Best Baby Pillow: Help Your Baby Get Better Sleep

As adults, pillows are a staple in our beds. We find them comfortable. Therefore, they can help us sleep. So we may want the same for our babies and think that they need a baby pillow. There are some benefits to having your child sleep with a pillow, but you need to be sure it is the right one. Above all, you do not want to take risks and choose something potentially dangerous. For example, not every pillow is suitable for a baby. When it comes to choosing a pillow for your child, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind to keep them safe.

1. Why Do You Need to Buy the Best Pillow for Your Baby?

  • Help your baby sleep better.

Pillows can help your baby sleep better. For instance, they may be more comfortable because a pillow will evenly distribute their temperature.

When your child uses a pillow, it can help with better blood circulation. Consequently, good blood circulation is essential in brain development.

  • Stay away from flat head symptoms.

Babies are encouraged to lie on their back for safety, but always laying the same way could cause the flat head syndrome. Therefore, using a pillow can help cushion and protect their head from developing this.

A four-month-old baby sleeps on a pillow

(A four-month-old baby sleeps on a pillow)

2.When Should a Baby Start Using a Pillow?

Most importantly, it is not recommended for infants to use a pillow due to the risk of suffocation. In most cases, you need to wait until your baby is at least two years old before you introduce a pillow. However, there are some instances where a pediatrician may recommend using a pillow before the age of two, for example, reflux, chronic cold, and ear infections. As a result, you should closely monitor your child in those cases to keep them safe. Check with a pediatrician if you have any questions regarding a pillow’s safety.

3. How to Choose Best Baby Pillow 


When it comes to materials, you need to choose carefully because babies’ skin is sensitive. Therefore, organic cotton is the best choice because it is free of dyes, bleaches, and toxins.


The most common pillow fill materials are down feathers, synthetic, or foam. Stay away from buckwheat and certain synthetic fills because they will make noise when your child moves and, therefore, could be disruptive to sleep.

Avoid allergens

Because a child’s skin is more sensitive, make sure that the pillow you choose deters allergens. As a result, hypoallergenic pillows contain materials that help to reduce allergic reactions.

The pillow’s height: 

The pillow needs to be the right height to fit your baby’s curved neck. If it is either too high or too low, your child may experience stiffness, pain, or have problems falling asleep.  

Easy to clean

It is essential to clean the pillow regularly, so one that is easy to clean will make things easier for both you and your child.

A baby nestled in a baby pillow

(A baby nestled in a baby pillow)

5.What is the Best Pillow for the Baby?

Snuggle-Pedic Toddler and Kids Pillow

Snuggle-Pedic Toddler and Kids Pillow


Price- $30

Material- Bamboo cover with shredded memory foam

Size- 13 x 18 inches

Age- At least two years old

Why we recommend it:

This pillow is 100 percent hypoallergenic. It is a mix of low V.O.C. Biogreen Memory foam, and CertiPur-U.S. certified foam. 

  • It stays cool.

The cover consists of Viscose of Bamboo, Polyester, and Lycra. As a result, this blend of materials helps keep your child from overheating because of the excellent breathability.

  • Easy to clean.

The pillow is machine-washable.

  • It fits an extensive range of children.

Because it is a self-adjustable pillow, it can fit an extensive range of children. As your child grows, the pillow will still be just as comfortable because it will continue to adjust to the curve of your child’s neck every time they lay on it.

  • Warranty.

Snuggle-Pedic has superior customer service. If you do not like the pillow, you can return it within three months. Therefore, there is a 90-day sleep trial and a 20-year warranty.

Sweet Dreams Toddler Pillow by My Little North Star

Sweet Dreams Toddler Pillow by My Little North Star


Price- $21

Material- Organic Cotton with Poly Cluster Fiber Inside.

Size- 13 x 18 inches

Age – At least two years old

Why we recommend it:

  • Hypoallergenic

The pillow is hypoallergenic and is safe for daily use. It also comes with an organic pillowcase. Above all, it contains no dust-mite repellent, flame retardants, or chemicals. 

  • Durable

It is high-quality and durable. For instance, it will hold up to years of use and washings.

  • Quiet and soft.

Even if you do not use the pillowcase, this pillow’s surface is quiet to the touch. Your child will be able to remain asleep more easily. Also, it is very soft and comfortable.

  • Supportive.

It will support the head, neck, and spine.

  • Machine-washable

You can throw it in your washing machine to clean it easily.

  • Guarantee

This company offers a 10-year guarantee that it will retain its bounce and hold up to years of washing.

Sleepy Little Head Toddler Pillow

Sleepy Little Head Toddler Pillow


Price- $19

Material- Hypoallergenic Cotton with Polyester fill

Size- 13 x 18 inches

Age- At least two years old

Why we recommend it:

  • Hypoallergenic

This pillow is 100 percent hypoallergenic. 

  • Super soft.

It has a 200 thread-count cotton fabric on the outside.

