Best Baby Headbands: We Are Mama’s Best Choice!

When it comes to accessorizing, we’re confident that most moms will win the fashion race – especially when dressing their little ones. Mostly, baby headbands are what we consider top-notch when you wish your baby to outshine the day. Not only do they come in varied designs, shapes, and colors, but they are also fashionable and might enlighten a photoshoot session. Additionally, they are comfortable and ensure care for your baby’s delicate hair. 

To make your work easier, we’ve come up with a list of the 12 best baby headbands with impeccable qualities and reviews. Getting your baby headbands from them is a guarantee of long-term satisfaction. 

1. Best Baby Headbands Purchasing Guide

Before adding the headband to your cart and proceeding with the purchase, consider the following crucial details. 

  • Types Majorly, there are two types of baby headbands – Hard and Soft headband. The hard headband has a hard material that will only suit your baby if she has the suitable size. On the other hand, a soft headband has elastic and delicate materials which are comfy. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about the fitting since they fit flawlessly. 

Both have different styles and designs. 

  • Material – Other than the quality and durability of the material, look out for the texture. Is it soft and safe? Does your baby get skin irritation when putting it on? Moreover, purchasing your baby headbands from a reputable seller rids you of any doubt since they’re trustworthy. 
  • Size – Generally, a medium-sized headband, not too big nor small, is often suitable for your baby. Even better, retailers have the headbands in consideration to age groups, making your work less stressful. 
  • Comfort Your baby’s comfort in the headband ranges from gently gripping on your baby’s head to providing safety. Unfortunately, too tight headbands can reduce blood flow in your baby’s head. Eventually, it can cause serious complications such as brain damage. 
  • Design – Undoubtedly, the different headband designs can keep you in a dilemma when trying to figure out which one suits your baby. They come in different colors and styles.We need to choose the right style for the baby.

Nevertheless, at all times, buy the band depending on whether your baby will have it on at home or for outdoor activity. With that, you’ll also easily decide on an outfit matching the baby headband. 

headband designs

(headband designs)

2. Best Baby Headbands in 2021

TuddyBuddy Elastic Headbands

TuddyBuddy 100% Cotton Elastic-Free Caps for Baby

Price; $3.39 – $5.34 

Why we recommend it 

  • First and foremost, it has an elastic and soft cotton material that is comfy. 
  • Also, the variety of colors and position of the ribbon enhances the baby’s style. Besides that, it provides options to choose from depending on your desire. 
  • Further, you can wash the ribbons by hand.
  • Then, they can stretch – enough to conceal your baby’s face and bar wind or dust from getting into her. 

Skudgear Baby Girl Headbands 

Skudgear Jumbo Pack of 10 Cute Kids Baby Girls Headbands Toddler Infant Designer Chiffon Bowknot Headbands (Pack of 10) Multi Color Hair Bows Hair Band Accessories

Price; $6.80

Why we recommend it 

  • First, the fabric material is of excellent quality.
  • Then, these 5.8 cm wide by 8.9 cm long headbands are suitable for a lot of occasions. For example, your baby can have them on during birthdays, weddings, among others.
  • Finally, it has many colors such as white, blue, pink, orange, and many more. 

Vaghbhatt Newborn Headbands

Price; $3.39

Why we recommend it 

  • It has a nylon material that is comfortable, soft, and light on the baby’s skin. The headbands are also breathable. 
  • Additionally, you require no rocket science information to use it. 
  • What’s more, they keep your baby’s hair in place and don’t easily fall off during your fun activities. 
  • Again, these come in lots of beautiful colors and stylish color designs. 

Bembika Newborn Baby Girl Headbands

Price; $8.16

Why we recommend it

  • Generally, you can buy the 11 inches by 13 inches headbands for your baby at any age – even when they are five years old. 
  • Also, it has a six-pack of differently colored pieces of headbands for many purposes. 
  • Unlike some other headbands, Bembika headbands leave no marks on your baby. 
  • They are also stylish with durable and quality cotton material. 
  • Most importantly, the headbands are gentle on the baby’s sensitive skin, therefore omitting irritation.

Cambria Baby Swaddle and Headband Set


Price; $19.77

Why we recommend it 

  • First of all, the Cambria package has a set of a swaddle blanket matching with a hat and two headbands. Not only are they cute with breathtaking floral patterns, but they also allow you to dress your baby for the occasion appropriately. 
  • They are comfortable and durable. You can maintain its stretching quality for up to 18 months.
  • You may only need to hand wash the baby items. However, the materials can shrink. Therefore, it is advisable to take extra caution when hand-washing the headbands.
  • Besides, the headbands leave no marks on your baby’s head. 
  • Lastly, the whole set saves you time and money since you won’t need to buy the items separately. 

