The Best Baby Playpen: Make Your Child Play Safer

Having a play yard or playpen is essential when you have a baby. Picking the best baby playpen may seem like a daunting task, but some will offer you the safest and best place for your baby to rest and play when you need to keep them contained. Above all, every parent needs to do things around the house still and having a place to keep your baby safe is a must-have.

Babies love to explore as they grow and need a safe space to do so. For instance, the options below are some great choices that will help you decide on the best baby playpen for your family.

1. Why do You Need a Baby Playpen?

A baby playpen provides a safe space for your baby to explore and play. In addition, it gives a parent the freedom to do something without worrying about the baby getting into something they should not.

Some of them even have additional features such as charging stations or portable cribs, or bassinet. You can convert many of them as a baby grows and can pull up on their own. In addition, it is essential to keep your child’s age and abilities, such as pulling up, into account when choosing the best baby playpen for your child.

2. Best Baby Playpen Purchase Considerations

  • Safety; Above all, safety is the most important thing when buying a playpen or play yard. You should buy a newer one to make sure it meets safety standards. The playpen needs to be stable, not collapse easily, or be pushed around easily by your child. Materials are also necessary. In addition, you want something that is chemical-free. 
  • Size; Playpens should have enough area for your child to play in. Besides, pay attention to the height as well. If it is too low, your child may be able to climb out.
  • Grid size; The grid size should be safe, and you should see your child quickly. 
  • Foldability; If you plan on moving the playpen around frequently, you will want something that is easy to fold and is light. Besides, you may want something that has wheels as well. 
  • Easy to clean; Kids can be messy or get sick, so you want to be sure to find something easy to clean. Some playpens have removable fabrics that can be machine washed. Make sure to note how to clean the playpen.
  • Storage function; Some playpens have additional pockets for storage. Therefore, this addition can be beneficial.

Is there a tent; Some outdoor playpens have a tent or canopy to keep the sun off your child. This feature is essential if you plan on being outside for a while. In other words, you will have an easier time if you do not need to worry about your child getting burned.

3.Best Baby Playpen Recommended

1. Graco Pack ‘n Play


Age Range: Newborn to infant or toddler

Size Restrictions: Up to 25 lbs or 35 inches in height

Item Weight: 28.33 lbs

Item Dimensions: 40 L x 28.5 W x 33.25 H inches

Price: $130


  • This Graco Pack n’ Play is ideal for a variety of situations. 
  • Above all, it provides an excellent playpen space for your child.
  • It also has other great functions like serving as a changing station and providing a safe space for your child to sleep. 
  • It will grow with your child, and it is easy to change as your child grows. 
  • The mesh sides provide air circulation, so your baby will not overheat. 
  • Besides, it is easy to wipe down and has storage pockets.


  • It is a bit expensive but does have multiple functions. 
  • Some people have problems with the changing area not being stable enough. 

There is no mattress. Therefore, it is not the most comfortable for sleeping.

2. Toddleroo Superyard


Age Range: 6 – 24 months of age

Item Weight: 25.6 lbs

Item Dimensions: 262.5 L x 2 W x 26 H inches {for 8 panel version}

Number of panels: Available with eight panels or six panels 

Price: $93


  • You can use this playpen both inside and outside. 
  • The plastic is durable and excellent.
  • Provides for a significant 34.4 square feet of protected play space. 
  • It is easy to set up and clean. 
  • You can also make it as small or as large as you want because all panels will come apart. 

In addition, an extension kit is available if you want to create a larger space for your child.


  • There is no gate. 
  • It can also be hard to take apart and put back together. 
  • If you use it, you should make a completely enclosed space because it does fall over easily if you do not close it. 

3. Baby Care Funzone Playpen


Item Weight: 37.4 lbs

Item Dimensions: 57.9 L x 86.2 W x 24.8 H

Number of panels: 10 panels

Price: $199


  • This playpen does not slide around but keeps its shape and position because of the non-slip pads and placeholders. 
  • This stability makes it great for babies who are beginning to pull themselves up. 
  • They can do this on the playpen, and it will hold their weight.  
  • It is easy to assemble, BPA-free, and has 31.6 square feet of space. 
  • Besides, it is easy to clean and waterproof as well.


  • It is pretty expensive, but high quality. 
  • Kids might try to climb it and get stuck in the open slots. 

4. Joovy Room Playard


Age Range: Newborn through child’s ability to climb out

Item Weight: 29.6 lbs

Item Dimensions: 39.75 L x 39.75 W x 31 H inches

Price: $140


  • This playpen has over 10 square feet of space, larger than most playpens of this design. It is great for twins and has a low center of gravity to support putting in multiple children. 

In addition, it includes a waterproof cotton fitted sheet, padded mattress, and travel bag.


  • It does include a mattress. However, it is not very thick or comfortable. 
  • The mat does not fit well into the playpen. 

However, it is also pretty heavy, which can make putting it away difficult.

5. Babyseater Portable Playpen


Item Weight: 14.83 lbs

Item Dimensions: 60-inch hexagon with each side being 27.5 inches. It measures 54 inches across at the widest points and is 30 inches in height.