  • Supportive.

This pillow supports your toddler’s neck regardless of how they sleep. For example, it holds its shape well over time and multiple items of washing. 

  • 90-Day Guarantee

The company offers a 90-day money-back guarantee if you decide the pillow is not for your child. 

Deamtown Kids Toddler Pillow

Deamtown Kids Toddler Pillow


Price- $16

Material- Polyester and Cotton fiber blend

Size- 14 x 19 inches

Age- At least two years old

Why we recommend it:

  • Prevents neck kinks

This pillow contains less filling than others do. To clarify, the reasoning behind this is to prevent neck kinks.

  • Hypoallergenic

This pillow is also considered hypoallergenic. Besides, it is mold and mildew-resistant as well.

  • Recommended by Chiropractors

Chiropractors recommend this pillow due to its filling.

  • Pillowcase included

You will not need to purchase a separate pillowcase because one comes with this pillow. This inclusion also means that it will fit the pillow perfectly.

  • Satisfaction guarantee

Dreamtown Kids offers a six-month satisfaction guarantee. Therefore, the company will either refund or replace your pillow at no extra cost.

Lagute Baby Head Pillow

Lagute Baby Head Pillow


Price- $15

Material- DuPont Sorona fiber

Size- 11.8 x 8.7 inches

Age- 6 to 12 months

Why we recommend it:

  • Ergonomic shape

This pillow supports a baby’s head and neck correctly. Besides, it still allows for free head and neck movement.

  • Machine-washable

It is easy to clean as you can throw it in the washing machine. It is also machine-dryable. 

  • Enables airflow

The Sorona fiber and mesh fabric are great at preventing moisture and heat build-up.

  • Chemical-free

The pillow is USDA-certified chemical-free.

Babebay Newborn Head Shaping Pillow

Babebay Newborn Head Shaping Pillow


Price- $16

Material- Memory foam/polyurethane polymer

Size- 7.8 x 9.4 inches

Age- 0-12 months 

Why we recommend it:

  • Hypoallergenic and breathable

This pillow is hypoallergenic and offers a breathable fabric so your baby will not get too hot. 

  • Head and neck support

It is excellent for head and neck support as well as preventing flat head syndrome. For example, the memory foam has a mixed curved hollow design to support the head and reduce neck and spine pressure.

  • The baby can sleep in any position.

While babies should sleep on their back initially, this pillow will also work for left or right side sleeping as they get older.

Coala Hola Baby Head Shaping Pillow

Coala Hola Baby Head Shaping Pillow


Price- $16

Material- Organic Tencel Fabric and Hypoallergenic Fiberfill

Size- 9.9 x 11.9 inches

Age- 0-9 months

Why we recommend it:

  • 3-D Mesh Technology

This mesh layer allows for refreshing airflow to reduce the baby’s temperature and make it easier for them to sleep.

  • Tencel Layer

This Tencel layer within the pillow is both moisture-wicking and breathable.

  • Machine Washable

When you need to wash this pillow, you can just pop it in the washing machine. Besides, it also dries quickly.

  • It features ergonomic head and neck support.

This pediatrician-approved pillow evenly distributes the pressure on the baby’s head to prevent the flat head syndrome. Besides, it also keeps the head in alignment with the spine.

  • Soft and comfortable.

The pillow is soft and supportive. Besides, it is gentle on the skin and contributes to a safe sleep environment.

Vocheer 2 in 1 Baby Pillow

Vocheer 2 in 1 Baby Pillow


Price- $13

Material- Polypropylene and Cotton

Size- 10.2 x 13 inches

Age- 3-12 months

Why we recommend it:

  • Breathable Organic Cotton

It is essential to know what your baby’s pillow contains. Organic cotton makes up this soft and comfortable pillow.

  • Innovative design.

This pillow from Vocheer features a unique colored heart design and uniformly disperses pressure. 

  • Multifunctional

You can use this pillow as just a pillow or in a stroller. 

Babymoov Newborn Cushion

Babymoov Newborn Cushion


Price- $40

Material- Memory foam

Size- 0-4 months

Why we recommend it:

  • Highly adaptable

Therefore, this baby cushion is excellent because you can use it with all your baby gear. You can insert it into bouncers, swings, strollers, or the bassinet. In other words, it is a great accessory to make sure your baby is comfortable. 

  • High-quality materials and comfortable.

This cushion has breathable fabric for ventilation, and the memory foam will support your baby.

  • It prevents flat head syndrome.

In other words, this cushion is pediatrician-designed to distribute pressure evenly to help newborns develop the proper head shape.


In conclusion, choosing a pillow for your baby is an essential part of them growing up. Above all, be sure that the pillow you choose is appropriate for your child’s age. In other words, do not use regular pillows with children under two years old and only use pillows with infants if the pillow is for them and you will be supervising. Therefore, as long as you follow safety procedures, you can pick the right pillow to add comfort to your child’s bedtime routine.

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