why Does My Baby Need a Hairbrush?

The scalp, just like the baby’s skin and other body parts, is very delicate. So, it’s very normal if you ask whether you can brush your baby’s hair. The last thing you want is to hurt your baby. However, you will find yourself at ease if you know the benefits your baby will have after gentle combing. Some of the reasons are

1. Clean Cradle Cap

Brushing your baby’s hair often will help clear the flaky skin and even reduce the chances of them developing Cradle Cap again. 

2. Scalp health

Daily brushing will help in increasing the blood flow to the scalp and even stimulate it.

3. Massage

When brushing the baby’s hair, they may feel that you are giving them a light massage, stimulating their nervous system. It also helps your little one to relax.

Types of baby hairbrush

When you think about it, combing your baby’s hair requires nothing but a comb. For that reason, it’s tempting to pick anything from the shop and go about your business. But, it’s not always the case because we have different types of baby combs. These include: 

1. Natural bristles

Natural bristles are from animal hair, for example, goat, boar, or horse. Typically, they are the softest you will ever find. 

2. Solid bristles

Wood or plastic is the primary material in manufacturing solid bristles. Generally, they have models used on wet and dry hair.

3. Silicone bristles

As their name suggests, manufacturers use silicon alone to make these types of combs. The advantage is they have a resistance to bacterial buildup hence perfect for little angels after bath.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Baby Hairbrush

With the several kinds of baby hair brushes on the market, it can be unclear the best type to use for your baby. To help you out, this is what you should consider before buying a baby brush.

1. Purpose of the hair brush

Sooth and stimulate the baby: The natural bristles are generally smooth, making them great for untangling any kid’s hair. Because of how soft they are, these combs also massage and stimulate the scalp, increasing circulation and relaxation to your infant.

Styling: If you have a little princess in the house, you definitely want to style her hair with ribbons and bobby pins. Solid bristles are best for this type of work since they give you the proper flexibility. Also, they are perfect for detangling longer and thicker hair.

Cradle Cap: It’s common for babies to develop Cradle Cap. When this happens, silicone bristles come in handy to help. They help prevent Cradle Cap, scrub your little one’s scalp gently if they already have it, and are also great for shampooing baby’s hair.

2. Ergonomic handle

Although baby hairbrush is for combing and detangling baby hair, you are the one operating the comb. Thus, make sure the brush you pick has a large enough handle for easy use. This way, it will take you a few minutes to finish combing your baby’s hair.

3. Hairbrush material

The material you pick will largely depend on your preference, but the hairbrush material still plays a crucial role in your choice. For instance, a wood hairbrush will be difficult to clean because it takes a long time to submerge in water. Plastic or silicon is best, especially if you use the brush while your little one is taking a bath.

The best baby hair bushes

Everyone has their preference when it comes to baby hair brushes. But babies are squirmy, so it’s best if you choose a hairbrush you can easily navigate with one hand. Below, you can find a list of the best hair brushes for infants.

Best Baby Brush Solid Bristles

Denman toddler brush

Denman toddler brush
  • The Denman toddler brush has air-cushioned pads, which helps it respond to the shape of your little one’s head. 
  • The bristles come with super softball-size pins that gently massage your baby’s head and help eliminate the Cradle Cap. 
  • Further, it has detachable fold-out comb pivots that give you the grip you need to brush your toddler’s hair. 
  • Lastly, cleaning the brush is easy since all you need is warm soapy water and direct sunlight to dry.
  • You can easily lose the parts after detangling, especially if your toddler brushes their own hair

Disney Minnie Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set

Disney Minnie Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set
  • Every little girl loves Disney, so this Minnie baby hair brush is a welcomed accessory. 
  • Since it’s adorable, you will not fight with your infant to get their hair brushed. 
  • The comb comes with broad and soft teeth for thick and thin hair, while the brush has soft bristles to remove Cradle Cap.
  •  Easy to clean
  •  It can be used as a toy for older kids
  • The design may not appeal to all kids
  • It may trap bacteria 
  •  May be difficult for adult grip

Best Baby Brush with Natural Bristles

Chibello 4 – Piece Wooden Infant Hair Brush And Comb set 

Baby Hairbrush

If you are looking for a solid hairbrush with natural bristles, then consider the Chibello 4-piece Wooden Baby Hair Brush. 

Because the bristles are natural, it comes in handy to prevent Cradle Cap.

 The bristles are gentle on your baby’s scalp, and they evenly distribute natural oils throughout the scalp. 

This set contains a wild goat hairbrush, a wooden massage brush, a wooden comb, and a silicone massager.

  • All-natural ingredients
  • Aids with Cradle Cap
  • Increases circulation
  •  Tender on the baby’s scalp
  • Bristles may be a little stiff

Jambo Baby hairbrush set for toddlers

Baby Hairbrush
  • The base material for this brush is all-natural goatskin, making it suitable for kids at least six months old. 
  • Also, it has a wide handle for easy grip.
  •  The goatskin bristles are soft on our little one’s scalp but great for detangling their hair without pulling and breaking. 
  • Great for removing Cradle Cap
  • The bristles tend to shed a little

Baby Hairbrush–Best Silicone Baby Brus

FridaBaby Cradle Cap system 

Baby Hairbrush
  • FridaBaby baby brush has a three-step Cradle Cap system, making it one of the best baby hair brushes in the market. 
  • The three-step Cradle Cap system means that it has a sponge, brush, and comb. Generally, you should use the sponge when lathering your baby’s scalp. 
  • This process softens the flakes and gently loosens the fragments. The comb helps lift and remove them. 
  • Treats Cradle Cap
  • Super soft and tender bristles
  • Ergonomic for parents
  • The sponge may come off the base

Big Bee Little Bee ScrubBee Silicone Scrubber

Big Bee Little Bee ScrubBee Silicone Scrubber

If you are looking for a brush to work as an exfoliator for your little one’s scalp, look no further. It has a solid handle to make it easy for you to gently scrub your baby’s scalp and remove the Cradle Cap. The brush is large enough for your baby’s head and it comes in different colors.

  • Has a solid handle to easy grip
  • 100% silicone that’s BPA, PVC, and phthalates and lead free
  • May be smaller than most people anticipate

Baby Hairbrush–How to Clean the Cradle Cap

In most cases, baby shampoo is usually enough but make sure you let your doctor know. So, let your doctor help you pick a shampoo that’s safe for your baby.

To properly clean, Cradle Cap, you should:

  • Wet your little one’s hair, gently ensuring the scalp has enough water.
  • Gently massage shampoo into the scalp
  • Gently brush your little one’s hair. If you don’t have a brush, use a soft cloth or towel and rub the affected area. A brush is, however, better.

Rinse your munchkins hair and dry it out

Enquire from your pediatrician how often to wash your baby’s hair to avoid too much shampooing. Shampooing is very effective but can make the scalp dry and make the Cradle Cap worse. 


It is essential to give the proper parental care to your baby from the very first day. A clean scalp is necessary for the healthy growth of your child’s hair. It also helps in stimulating your little ones and soothing them, so take advantage of the list here and pick out a brush for your little one.

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