Best Baby Spoons: How to Choose the Best for Your Child

Introducing a baby to solid food is an exciting milestone. You no longer have to depend on milk alone. But, anyone who has gone through it will tell you that the process can be very messy. Therefore, it only makes sense that you will need the right tools to help.  Yet, knowing the right ones to buy can be very challenging,  especially for best baby spoons. You want the right size and material that is toxicity free. The health and safety of your baby, after all, remains a priority. 

If you are currently in this situation, do not fret. Furthermore, we will walk you through everything you need to know when buying baby spoons. Let’s dive into it. 

Cute baby eating healthy food with a spoon

(Cute baby eating healthy food with a spoon)

1. When Can The Baby Prepare For Spoon-Feeding?

First and foremost, remember that your baby is unique. Therefore, you should not expect her to achieve milestones in the same way your neighbors’ child does. Some babies can handle solid food from as early as four months.  For others, solid food has to wait until they are six months old. 

Consequently, some signs to look out for when determining readiness include:-

  • First, your baby can hold up her head and sit without support.
  • Secondly, you notice an increasing interest in food.
  • Third, she will readily open her mouth when you offer food.
  •  Fourth, she can keep food in the mouth and swallow it without any problems.
  • Finally, she can indicate when she is full by turning her head away from you when you offer food.

 2. Questions to Consider When Buying Baby Spoons

  • Material; Avoid metal because it can hurt your baby if she bites on it too hard.  As a result, plastic, wood, and rubber are your best bet.
  • Handle design; Ergonomic or handles with contours are the most comfortable to hold.
  • Functionalities such as temperature sensors; Ensuring the right temperature of food is critical.  You would not want to burn your baby. Therefore, spoons with temperature sensors are ideal. They let you know how hot or cold the food is.  
  • Price; You will find tons of affordable food spoons you can buy. However, think about durability because you do not want to keep replacing them. Babies chew on spoons. As a result, the teeth can damage the cheaper option.  
  • For parent feeding; You have more leeway if you are the one doing the feeding. Consequently, the type of spoon should be any you feel comfortable using.  
  • For autonomous eating, food’s consistency, you must ensure the tip does not come off when the baby is feeding herself. It can result in choking hazards and even fatalities. Therefore, it would be best to avoid those with removable ends. 
Babies using spoons safely

(Babies using spoons safely)

3. Best Baby Spoons Suitable For Parents to Feed Their Babies

1. Munchkin White Hot Infant Safety Spoons

Munchkin White Hot Infant Safety Spoons


  • Temperature sensor
  • Soft silicone tips
  • Toxicity free material
  • Ergonomic handle for comfort
  • Size 9 inches

Munchkins are excellent because they have temperature sensors.  Consequently, you can monitor the temperature. 

Also, it is comfortable in the baby’s mouth because of the tapering silicon end. Finally, they consist of toxic-free material and are dishwasher safe. 

However, the plastic may come off, and the handle can be quite heavy. 

2.NUK Gerber Graduates Spoons

NUK Gerber Graduates Spoons


  • Soft tips
  • Spatula bowl shape
  • Toxicity free material
  • Size – 5 inches

If you want mess-free feeding, the NUK Gerber spoons are the perfect solution. The bowl stays off the table due to the inbuilt support. The spatula shape and soft tips are gentle on the baby’s mouth. Best of all, they are dishwasher safe. 

However, high temperatures can melt the material resulting in deformation.  

3. Avanchy Bamboo Baby spoons

Avanchy Bamboo Baby spoons


  • Bamboo handle
  • Removable Organic silicon material
  • Size – 3.75 inches 

You get a feeling of luxury with the Avanchy baby spoons. The practical handle and the bright colors make them more attractive to the baby.  When cleaning, simply remove the silicone head for a more thorough wash. 

Besides, the spoons are lightweight, durable, and toxicity free. Most importantly, they use bamboo, which is a renewable resource. 

However, avoid giving them to the baby without supervision. Because the tip comes out, it could be a choking hazard. 

