Best Hand Sanitizer for Baby-the Most Effective Means of Protection

Kids are mischievous little beings with a lot to explore. Certainly, they will get their little chubby hands dirty from time to time. While washing little hands with water and soap is the best option, sometimes you may not have access to this. At this point, your Best Hand Sanitizer for the Baby. Whether you need one to keep Coronavirus away or simply disinfect your kid’s hands, here are the best options. But first, let’s look at the types of hand sanitizers available in the market.

Types of hand sanitizers for kids

Foaming sanitizers

Manufacturers use alcohol as the base. Secondly, they are a little more expensive than other types. However, they leave the hands feeling clean, soft, and non-sticky, perfect when dealing with kids. Also, the foam is fast drying.

Gel hand sanitizers

According to the FDA, the best hand sanitizers have at least 60% alcohol. With these levels, sanitizers can kill germs which is what you need. Granted, you can still use some kid sanitizers that don’t have alcohol. however, they won’t kill germs so your kid won’t have protection against viruses like Covid-19.

Spray sanitizers

You need to spray the sanitizer on your little one’s hands. Although it’s easy to use, it’s hard to see where the spray applies. Therefore, be careful with this type of sanitizer. Essentially, you must ensure you use a lot of it for the sanitizer to be effective.

Wipes hand sanitizers

Certainly, wipes seem like a good idea because of ease of use. However, some studies show that they aren’t as effective as other types. If you choose to go with this type, be sure to have gel, foam, or spray to supplement.

How to Choose the Best Hand Sanitizer for Kids

Hand sanitizers are safe for kids to use only when in proper use. Also, ensure your little one doesn’t have any conditions or illness that would make the sanitizer unsafe. Thus, always check the bottle label and use these tips when choosing a sanitizer for your child.

Alcohol content

According to the FDA, the best hand sanitizers have at least 60% alcohol. With these levels, sanitizers can kill germs which is what you need.


Certainly, it’s important to choose a hand sanitizer that’s effective for your child. It means the sanitizer should be easy to use and effective in killing germs.


When a hand sanitizer smells awful, your child is unlikely to use it. However, most hand sanitizers are scent-free to make them safe for kids with allergies. Also, if your child has no allergies, you can consider using a scented sanitizer.


Obviously, you will need to move around, which means you need a sanitizer you can carry easily. Even if you opt for a larger bottle, have smaller bottles around so you can dispense it into smaller bottles. It will make traveling easy for you and your child.


A hand sanitizer that’s for kids should have at least 60% alcohol. Also, the FDA should approve it as safe for kids. Always check the label to ensure the sanitizer meets these requirements. All products we recommend on this list meet the requirement.

Appealing packaging

Kids love appealing items. With this in mind, be sure to pick a product that won’t tempt your child into eating the sanitizer.  

Best Hand Sanitizer for Babies

Clean monster lavender peppermint spray

Clean monster hand sanitizer has a lavender and peppermint scent. It makes it appealing to your child without encouraging them to taste the product. Without a doubt, the sanitizer sprays evenly on little hands. Because of this, you only need a little bit to get the job done. Also, the product contains vitamin E to moisturize the hands and keep them from drying and cracking.


  • Easy to use
  • Moisturizes your kid’s hands
  • Great size for travel
  • Plant-based ingredients


  • The lid may come off easily

Olika hand sanitizing spray

Olika went with a cute fan design for their hand sanitizer. The sterilizer comes with a clip, making it easier to use. Hang it on your kid’s backpack or diaper bag so it’s easy to reach whenever you need to sanitize. Moreover, it comes in different scents such as mint and dries on contact without leaving a sticky film. Certainly, the scent lasts for a short period. For this reason, your kid won’t get the temptation to eat the sanitizer.


