Best Baby Keepsake Book: The Best Gift for You and Baby

Have you ever thought about the importance of a keepsake book? First, you need it for sentiment’s sake. Additionally, you record every step your baby takes in their development process. 

Secondly, you have something to share with your baby one day. Third, It is a pleasant thing to record the baby’s growth process, and it will be a unique gift. As a result, you will never forget these happy moments.

However, how do you go about finding the best baby Keepsake book? We will show you how in our article.  

Woman placing baby's sonogram into baby's first-year memory book

(Woman placing baby’s sonogram into baby’s first-year memory book)

1. How to Choose a Baby Keepsake Book

Consider the following when choosing the best baby keepsakes book. 


The bigger, the better. Your baby has many years ahead. You want to have continuity with your records. Therefore, buying small books will require you to purchase many of them. 

Storage capacity

How much do you want to have in the keepsake book? Because, some people store photos, while others will include even arts and crafts projects. 

Consequently, think about what you want to have in the keepsake book. As a result, it will help you determine how much storage capacity you need.  


You need to check the material of the book. Please remember that safe and environmentally friendly materials are our first consideration.  Besides, we can use it safely and let the baby flip through the book. At the same time, we can better preserve it for a long time.

2. Our Recommendations on Best Baby Keepsake Books 

1. As You Grow, A Modern Memory Book For Baby

As You Grow, A Modern Memory Book For Baby
  • Pages – 160 pages
  • Age is pregnancy to age 5 
  • Type – journal
  •  Page size – 9.75 by 9.75 inches 

What we like 

  •  Stylish, durable, and sufficient storage capacity 

A Modern Memory Book for Baby is stylish. The author places a lot of attention on the design aspects. Therefore, it allows you to record everything from pregnancy to the age of 5.  Furthermore, the material is durable, allowing you to have it for years. 

Finally, you get sufficient space for photos. Safely store pictures in the pocket dividers.  

2. All About Me  

All About Me
  •  Design – Picture Book journal
  •  Pages – 56
  • Age is pregnancy to age 5 

 What we like

  • You get a lot of versatility with regards to design and text. 

All About Me is a fantastic keepsake book for long-term memories. Additionally, the pages are high quality, ensuring durability. Besides, the template incorporates beautiful designs and texts.  Additionally, you get different scenarios, including holidays, baby showers, foot and handprints that you can tweak appropriately.

3. Promptly Journal Childhood History Journal

Promptly Journal Childhood History Journal
  • Ages – pregnancy to 18 years
  •  Pages – 254
  • Type – journal 
  • Size –  9.29 x 6.22 x 0.91 inches

 What we like

  •  You get to record milestones until the age of 18 

Promptly Journal Childhood History Journal is 254 pages. The linen cover and high-quality paper ensure durability.  

Record special moments from pregnancy until your child enters adulthood. As a result, you never forget a moment with the prompted entries.  

4. Ronica First-Year Baby Memory Book and Journal

Ronica First-Year Baby Memory Book and Journal
  • Design –  Picture Book with a giraffe theme
  •  Pages – 60
  • Size – 9.45 x 11.26 x 1.1 inches
  • Ages – pregnancy to age 5 

 What we like

  • The package includes 12-month stickers.

Ronica’s First Year Memory Book comes with a keepsake envelope for moments like first teeth, the hospital bracelet, and baby clips. Are you looking for a baby shower gift? If yes, this is it.  

Also, Ronica’s First Year is stylish, and we like the little add-ons like the12 month stickers.

5. My Baby’s First Year

My Baby's First Years
  • Design – picture book Journal
  • Pages – 90, 
  • Size – 4 x 1.25 x 6.4 inches
  • Ages – 1-5 years

 What we like

  •  Inclusivity aspect
  •  Excellent design 

My baby’s first year features an attractive design. Equally important, the language is inclusive, so it does not matter what the family background is.  Single parents and adoptive parents finally have a product that has them in mind. Furthermore, the keepsake envelope is also an excellent addition.  

6. Lucy Darlings Baby’s First Year 

Lucy Darlings Baby's First Year
  • Pages – 48 
  • Size – 9×9 square
  • Ages – pregnancy to 5 years 

What we like

  • Lucy Darlings’ baby’s first year features a fantastic rustic design.  

You can start recording right from pregnancy to age 5. Also, you get blank pages for any extra content. You are allowed to capture hands and footprints as well as special occasions. Finally, the material is eco-friendly and uses soy-based inks 

7. Mom’s One Line A Day

Mom's One Line A Day
  • Design – Memory book ·        
  •  Pages – 372
  • Size – 4 x 1.25 x 6.4 inches
  • Ages – pregnancy to 5 years

What we like

  • Best for busy parents 

Mom’s one line a day is fantastic for the recording of those special moments. Consequently, you get sufficient space for up to five years. In fact, busy parents will love the versatility and functionality of the book.  

8. Baby, You Are Here 

Baby, You Are Here
  • Pages – 216
  • Size – 5.8 x 0.7 x 8.1 inches
  • Ages – baby’s first year 

What we like

Baby, you are here is a one-line, per-day book. Luckily, you get to record your little one’s milestones and meaningful moments. Add any information you wish in the customizable blank pages and dates. Furthermore, it also features sections for immunizations, growth charts, meals, and so much more. Finally, the cloth cover will help keep the book safe for a long time.

9. She’s Magical Baby Memory Book

She's Magical Baby Memory Book
  • Design – picture book
  • Pages 48
  •  Size -9.1” W x 11.5” L 
  • Age – birth to age 5 

What we like 

  • Excellent baby shower gift for anyone who is expecting a baby girl 

This product is a picture book. You get to collect your favorite photos of your baby girl. Also, you can personalize the cover using the portrait frame.  

10. Little Man Perfect

Little Man Perfect
  •  Pages – N/A
  • Size – 9.5” W x 10” H.
  • Ages1-5 years 

What we like

  • The book is an excellent baby shower gift for anyone who is expecting a baby boy.  

Little man’s perfect memory book where you collect milestones and record memories. Furthermore, the design is attractive, featuring fabric-bound spine ribbon accents.    

3. Our Suggestion on How to Design the Baby Keepsake Book

 Find below some tips to best utilize your baby keepsake:

  • Have a section for the pregnancy journey. As a result, It will help you answer the; where did I come from a question.
  • Include ultrasound pictures so that the kids can see themselves right from the very beginning.
  • Have significant milestones, such as first teeth and haircut. Consequently, make sure you take photos to commemorate the first time they tasted regular food.  Also, Baby’s reactions to some of these meals are hilarious. 
  • Include memorable event photos such as birthdays, holidays, and the first day at school. Hence, the reaction will be material for hilarious stories when they get older. 
  • Plot the family tree to show the kids where they come in
  • Finally, have a section for messages from loved ones welcoming the little ones to the world.

Final Thoughts

The best baby keepsake book is a fantastic way to create memories right from the very beginning. First, you get to collect all the significant milestones to share with your children.  

Second, It makes for exciting conversations during family occasions.  Finally, it is a fantastic item to hand down from generation to generation. 

When shopping for a keepsake book, look for one that has sufficient capacity.  Also, please determine what you would want to go into it. Luckily,We have shared some of the things you can incorporate for the best memories.

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