Best Baby Swaddle: Help Your Baby Better Sleep

When you have a newborn, the world outside the womb is so different. For example, babies are in a tight and warm environment before they are born. Therefore, they are enclosed and safe. Consequently, it is a bit of a shock when they come into the outside world. They will get cold more quickly and may flail around because they do not know what to do with their limbs. For example, this dramatic change can make it difficult for them to relax and sleep. By creating a womb-like experience with a baby swaddle, your baby can feel safer and sleep better. There are many products to choose from, and it may take some trial and error to find the right one for your baby.

1. Why Swaddle Your Baby?

Swaddling your baby can relax them to help them sleep better. For instance, it does this by reminding them of the womb. It helps keep them warm and safe. Therefore, they feel more secure, comforted, and they can get more sleep. Likewise, you will be able to get more sleep, which is so essential as a parent.

2. What should I consider when buying a Baby Swaddle?

  • Different types 

There are a few different types of swaddling products. The first one is a traditional muslin blanket with no snaps or closures. To clarify, it is usually square-shaped and has a specific method for wrapping your child. The other option is a swaddle suit with zippers, velcro, or other closures that you can use to keep the baby bundled up.

  • Comfort

Above all, you want your baby to be comfortable when you swaddle them. Swaddling is for calming your baby down and helping them sleep. Therefore, the fabric needs to be soft, and you need to be careful when securing them, which is important, so they are comfortable.

  • Ease of use

The product you use should also be easy to use, or you may get frustrated. In the same vein, you have enough to deal with as a new parent. Above all, make sure you are comfortable with the product you get, practice it, and make sure you know how it works.

3.Best Baby Swaddle You Should Buy in 2021

Aden + Anais Muslin Swaddle Blanket

Baby Swaddle--Aden + Anais Muslin Swaddle Blanket


Price – $34

Size – 47 inches x 47 inches

Material – Muslin

Age/weight restrictions – None

Closure – None


  • Lightweight and breathable.

These blankets are lightweight and breathable. For instance, these characteristics are fundamental when swaddling your baby because you do not want them to get overheated. 

  • It comes in many patterns and colors.

Therefore, these choices allow you to find something that you like and that will be fun as your baby grows older.


  • Practice is needed to use them.

Because these blankets have no closures, it may be challenging to figure out how to wrap your baby correctly. Therefore, you will need to practice.

Miracle Blanket Swaddle Wrap

Baby Swaddle--Miracle Blanket Swaddle Wrap


Price – $29

Size – One size

Material – 100 percent cotton

Age/weight restrictions – Newborns up to 14 weeks old

Closure – Velcro


  • Easy to wrap.

The velcro closures make this wrap easy to use and wrap your baby quickly. In other words, there are no complicated folds to memorize.

  • Machine-washable.

If you need to clean it, you can throw this product in the washing machine. In other words, it is easy to clean.

  • Cute designs.

There are many different cute designs for this swaddle. As a result, you can have fun shopping through all the designs.


  • It is only available in one size.

This swaddle is only appropriate for babies up to 14 weeks. Therefore, it does not come in any larger sizes.

  • It may be too warm.

The blanket is excellent to keep the baby from breaking out of it, but it does this by wrapping around multiple times. Consequently, it can get too warm.

Nested Bean Zen Swaddle

Baby Swaddle--Nested Bean Zen Swaddle


Price – $33

Material – 100 percent cotton

Age/weight restrictions – 0 to 6 months old

Closure – Velcro


  • This swaddle is weighted.

This blanket has a unique design and is weighted to provide added calm to your baby. The weight of each part is about one ounce and acts to mimic a hand resting on the child. Therefore, it is not too heavy compared to the weight of the baby. 

  • It grows with the baby.

The swaddle design allows it to grow with a newborn and infant. In other words, you can wrap it differently as the child grows.


  • Large size.

Some people had issues with the swaddle shifting up and bundling due to the large size.

Ergobaby Sleeping Bag

Ergobaby Sleeping Bag


Price – $26

Material – 100 percent cotton

Age/weight restrictions – 0 to 6 months of age. Also, larger sizes are available from 6 to 18 months and 18 months to 36 months.

Closure – Shoulder snaps and two-way zipper.


  • Easy to use closures.

The snaps allow the product to stay on the baby comfortably. Besides, the two-way zipper is also really helpful. For example, this makes diaper changes either by being able to zip it up or down.

  • The arms can be out.

Babies often like sleeping with their arms up. Therefore, this is an excellent product to allow that.


  • Shrinks.