Yoga Sprout Baby Girls’ Cotton Headbands 

Price; $6.99 – $14.99 

Why we recommend it

  • Yoga Sprout has five-pack headbands with a variety of colors – either print or solid colors/ patterns. 
  • Secondly, it provides comfort to your baby since it’s stretchy and soft. 
  • Thirdly, it stands out with an exceptional and rare bow (sometimes flowers). 
  • To wrap it up, they are durable. 

Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Cotton Headband 


Price; $8.05

Why we recommend it 

  • Other than buying the headbands, Hudson Baby also allows you to match the headbands with cute mittens. Unfortunately, you’re to buy them separately. 
  • Contrary to most brands, this company also puts baby boys into consideration when purchasing the headbands.
  • Moreover, the cotton material is super soft and non-irritant to your baby’s skin.
  • The headbands can last up to 24 months because of their elasticity. 

Touched by Nature Baby Girl Organic Cotton Headbands

Price; $10.63

Why we recommend it 

  • It has an organic spandex cotton material suitable for everyday use. 
  • Also, the brand offers a value pack of 5 different headbands that are colorful, stylish, and beautiful. 
  • Then, they are cost-effective. 
  • Often, they are likely to stretch and fit your baby even when she’s 24 months old. 
  • Commonly, the headbands are breathable, perfectly fitting, and soft on your baby. Consequently, this guarantees comfort and safety.

Danmy Cotton Lace Toddler Headband

Baby Girl Super Elastic Headband,Cotton Lace Toddler Hair Band,Infant Soft Turban Hair Accessories Set

Price; $7.98

Why we recommend it

  • It gives off a royalty vibe because of its gold, silver, or white color. The gold lace also had additional gems on them. 
  • Likewise, the material is 100% cotton and is elastic to suit your baby’s head. 
  • It is suitable for any event. 
  • Finally, your baby girl can have them on till they are two years of age. 

Warm Crochet Knit Headband 

Price; $11.99

Why we recommend it 

  • It comes with a six piece pack consisting of colors, such as grey, black, pink, white, red, and green.
  • Also, your baby can rock the headbands on any occasion, be it wedding ceremonies or in family photography. 
  • What’s more, it can fit babies ranging from 2 months to 6 years old toddlers. 
  • In conclusion, the hand-made woolen yarn material is non-irritant to a baby’s sensitive skin. They also don’t leave marks because they’re soft.

Quest Sweet Patterned Headband 

Baby Girl Headbands,Baby Headbands Turban Knotted,Hairbands for Newborn,Toddler and Children

Price; $12.95

Why we recommend it

  • They are beautiful, bright, floral-patterned headbands. 
  • Furthermore, they can stretch up to 35.53 cm in its circumference.
  • They also come in packs with six different floral patterns. 

NCMama Floral Headbands 

Price; $18.99 

Why we recommend it 

Since we’ve saved the best for the last, here are NCMama floral headbands outstanding qualities. 

  • The first evident quality is the flowers on the headbands. Undoubtedly, you’ll fall in love with them at first glance, as we did. 
  • Then, it has a policy of a single size fitting any baby at any age. The nylon material of the headband can stretch accordingly and still don’t tight your baby’s head. 
  • Besides, you are only required to hand wash the headbands.
  • Also, they leave no marks on your baby’s head while protecting them as well in the process. 
  • Fortunately, the variety of colors can fit just about everywhere and in every outfit. 
  • Despite being hand-made, they are of high quality and durable. 

3. Baby Headbands FAQs

At what age can babies wear headbands?

Luckily, a baby can wear a headband at any age, even after delivery. However, if your baby has a smaller head, you may find it hard to get a fitting headband. Nonetheless, in both cases, your baby’s comfort and headband fitness should be the priority. 

Why do you need to pay attention to safety hazards? 

Hats, bows, or headbands are beautiful closet accessories that you should put on your baby only when they’re alert. A sleeping baby may unluckily shift the headband and restrict the airway opening, for instance, the nose and mouth. Consequently, this can result in the baby suffocating. Other times, a thinner headband may find its way to the neck and also cause suffocation. Even when they’re awake, be on the watch out to prevent accidents. 


We could go on and on, citing what we know are the best baby headbands. However, for today, we’ll leave the number at 12. Notably, we’re keen on NCMama Floral Headbands. Often, it runs out of stock because of its unbeatable uniqueness.  We fell in love with the flowers, versatility, durability, to mention a few. We know you’ll do too. 

To this end, we do hope you have garnered as much knowledge on baby headbands as possible. We’re open to inquiries, comments, or suggestions. 

Until then, let the baby rock on in headbands!

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