Best Baby Grand Piano Brands: Beginner Piano Shopping Guide

Without a doubt, having the best baby grand piano brands gracing your house is an achievement. Not to mention all the benefits that come along when your child plays one. However, there are a lot of factors linked with getting the best piano brand. From reviews to self-test before purchase, loads of baby grand pianos will be at your disposal. Other than the cost, how do you figure out the best baby piano, and with which added criteria?

Undoubtedly, it’s quite evident that trusted brands are famous for their splendid work. Hence, we’ve found it noble to help you make informed choices on the best 11 baby grand piano brands.

teaching a child about piano playing

 (teaching a child about piano playing)

Things to Consider when Buying a Baby Grand Piano Brands 

Briefly, here are a few considerations you need to have in mind when choosing a baby grand piano brand. 

  • Price range – This goes without saying; purchase a piano within your money range while considering the maintenance. Most times, prices range from $3000 and $25000 or more and are dependent on the piano’s size, state (new or used), and additional features.
  • Your child’s age – Often, music teachers will recommend piano lessons to ages 6 – 8. However, starting at an earlier age, say 3 – 5 years, is also achievable. You will only need to use a better teaching method since this bracket comprises curious kids whose focus is minimal. 
  • Upright and grand pianos – There’s no denying that upright pianos have a low music stand and prefer children due to their height. 
  • Excellent sound quality –At all times, you might consider playing the piano before buying it to ensure it has the right sound. Furthermore, look into either brighter or mellower sounds after playing all the notes with similar strength. 
  • Outstanding quality – Majorly, this is centered on the piano parts, for example, the strings and plate materials, among other components. Ideally, they should be of high quality to ensure they function well and last longer.
  • Shape design such as size, shape, and color – In terms of color, wood veneers on a piano’s exterior, such as mahogany, are costly compared to other veneers such as satin ebony. 

Further, the sizes of a piano that are directly proportional to the cost are of significance. 

  • Quick assembly – An easy to assemble piano saves a lot of time. Be sure to go through the manual with the guidelines for a better outcome. 
Quick assembly

 (internal parts of a piano)

11 Best Baby Grand Piano Brands

The following 11 baby grand pianos from reputable brands will give you a heads up on what you ought to buy. 

Concert Grand Piano with Matching Bench – Color Black 

Concert Grand Piano with Matching Bench - Color Black

Price; $119.53

Concert Grand Piano is an awe-striking piano masterpiece from the Schoenhut Piano Company. Mostly, it is appropriate for ages above 3. 


  • opening top for chime-like tons,
  • wooden material,
  • 3 octaves and 37 keys,
  • a Schoenhut’s patented learning system, and 
  • a designated lid that lowers and rises gradually.


  • The lid prevents the babies from slamming their fingers.
  • It is simple and fun to play since it constitutes a color method of teaching.
  • It has a songbook with a collection of varied/ conversant tunes.
  • Luckily, the chart also works on adult keyboards. 

Nanoblock Grand Piano – Black

Price: $12.94

Nano block is a superior architectural experience; its challenge, complexity, and detail are higher than any other construction kit.


  • They are much smaller when compared to other pianos.
  • It has a 3-dimensional creation with micro-sized building blocks.
  • It is not suitable for children under the age of 3.


  • Enjoyable for both adults and babies.

C.Bechstein Model L167 Spectacular German Piano

C. Bechstein L-167 Zwarte Vleugel

Price; $63,867.90 

Inarguably, the German company, C. Bechstein Pianoforte Fabrik, has succeeded in bringing about quality and authentic pianos. Indeed, the model L167 presents with optimum features such as;

  • a five-year warranty,
  • a duplex scale,
  • not forgetting a lovely touch alongside a soothing sound. 


  • It has a range of finishes that you can choose from, for example, satin, mahogany, or exotic woods.
  • Additionally, the manufacturer issues a warranty of 5 years. 

Bösendorfer 155 – Best Austrian Piano 


Price; $121,999

The Bosendorfer has been in existence for over 190 years. During those years, they have ensured all their piano models sell at higher prices.  Needless to say, their impeccable qualities have tremendously contributed to the sale. An example is Bosendorfer 155 with the following features;

  • Small in size.
  • They have a nice touch.


  • It has a warranty length of 5 years.
  • It is one of the most miniature models, therefore, helping reduce cost and storage space.

Yamaha Baby Grand Pianos – GB1K


Price; $14,999

The Yamaha brand is internationally known for its piano models. The material used in the design of the piano keeps pianists coming back for more. 


  • Has finished in mahogany, walnut, among others.
  • It has Yamaha hammers and balanced actions.
  • It has a solid soundboard and ribs.


  • It comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Is affordable and durable.
  • It favors a small house due to its small size.

