Baby Hand and Foot Print Kits: Leave the Footprints of your Baby’s Growth

About baby hand and foot print kits. Having a baby is synonymous with a breath of new fresh air. More often than not, parents rush to spend the tiniest amount of time with their offspring before getting hit with, “they grow up so fast.” Nonetheless, using baby hand and footprint kits is the surest means to keep your baby’s memories alive. Not only are they adorable and fun to make, but they also capture your baby’s cute hands and feet for a lifetime. 

Want to learn more? How about we take you on a ride while displaying our recommended print kits. Additionally, we’ll enlighten you on using the baby print kits and gain the best experience. 

a print kit model

(a print kit model)

The Meaning of Baby Hands and Foot Print

In a layman’s language, making a print is leaving a mark. Similarly, this is what a baby’s hand and footprints do with a baby’s feet and hands. They leave an imprint of what they have stepped on or touched. Furthermore, they come in clay, ink, or plaster materials that you can easily mount in a nursery or a selected spot in your house. 

Considerations When Choosing Baby Hands and Foot Print Kits

  • Safe material. Undoubtedly, there are a variety of materials the print kits possess. For example, there are clay, plaster, and ink print kits. With that said, ensure the fabric you purchase is non-toxic to your baby and of high quality. 
  • Storage. The hand and footprint kits often have frames, hooks, or mounting equipment. Typically, these three keep the piece of memory away from dust, moisture, and dirt, other than making the kit appealing. In case your package doesn’t have one of those, consider using a Plexiglas box instead. 
  • Operation and material. You should mold the clay or plaster evenly to reduce the chances of repetition. Besides that, an even surface gets rid of any irritation your child might have. 
  • DIY designs. Admittedly, making baby hands and foot sprints on your own heightens your skills. Rather than using a limited print you have purchased, you can opt to have your babies prints on items like shirts, sweaters, canvas, just to mention a few. 
  • Price. As always, the better the quality, the higher the price. In most cases, low-quality with single-impression clay and ink kits are $10 and sometimes lower than that. Medium-quality ranges between $12 and $16. High-quality will mostly cost you over $20, but we promise you, it’ll be worth it. 

Our Recommended Baby Hand and Foot Print Kits

The following is a list of recommended best baby hand and footprint kits.

1) Proud Baby Deluxe Clay – Keepsake Kit

Proud Baby Deluxe Clay – Keepsake Kit

Price; $14.95. 

Why we like it;

  • It captures your baby’s hands and feet nicely.
  • The print is a complete package. It is to say that the print kit contains everything you will need.
  • Fortunately, whenever there’s a mistake, you can easily remodel the clay and start afresh. The kit gives you added chances to redo the hand and foot-printing. 

2) Keababies Baby Ornament – Keepsake Kit

Baby Hand and Foot Print Kits-- Keababies Baby Ornament – Keepsake Ki

Price; $13.96.

Why we like it;

  • It is simple, hence making it easy to use.
  • The kit is comprehensive with ribbons, plastic round stencils, easels, rolling pins, and clay.
  • It provides the consumer with the option to brand the ornament to their liking. It’s achievable with letters, gold paint, a paintbrush, and numbers.
  • The plastic ring is 10.41 cm in diameter and 1.4 cm in width.
  • When it comes to safety, your baby is free from toxins with this product.  Your baby may ‘accidentally’ place it in their mouth and still be safe. 

3) Clean Touch Stamp

photo 3.png

Price; $ 6.97.

Why we like it;

  • The stamp pad is inkless, so there is no need to worry about exposing your little one to harmful chemicals.
  • It is easier for babies to add their fingers and toes onto paper.
  • Then, it is way faster and less hectic than the clay methods.

4) baby hand and foot print Kits–My mini joy kit

baby hand and foot print Kits--My mini joy kit

Price; $19.95.

Why we like it;

  • The kit has everything you need to get started on this exciting endeavor. The materials include; 2 or armaments, two gorgeous satin ribbons, and letter sets for an extra special touch.
  • The clay in this set does not require any baking or mixing. It’s different from other kits that use clay as their medium. Consequently, this helps you save on time.

5) Co little Baby Handprint and footprint kit

Baby Hand and Foot Print Kits-- Co little Baby Handprint and footprint kit

Price; $ 24.95

Why we like it;

  • It has instructions that are clear and easy to follow. 
  • Besides, the kit has a wooden frame with two openings providing a space for adorable photos of your baby.
  • It also has an alphabet and date stamp.
  • The molding clay is non-toxic hence safe for your baby.
  • It has a rolling pin and double-sided tape.

6) baby hand and foot print Kits–Baby handprint kit by little hippo

Baby Hand and Foot Print Kits-Baby handprint kit by little hippo

Price; $24.95

This handprint kit is a superb choice to have your baby’s hands and feet print safely in a frame.

Why we like it; 

  • The kit comes in handy as it contains a 36.83 by 22.86-cm frame. Further, the print frame has four openings for your child’s amazing photos and a centerpiece for the clay impression.
  • Also, the frame has acrylic glass that protects the prints from any form of distortion.
  • The ornamental kit has packs of non-toxic clay. The clay doesn’t require mixing or kneading, making it a good option.  Additionally, its white color makes dirt and other blemishes conspicuous.

Tips on making baby hand and foot print Kits

How to get your baby to cooperate?

It shouldn’t be a surprise when babies are not cooperating. Nevertheless, you can solve your situation by using two or more helping hands. When one’s holding the baby, the others should work on the print kit and gentle pressing of the baby’s hands and feet on the prints. 

How to avoid mud complex and inoperable?

Here, it is advisable to leave your product to dry at room temperature (not too hot or too cold). As the paint, ink, clay, or plaster dries up, cracks that appear due to higher temperatures will be absent. 

Use your imagination and creativity as much as possible.

You’d be surprised about how many designs you can come up with when taking the prints. A few creative designs could be a footprint, heart, butterfly, and bunny ideas.


When it comes to your babies, one thing you shouldn’t stop yourself from doing is preserving as many memories as possible. As we have discussed, one way of doing this is by making a print of your babies’ hands and feet. Inarguably, you will forever use these memories to remember their birth or even their younger days. Therefore, the hand and feet print kits we’ve mentioned above will help you preserve these memories for eternity, if that’s your wish. 

To summarise it all, do contact us, in case you have any inquiries. We will be thrilled to have you on board.

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