Problems with the sleep sack shrinking also came up. Therefore, it may be the wrong size for the child after washing.

Halo Sleepsack

Halo Sleepsack


Price – $22

Material – 100 percent cotton

Age/weight restrictions – Available in newborn and preemie sizes

Closure – Velcro, and zipper


  • Lightweight

Therefore, the fabric will help keep your baby cool.

  • Easy to use.

There is both velcro and a zipper. Therefore, it is easy to use.

  • The baby’s arms can be out.

Babies often want to have their arms out. Likewise, this swaddle gives the option to either have the baby’s arms in or out. 


  • Fabric can ride up.

As with some of the other options, the fabric can rid up into the baby’s face.

Tommee Tippee Sleeping Sack

Baby Swaddle--Tommee Tippee Sleeping Sack


Price – $19

Material – 100 percent cotton

Age/weight restrictions – 0 to 6 months of age

Closure – Zipper


  • Zipper covers.

There are zipper covers to keep the actual zipper off your baby’s skin. Therefore, this is an asset so as not to disturb the baby’s sleep.

  • Easy to change the baby’s diaper.

The zipper and extra material make it easier to change your baby during the night. Therefore, it will be much easier for you.


  • Large.

This product is very long. Therefore, some people had issues with it being too big for their baby.

  • Problems with fabric.

Some people had issues with the fabric. Overall, it is not as soft to the touch and is scratchy instead.

Baby Swaddle–Miracle Blanket Swaddle Wrap

Miracle Blanket Swaddle Wrap


Price – $29

Material – 100 percent cotton

Age/weight restrictions – 0 up to 14 weeks

Closure – None


  • It secures the baby’s arms to their sides.

Babies have a startle reflex, so if you wrap them in their arms, they may sleep easier. This product secures the arms.

  • Thin fabric.

The fabric is thin. So, it can help keep your baby cool.


  • Fabric can bunch up.

If your baby wiggles a lot, the fabric may become bunched under the baby’s back.

  • Hard to close up on a wiggly baby.

There are many layers to work with, so if your baby wiggles a lot, you may have a problem getting it all fastened. For example, your baby may wiggle out of one part while trying to do the next.

Baby Swaddle–SwaddleMe Original Swaddle

Baby Swaddle--SwaddleMe Original Swaddle


Price – $25

Material – 100 percent cotton

Age/weight restrictions – 0 to 3 months

Closure – Velcro


  • It is cost-effective.

This set of swaddles comes in a pack of three, so it is the most cost-effective product on this list. It will reduce laundry. For example, you will have two spare ones should one get dirty. 

  • It keeps the baby cool.

This product features a thin cotton layer. Therefore, babies will stay cool in warm 


  • They placed the Velcro strategically.

As a result, it will not snag clothing or become rough on the baby’s skin.


  • Could ride up.

If your baby moves around a lot and tries to break free, the fabric may ride up.

Baby Swaddle–Love to Dream Swaddle

Love to Dream Swaddle


Price – $30

Material – 93 percent cotton and 7 percent elastane

Age/weight restrictions – comes in three sizes: Newborn (5-8.5 lbs, Small (8-13 lbs), and Medium (13-19 lbs).

Closure – 2-way zipper


  • The baby’s arms can be up but still contained. 

It allows the baby to self-soothe by being able to reach their face.

Babies like to chew on their hands to calm down. In other words, this is a good product for that because they can reach their hands.


  • Arms may be too constricting. 

Other people had problems with the arms being too constricting. As a result, their babies were uncomfortable. 

4. Common Questions About Baby Swaddle

Is swaddling safe for newborns?

Yes, swaddling is safe for newborns. For example, you will notice that nurses will swaddle your baby while you are in the hospital. Therefore, this practice is safe and helps to calm them down. Swaddling is safe up until about two months of age. At that point, babies need and want to have their arms free.

How do you make sure you are swaddling correctly?

Depending on which type of swaddling product you use, the ways to wrap and secure your baby will differ. For instance, they all come with detailed instructions that are very important to follow. 

Therefore, you should check and practice the different techniques that come with the product you choose. If the product has velcro, make sure that it is not touching your baby’s skin, or it will cause irritation. Secondly, with the blankets, it must be secure but not too tight. 


In conclusion, swaddling your baby is a great way to help them feel safe and comfortable. You may need to try a few different options before settling on the one that works best for your baby. 

Therefore, the products above are great options to start with, and you are sure to find one that works for you and your baby. Likewise, we hope to share more parenting knowledge with you to help pick the right baby products!

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