Best Baby Socks: The Best Baby Socks You Can Get For Your Child in 2021

As grown-ups, socks are an essential item of our wardrobe. For example, we wear them to work, school, cold days, and even hot days. Babies are no exception to this rule. Indeed, the best baby socks help and provide many benefits for them. They keep their legs warm and protect their tender feet from harm. 

However, the question remains how to choose the best baby socks? More importantly, you don’t want to make uninformed choices and select an item that would not fit the child. To begin with, not every pair of socks is suitable for a baby. Here, you’ll find all you need to know about choosing baby socks and a list of the best socks available.

1. Are Baby Socks Necessary?

Absolutely. Baby socks play more vital roles than just covering the feet and legs. They are essential in maintaining your baby’s body temperature. Without these socks, babies become exposed to the extremities of the weather.

Furthermore, while babies learn to crawl, they explore many areas of our homes. Dirt and tiny objects remain on the ground.  As a result, babies would feel uncomfortable and find it uneasy crawling, playing, or sleeping. 

In conclusion, baby socks are a necessary item and help them explore while preventing potential harm.

2. How to Choose Best Baby Socks?

  • The Fabric

You should select the socks manufactured with quality materials. For example, the best baby socks have a recommended proportion, namely cotton (>70%), polyester (±20%), and spandex materials (±10%).

  • Breathable

The high ratio of cotton in baby socks makes them very breathable, providing warmth to the feet. Furthermore, you should look for socks that have pores in them to allow air to circulate your baby’s feet.

  • Comfort

Your baby’s comfort is paramount, of course. The best baby socks are soft and cozy. Additionally, they have grips, and your baby feels comfortable while moving about with them without any risk of slipping.

  • High Waist Socks Vs. Short-Waist Socks

This decision comes down to your individual choice and the purpose for which you need the socks. For instance, short waists socks are ideal within the home. High-waist socks, on the other hand, are perfect for use outside your home.

Baby learning to walk on socks

(Baby learning to walk on socks)

3. Best Baby Socks in 2021

1. Touched by Nature Unisex Baby Organic Cotton Socks

Why we recommend it:

  • Wide Size Range

The Touched by Nature Baby Socks are available in different sizes, and fit babies of different age ranges (0-24 months). 

  • Breathable 

More so, there are many pores in the socks that allow air to circulate the feet quickly and make them comfy.

  • A Perfect Fit

The socks fit and remain on the feet well. Therefore, it is perfect for babies who love kicking and playing around with their feet.

  • High-grade Materials

The sock contains high-quality organic textile materials, namely; cotton (78%), polyester (20%), and spandex (2%). Hence, it is very soft and provides a restful feeling. 

2. VWU Ankle Crew Socks

Why we recommend it:

  • Long-lasting

One outstanding quality of this sock is the durability. Therefore, be rest assured that you are purchasing socks that will last your child for years. 

  • Elastic

Similarly, the polyester fabric and the spandex allow the sock to stretch without getting loose or deformed. 

  • Great Fit

The socks fit perfectly in babies aged 0-24 months. For instance, both younger and older babies can wear these socks.

  • Water-Resistant 

The water-resistant qualities of the VWU socks make them highly recommended. Hence, even when your baby steps on wet floors, the moisture won’t get to their feet.  

  • Warm

Above all, the VWU ankle care socks have high-quality cotton content. So, your baby remains comfortable in these socks even in cold winter. 

3. Luvable Friends Unisex Baby Socks

Why we recommend it:

  • Elastic

First, this baby sock comes with spandex for elasticity. Due to this, it protects your baby’s leg without damaging the socks or leaving marks on the baby’s body.

  • Protective

Its 25% nylon composition acts as a barrier to harmful objects on the ground. In other words, the Luvable baby socks protect your child from injury.

4. Zaples Anti-slip Ankle Socks

Why we recommend it:

  • Anti-slip

The Zaples ankle socks have non-slip grips that cushion your babies when they move about in the house. Consequently, they are less prone to falling even on slippery surfaces.

  • Premium Cotton

Even if your baby puts on hard shoes, the premium cotton blend soothes the feet. That is, this sock prevents babies from experiencing discomfort while on shoes. 

  • Absorbent

The socks allow for easy cleaning due to their high absorbency of cleaning solutions. Hence, you easily keep your baby’s socks clean and dry all day.

5. Ez Sox Toddler Boys Girls Socks

Why we recommend it:

  • Loop Technology

Do you find it challenging to pull up your baby’s socks every time?