4. Olaby Training spoon

Olaby Training spoon


  • 100% food grade Silicon 
  • Upright placement thus better hygiene
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Size – 5 inches

Child-led weaning is easy with Olabay training spoons. The tip is flexible and allows for easy scooping. Furthermore, the ergonomic handle makes it easy to hold. Finally, we like the unique design, which will attract the baby’s attention. 

However, the food may fall off due to the bendable tip. It may also be a choking hazard, so supervise your baby well. 

5.OXO Tot Travel Spoons

OXO Tot Travel Spoons


  • Silicon tip
  • Carry case
  • Contoured handle for easy holding

Traveling with the baby is more comfortable with the OXO Tot travel spoons. It features an ergonomic handle, a soft silicone tip, and a carry case. It, therefore, is a handy item to have if you have to feed on the go. 

But, it is a bit small, and the scoop may be too narrow for some users. 

 4. Best Baby Spoons for Self-Feeding

1.Monee Baby spoons

Monee Baby spoons


  • It comes with teethers.
  • Silicon material
  • Toxicity free
  • Ideal for baby-led weaning
  • Size – 5.9 inches 

 Monee baby spoons offer multiple functionalities. First, you can use them for feeding and second as teethers. Furthermore, the silicone tape is gentle on the developing gum and teeth. 

On the other hand, the spoons can stain, and they may break depending on how you handle them. 

2. Baeba First Stage Feeding Spoons

Baeba First Stage Feeding Spoons


  • Soft silicone tip
  • Toxic-free material
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Size – 11 inches

Beaba feeding spoons feature ergonomic handles that are easy to hold. The silicone tip is gentle on the gums. And, best of all, It comprises toxicity free material for the safety of your baby. Finally, the depth allows you to measure portions so your baby does not choke.  

On the other hand, the spoons may discolor depending on the food. 

3.ChooMee Dip’n Starter Spoons

ChooMee Dip'n Starter Spoons


  • Flexible handle
  • Toxicity free
  • Dishwasher friendly and can take high temperatures.

ChooMee spoons are ideal for teaching your baby how to feed herself. First, the soft silicone bends, making it gentle for the mouth. Second, it is an innovative design that simplifies the food intake process.

In the end, the neck’s contour matches the shape of the bowl, thus realizing random feeding. However, the tip may fall off, and the food’s consistency is critical to maintaining the information.

4. NumNum Pre-Spoon Gootensils

NumNum Pre-Spoon Gootensils


  • Age – 6 months and above
  • Flat instead of a scoop
  • Contain no harmful chemicals
  • Size 12 inches

NumNum features an innovative flat instead of a scoop design; it will work well for soft or solid foods. Additionally, the silicone spoon is gentle on the mouth and gives excellent traction to food.  The handle is easy to hold, making it comfortable for the baby. 

On the other hand, a child will not learn how to scoop food. Further, cleaning may also be challenging because you have to poke the food out of the holes. 

5. Grabease baby utensils

Grabease baby utensils


  • Protective barrier
  • It comes with a spoon and fork.
  • Ideal for ages six months and above
  • Toxicity free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Size – 3 inches

First, the short handle makes it easy for a baby to hold the spoon. Second, it has a protective barrier that helps prevent the baby from pushing in the scoop too far. Cleaning is simple because they are dishwasher safe. 

On the reverse, it is pricey, and the scoop is a bit too flat.  

5. Common Problems with Baby Spoons

What is the correct way to feed the baby?

Ensure the baby is in an upright position by cradling her—secondly, schedule feedings to regular hours. Thirdly, check for signs of hunger, such as taking the hand to the mouth and sucking on fingers and fists. 

At what age can babies cultivate autonomous eating?

From the age of 3 years, your baby will be more independent in food choices and feeding behavior.  

How to teach my baby to use a spoon?

Put food on the spoon and allow your baby to practice putting it in her mouth. Soon she will want to scoop the food on her own. Be patient, though, and be ready to clean up quite a bit of mess.  

Is the more expensive baby spoon better?

Not necessarily. You may pay a little more because of the brand. You could also get others with more advanced features. Determine what you need, then shop accordingly. 

 In conclusion

It is essential to help your baby eat. Choosing the right baby spoon can help your baby develop good eating habits. Use our article as a guide when out shopping the next time around. We would love to hear about your experience after trying one of them.

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