Baby Ponytail Holder: The Best Choice for Babies

A good baby ponytail holder is essential for your little girl’s day-to-day activities. When your baby’s hair begins to grow towards their face and obstructs their view, then it becomes apparent that you need to control it. We know, on the one hand, you may be tempted to cut the hair. 

However, this barely stops your baby’s hair from poking out. The best thing to do is get a baby ponytail holder, which helps keep their hair in place. Here, you will find our top 7 picks of a baby ponytail holder.

( A mother using a baby ponytail holder for her daughter)

1. Baby ponytail holder buying guide

To do the shopping for a baby ponytail holder easily, here are some things to consider.

  • Good elasticity & Strong toughness; An ideal baby ponytail holder usually has a good grip. It should also be stretchy. The reason is that babies tend to touch anything, including their hairs. So, a suitable silicone baby ponytail holder clings tight to their hair no matter how they pull it.
  • Suitable for which hair type; You should choose a baby ponytail holder according to your baby’s hair type. For instance, if your baby has either long or hard hair, buy a fabric band. In contrast, if their hair is both short and soft, then buy an elastic band.
  • Size; Depending on your baby’s hairstyle, you can either buy a big or small band. Most of the time, the most miniature baby ponytail holder is usually 1/2cm in diameter. Meanwhile, the big bands, in particular, are about 10cm in diameter. However, we don’t recommend it for babies.
  • Reusable; It’s no news that people usually reuse the fabric baby ponytail. It’s washable as well as long-lasting. Contrarily, not all rubber and silicone bands are reusable. So if you want to buy them, you must test their durability first.
Little girl’s hair styled with a baby ponytail holder

(Little girl’s hair styled with a baby ponytail holder)

2. Seven recommended baby ponytail holders for your baby

Here are our top 7 picks for a baby ponytails holder.

1. J-MEE Baby Ponytail Hair Ties 100pcs

J-MEE Baby Ponytail Hair Ties 100pcs

Product specifications 

Material: Polyester fiber

  • Color: 10 colors (each color 10 PCs)
  • Size: Diameter 1.25”
  • Suitable for: Toddlers, Baby girls
  • Quantity: 100 PCS

Why recommend:

  • The J-MEE baby ponytail holder comes in a soft fabric that is easy to wash. 
  • You can quickly wrap it around more than once. 
  • They are also very cheap.
  • The material is safe since it’s free from harsh chemicals. 
  • This hair tie is quite addictive because of its spring nature. 
  • Finally, it is the recommended band for babies with fragile hair. 


  •  After washing it so many times, it loses its spring.

2. Youxuan Kids Hair Bands 1000 PCS

Youxuan Kids Hair Bands 1000 PCS

 Product specifications 

  • Material:  Eco-friendly silicone
  • Color: Jelly colors
  • Size: Diameter 1”
  • Suitable for: baby girls
  • Quantity: 1000 PCS

 Why recommend:

  • Despite being elastic, they’re easy to clean.
  • It rarely tangles the hair.
  • They’re very light, stretchy as well as affordable. 
  • It’s specifically for parents with active babies who often lose their hair ties.
  • The baby ponytail holder is comfortable to wear. 
  • It doesn’t cause hair breakages. 
  • They’re also slightly thick. Which means it can wrap around the hair without snapping. 
  • You can use them with other hair accessories. 
  • Finally, the colors of this band suit any outfit.


  • They get lost easily due to their small size. 

3. Asfos 100 PCS

Asfos 100 PCS

  Product specifications 

  • Material: Fabric
  • Color: Multi-colors
  • Size: Diameter 1”
  • Suitable for: Toddlers, baby girls
  • Quantity: 100PCS

 Why recommend:

  • The Asfos baby ponytail holder makes their baby ponytail holder with cotton rather than polyester fiber. 
  • It’s a premium quality band that neither hurts your baby’s hair or entangles it. 
  • Since its diameter is 1 inch, you can, of course, use it for every type of hair, including curly ones.
  • With the mixed colors, you can dress your baby up for both formal and informal events.
  • It also grips well and rarely slacks.  
  • Lastly, they’re easy to wash as well as quick to dry.