Best Baby Grand Piano Brands–Donner DDP-90 Key Digital Piano
Donner DDP-90 88 Key Digital Piano Full Weighted Electric Keyboard for Beginner/Professional, Triple Pedals, USB/ MP3/ Headphone/Audio Output/MIDI, Electronic Piano for Kid/Adult at Home/Stage

Price; $121.99

The Donner brand has yet again shone in the manufacture of a unique piano model. DDP – 90 gives you the privilege of playing your favorite music via headphones, in the comfort of your room, or even when performing. 


  • Has triple pedals
  • It a port for a USB and sometimes headphones.
  • Has an electric keyboard.
  • It has a slow closing function. 


  • Both adults and children can play DDP – 90.
  • It is of high quality both in the sound and general outlook.
  • It can perform many functions simultaneously. For example, it can connect to external features while playing. 

Best Baby Grand Piano Brands–Bluthner Model 11


Price; $ 86,674

Bluthner Model 11 is one of the highly branded models of the Bluthner brand, located in Germany. 


  • Has finished such as walnut and cherry and styles such as Alexandra and Nicolas II.
  • It comprises Abel hammers and beech rims.
  • It has a solid spruce soundboard.


  • 10 – year parts and labor warranty.
  • It has a mesmerizing design that beautifies your home.
  • The keyboard is soothing to touch. 
  • It has excellent bass and treble sounds.

Best Baby Grand Piano Brands–Steinway & Sons Model S (155)


Price; $73,300

Model S, a piano from the Steinway brand, is the most miniature model at 155 cm and was introduced in the 1930s. Therefore, they are preferable in smaller venues.


  • A Sitka spruce with a regular grain and few annual growth rings maintains the soundboard quality. 
  • It has a cast iron plate that promotes the longevity of the piano.
  • It has treble bridges made from rock maples. 


  • It has a 5 – year warranty.
  • It has a small size hence doesn’t require much space.
  • Relatively cheaper when compared to other models.
  • It has a high quality. 

Sauter Model 160


Price; $88,000

Sauter Model 160 is a product from the renowned Sauter brand, with a company located in Germany. 


  • Has satin, polished ebony, or wood veneers.
  • It has different styles, such as alpha, noblesse, or Chippendale.
  • It has Sauter keys together with the Sauter bass strings.
  • The lid support has a solid maple material.


  • It has a 5 – year warranty.
  • It is small enough to fit in a less spacious house.
  • The length of the bass strings produces quality sound. 

Weber Baby Grand Piano – W150


Price; $14,490

W150 is a part of a piano series from the Weber brand, with the primary company based in Korea. 


  • Has a floating soundboard from a high-graded solid sprue.
  • It includes finishes such as ebony, white, and mahogany. 
  • It uses a low-tension scale and cold-pressed hammers.


  • It has a 5-year warranty.
  • It has a free adjustable stool.
  • Luckily, both children, beginners, and advanced players can easily play W150.
  • The floating soundboard improves the bass response.

Fazioli Model F156 Baby Grand Piano

F156 | Fazioli pianoforti

Price; $121,200

Fazioli F156 is one of the most miniature models from the Fazioli brand. Nevertheless, the sound it emits is strong enough to lighten up an orchestra performance. 

Features include;

  • Has different colors, including black, and finishes such as olive.
  • It has a clear sound.
  • It has a wide/large tail. 


  • It comes with a 10-year labor warranty.

Baby Grand Piano Brands–Benefits of children learning the piano 

Indeed, playing the piano has immeasurable effects on a developing brain. Whether children play for fun or have their parents hoping they will become professionals, the benefits still present as follows. 

  1. First of all, playing the piano improves the cognitive skills involved with memory retention, solving problems, and speech.
  2. Secondly, it cultivates discipline and patience in children during their long periods of practice.
  3. Then, children playing instruments, piano in our case, grow up with immense creativity. What’s more, they can express themselves through songs. 
  4. Even better, it strengthens the bond between you and your child when you are the tutor. 
  5. Finally, the activity improves the child’s focus and concentration. It is because they’ll be purposing to avoid distractions while taking the challenging task.


In the same way, music gets to our souls is similar to what a baby will feel. Moreover, setting up piano lessons might be the activity your child needs to enhance their development to an optimum. If you are incapable of teaching your baby, consider hiring a pianist. Besides being a professional player, they’ll be able to ascertain if the bought piano is worth your buck. 

To conclude, our range of choices in the top 11 is what we consider unique, authentic, and highly qualified. Whether big or small, their sound emission, among other features, outstands other brands. 

Currently, our expert knowledge has brought forth comments and inquiries to which we’ve not hesitated in responding. As such, we’re hoping you’ll be the next in line. Feel free to contact us. We will be expecting you. 

With all that said, have a merry piano session.

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