Price: $90


  • This playpen is easy to set up, clean, and dismantle. 
  • It also gives your baby a larger space to play, and there is a thin amount of padding on the bottom. 
  • The zippered door allows kids to go in and out easily, but you can also zip up the outside to prevent them from escaping. 

In addition, the fabric is even machine-washable.


  • The poles do not have padding, which can cause an issue if a child falls into them. 

In addition, it may not have enough padding for more complex surfaces, and some people have had problems with the product tearing.

6. Fortella Cloud Castle Playpen


Item Weight: 36.9 lbs

Item Dimensions: 25 square feet with 24.4-inch walls

Number of panels: 14 panels

Price: $170


  • This playpen is easy to fold and transport.
  • It also has anti-slip and non-scratch pads, which make it great for both indoors and outdoors. 
  • This playpen also has fun and built-in features for playtime. There is a whiteboard on the back of the door panel so that kids can draw. There is also an activity wall with five sensory toys. 
  • The playpen is sturdy, cute, and a great choice. 

In addition, you can purchase 4-panel extensions separately to increase the size.


  • Some people had issues with the plastic joints coming loose and constantly needing to tighten them. 
  • There were also issues with slats being too large and a child being able to get an arm stuck. 

7. Evenflo Vertsatile Play Space


Item Weight: 16.9 lbs

Item Dimensions: 29 L x 8 W x 28 H; 18.5 square feet 

Number of panels: 8 panels between original and included extension

Price: $117


  • You can use this playpen both inside and outside. 
  • There are non-scratch floor pads to protect your home. 
  • It is easy to set up, and you do not need any tools. 
  • The reversible legs have outdoor stakes to make them easy to set up and keep in place outside. 


  • This design is not cute, but it is functional. 
  • Some people had issues with children getting hurt from the sharp edges on the fence when pulling up to stand. 
  • Children may try to climb out because of the panels’ design. 

8. Graco Pack n’ Play Portable Playard 


Item Weight: 20 lbs

Item Dimensions: 40 L x 28.5 W x 29 H inches

Price: $43


  • Is a less expensive option for a playpen, 
  • It features a sturdy frame and airy mesh for ventilation. 
  • It is easy to transport and folds down easily. 
  • Is an ideal location for your baby to nap while away from home. 

In addition, it comes with a pad to cushion the bottom.


  • Above all, you cannot add another mattress to this because of the risk of suffocation.

9. Baby Delight Portable Playard


Age Range: 6 to 24 months

Size Restrictions:  Maximum height recommendation is 35 inches

Item Weight: 12 lbs

Item Dimensions: 49 L x 49 W x 28 H inches

Price: $87


  • It is an excellent playpen to use either inside or outside. 
  • The mesh sides allow air to flow through, and the nylon floor is durable and easy to clean. 
  • In addition, it folds and unfolds quickly, and the fabric is washable. 
  • Also, it has a canopy to keep the sun off your baby while outside.


  • Some people had issues with the material ripping and children hitting the metal supports inside the mesh holding. 

10. BabyBjorn Travel Crib


Age Range: Newborns through about three years or until the child can climb out

Size Restrictions: 8 lbs through 33 lbs

Item Weight: 13 lbs, including carrying bag

Item Dimensions: 44 L x 24 W x 32 H inches

Price: $281


  • This travel playpen/crib is exceptionally lightweight, making it easy to transport, set up, and take back down. 
  • The sides allow you to see in easily. 
  • In addition, the fabric is also easy to remove and is machine-washable. 
  • It comes with a carrying bag, and there is a mattress included.


  • However, this playpen/travel crib is very expensive. 
  • In addition, it may not be big enough for an ideal playpen.
  • It also sits on the ground, so you may have a hard time lowering a sleeping baby and keeping them asleep in it.

11. Uanlauo Baby Playpen


Item Weight: 29 lbs

Item Dimensions: 25 square feet

Number of panels: 14 panels

Price: $140


  • This playpen is easy to assemble with buckles to attach to each panel. 
  • This design makes for a sturdy product. 
  • There are also rubber feet on the bottom to keep the playpen from sliding around. 

In addition, you can use it both indoors and outdoors.


  • The available space is smaller than some of the other playpens. 
  • Some people had issues with pieces breaking, especially the hinge on the door.

5. Baby playpen safety warning

When you buy a playpen, make sure that it folds and unfolds appropriately. In addition, you also need to check for any holes.

To prevent accidents, always ensure:

  • Supervision.

Your child should not be unattended when playing in a play yard or playpen. In other words, you need to watch to make sure your child is safe.

  • Inspection of the playpen.

Before placing your child in a playpen or play yard, you need to inspect it. Look for any holes, tears, sharp or broken pieces in the playpen to ensure your child will not get hurt. Besides, ensure that your child cannot climb over the sides or get caught in any openings.

  • Inspection of space.

In addition, you need to carefully choose the toys and objects that go in with your child. If your child can climb or stand, make sure there are no large objects that they may try to use to help climb out. Similarly, you also need to make sure not to tie any toys to the top of the railing because it could pose a suffocation risk.


Above all, make sure that you choose a safe and appropriate playpen for your child. Supervision is essential in keeping your baby safe. For instance, do not leave them unattended. In conclusion, the playpens above provide some great choices for some fun areas for your child to enjoy. We look forward to sharing more parenting articles with you.

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