  • If often stretched out, it’ll lose its spring.
  • They usually don’t clean well with hard detergents.

4. Frcolor kiddies hair tie

Frcolor kiddies hair tie

  Product specifications  

  • Material: Fabric and resin
  • Color: Both bright and neutral colors
  • Size: Diameter 2”
  • Suitable for: baby girls, big girls 
  • Quantity: 40 PCS

 Why recommend:

  • Unlike other baby ponytail holders, the Frcolor kiddie’s hair tie is waterproof. 
  • It’s no doubt perfect for newborns as well as toddlers. 
  • Additionally, it’s easy to use. 
  • They’re also lovely and cute. 
  • It’s not only comfortable, but it’s easy to remove.  
  • Aside from this, it is perfect for everyday use.


  • It’s quite expensive.
  • Due to the design, not all children may be comfortable wearing it.  

5. NSpring 100PCS Baby Ponytail Holder

NSpring 100PCS Baby Ponytail Holder

  Product specifications   

  • Material: Woven polyester
  • Color: Multi-colors (12 different colors)
  • Size: Diameter 1”
  • Suitable for: every girl child
  • Quantity: 100 PCS

Why recommend:

  • The NSpring baby ponytail holder is both affordable and reusable. 
  • It also has 12 different colors that match most of your baby’s wear. 
  • This baby ponytail holder, in particular, is of high quality. So it’s unlikely it’ll break. 
  • Another thing is, it can stretch up to 5 inches. 
  • NSpring doesn’t cause hair damage, plus it offers you a 100% money-back guarantee. 
  • It has a large quantity alongside durability.
  • This hair tie is ideal for every girl child, including newborns.


  • They’re not suitable for creating complex as well as advanced styles.

6. Baby Elastic Tiny Hair Bows 30 PCS 

Baby Elastic Tiny Hair Bows 30 PCS

   Product specifications   

  • Material: Soft silk
  • Color: Multi-colors (15 pair of shades)
  • Size: Diameter 2.5”
  • Suitable for: toddlers, babies
  • Quantity: 30 PCS

 Why recommend:

  • This baby ponytail holder has a simple yet cute design.
  • The material is also soft on the hands. 
  • The grip is so excellent that your child’s hair won’t poke out at all. 


  • They’re slightly expensive.
  • It also has a small quantity. 
  • It usually snaps when used for thick hairs.

7. Lintopos Elastic Baby Ponytail Holder

Lintopos Elastic Baby Ponytail Holder

    Product specifications   

  • Material: Cotton
  • Color: Both neutral and bright colors
  • Size: Diameter 0.97”
  • Suitable for: newborns, baby girls
  • Quantity: 100 PCS

 Why recommend

  • Not only is the Lintopos baby ponytail holders affordable, but it is also long-lasting. 
  • With it, you remain to rest assured that your baby’s hair is free from any discomfort. 
  • As for the material, it’s cotton and can stretch to about 5 inches. 
  • Lastly, they are easy to wash and dry.


  • It neither comes in a plastic carrier or a case.
  • Also, it gets wet quickly. 

3. FAQs of a baby ponytail holder

Q1: How do I avoid loss of elasticity and promote durability of baby ponytail holders?

Generally, this is avoidable by buying baby ponytail holders with either hair bows or ponies. These accessories prevent it from slipping. Also, keeping a ponytail holder in a safe container makes the last longer.

Q2: How can I remove a ponytail holder without hurting my child?

The best way to easily remove it is by rolling it out. This will, of course, prevent the hair from entangling.

Q3: How to safely store to avoid accidental swallowing?

In truth, you can’t stop babies from swallowing baby ponytail holders. For this reason, it’s best you immediately store them in their packs after use. Or better still, keep them in a plastic container in a place that’s inaccessible to your child.


Now you know the best baby ponytail holders out there. No doubt, you find a brand that suits your needs. Remember to look out for the material used, durability, elasticity, and others. Our guide should do your shopping for baby ponytail holders in 2021 much more accessible.

That said, feel free to choose any to find your preference. Is there a particular baby ponytail holder we probably omitted that’s worthy of mention? Please leave a comment below.

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