Worry no longer because, with the Ex Sox Toddler socks, you don’t have to help your child pull up their socks. In other words, they easily pull it up themselves using the pull-up loops at both sides of the sock’s mouth.  

Most importantly, these loops are strong, reinforced, and firmly held to the socks using a high-grade machine, the Bartex machine. Hence, your kids can’t pull them off.

  • Seamless Toe Design

Socks with improperly closed seams are uncomfortable because they press against your baby’s toes.

However, using the Rosso sewing machines in sewing, the Ex Sox socks have properly closed flat seams.

Hence, your baby’s toes become free at the end of the socks providing additional comfort.

  • Non-skid Grips

The Ex Sox socks also have non-skids grips on the soles. They are responsible for cushioning your baby’s feet as they move from one place to another. 

Therefore, your kids can run and play without fear of slipping.

6. Zumou Toddler Kids Socks

Why we recommend it:

  • Cute Look

It is unique and adds style. Besides, this gives your baby’s appearance a beautiful look.

  • Machine Washable

The socks are washable in a cloth washer. However, ensure that you enclose the socks in a bag before placing them in the machine. It allows the socks to last longer.

  • High Cotton Percentage

Zumou toddler socks have a high amount of cotton in them that makes them very soft. As a result, your baby won’t feel the hard texture of their shoe’s sole.

  • Long Length

Finally, the socks are long enough to reach the midpoint of your baby’s leg, covering all crucial areas.

7. Weenies Baby Socks

Why we recommend it:

  • Highly Breathable

Keep your baby comfortable all day long with the Wernies baby socks. Included in this sock is a cotton mesh network that allows air to pass in and out quickly.

  • Protective

This product has a perfect toe design, and this sock can protect your baby’s toe and other foot areas. More so, it reduces friction babies can experience by wearing shoes. 

  • Long-lasting

Changing socks frequently is no easy task; the Wernies baby sock solves this problem. How? It withstands any form of shrinking caused by continuous use and washing. Hence, socks last longer.

8. Gellwhu 12 Pairs Baby Girls Socks Toddler Socks

Why we recommend it:

  • Long Length

The Gellwhu toddler socks are pretty long. Therefore, they reach and cover at least the midpoint of your baby’s legs providing maximum protection against the elements. 

  • Interesting and Fascinating Arts Prints Design 

Included in the socks are art prints and designs that make them very attractive to babies. Indeed, they will much appreciate putting on these socks.

  • Durable

Finally, the socks are very durable and can stay up to a year without having a tear. It saves you both on replacement and repair. 

9. Nurses Choice Socks For Newborn Boys And Girls

Why we recommend it:

  • Highly Comfortable 

It provides a great deal of softness, warmth, protection, and grip for your baby.

Hence, your baby can wear it all day long without it being cumbersome.

  • Breathable

The Nurses choice sock has a very high cotton ratio (90%), making it very comfy and passable. 

  • Unisex

It features a unisex design. That is to say, and both male and female newborns wear the Nurses choice socks.

  • Absorbent

The socks allow a bit of water to pass through them. Likewise, cleaning these socks becomes a breeze.

10.Evelin LEE Kids Unisex Baby Toddler Soft Socks

Why we recommend it:

  • High-percentage and Quality Cotton Content

It has high-grade 80% cotton that makes it very soft and absorbent. For instance, your baby will wear it without them feeling the rigid texture of their shoes.

  • Long Length

The Evelin Lee socks can easily stretch to the leg’s upper part without being too tight on the baby’s feet. 

  • Foldable

The sock’s length is adjustable; Therefore, you can adjust as needed. Another good part is that it makes storing your baby’s socks easier. 

4. Baby Socks FAQs

Can a baby wear socks when sleeping?

Yes, babies can wear socks when sleeping. Baby socks provide their body with the needed cooling and warmth to fall asleep. Hence, we recommend soft and air-porous socks because they initiate and help your baby sleep.

Does the baby’s foot feel cool mean the baby is cold?

No, this is not a direct indication that the baby is cold. The palms and feet of babies are excellent conductors. In other words, the feet will feel colder than other parts of the body, specifically during cold days. On the other hand, the feet feel warmer than other body parts on hot days. Therefore, you must adjust your room temperature accordingly to keep your baby warm. 


Baby socks provide maximum comfort for your baby while crawling, walking, or sleeping. Additionally, they help during the cold and warm days, where they help to regulate your baby’s body temperature. 

Finally, do you have any questions regarding any of these baby socks? Let us know in the comment section. 

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