  •  It contains aloe vera to prevent cracking and drying
  • Carabiner clip to attach to belts and bags
  • Small enough to fit inside a bag
  • Plant-based formula


  • Some people find it a little big to clip on bags

Germ – X original hand sanitizer

Germ-X sells their sanitizers in packs of four 32 oz sizes. What makes this sanitizer is different is that it contains a perfect balance between alcohol and other ingredients. It means it doesn’t dry your hands (too much alcohol) or leave your little one feeling sticky (other ingredients). The smell is nice and subtle. Also, the sanitizer contains vitamin E to moisturize your child’s hands.


  • Great feel and isn’t watery
  • It has a good gel consistency
  • Is kills 99% of household germs
  • It leaves your kids hands feeling fresh


  • The bottles are huge to carry around, so have smaller size bottles for dispensing.

Flents Lil’ Squirt hand sanitizer gel

Flents Lil’ squirt sanitizer comes with a consistency like other gel sanitizers. If you aren’t careful, it may slide off your kids’ hands. Also, it contains vitamin E and other moisturizers to keep little hands from drying. It doesn’t have a scent except for the alcohol smell everyone finds familiar. Also, it has enough alcohol to be effective.


  • Small portable bottles
  • Standard gel texture
  • It contains vitamin E and other moisturizers
  • Unscented and non-sticky


  •  Has an alcohol smell

Steris alcare plus foaming hand rub

This sanitizer is one of the famous brands around households. Its popularity comes from use in hospitals. As a home-use product, the sanitizer has a nozzle top. It means you have to turn the bottle upside down and squeeze to use the foam. Although younger kids may struggle, it’s not difficult to use the sanitizer. Another advantage is it doesn’t slide off your child’s hands like or watery sanitizes.


  • A professional-grade product
  • Non-sticky
  • It doesn’t slide off little hands
  • It spreads easily and has equal distribution
  • Small and portable

Babyganics foam sanitizer

Best Hand Sanitizer for Baby

Babyganics sanitizers come in handy for two reasons. First, it’s foam which means it doesn’t spill when kids use it. Secondly, it kills 99% of germs, which means it does its job. Finally, pediatricians and dipterologists love this product because it doesn’t make your kid’s hands dry and irritable.


  • The sanitizer is easy to carry in bags
  • No wastage as it doesn’t spill
  • It contains more than 60% alcohol
  • Non-sticky and moisturizing
  • Great packaging
  • Plant-based ingredients
  • Non-allergenic


  • The lids come off easily

Caresour Advanced 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Wipes (4-Pack)

Best Hand Sanitizer for Baby

The Caresour advanced sanitizer wipes contain 76% alcohol above the 60% that the CDC recommends. It means the sanitizers are effective in killing germs. They are a great size to wipe your baby’s hands and yours as well. The packaging keeps them moist and makes dispensing easy. They have no scent apart from the normal alcohol sanitizer smell we all know.


  • It contains 75% alcohol content
  • Easy to dispense lid making them easy to use
  • Remain moist after opening due to their packaging
  • It comes in four-packs
  • Easy to carry in diaper bags and school bags


  • The alcohol smell may be a little too much for some people.

Nature’s baby hand sanitizing wipes

Best Hand Sanitizer for Baby

Each sheet from Nature’s baby hand wipes sanitizer comes wrapped separately. For this reason, you can carry the ones you need and leave the rest at home. Certainly, You can also have a few in your car, purse, diaper bag, etc., without worrying about them drying off. Made in the US, they meet all the requirements of the FDA. Similarly, they are fragrance and alcohol-free to keep them safe for kids.


  • They use biodegradable viscose and purified water to keep them soft and safe.
  • Free from chlorine phthalates and other harmful chemicals
  • Easy to carry and distribute in different areas
  • No scent to keep allergies at bay


  • It has no alcohol, so it can’t kill viruses

Baby bum hand sanitizer

Best Hand Sanitizer for Baby

Baby bum hand sanitizer is a plant-based alcohol sanitizer specifically for babies and toddlers. The spray sanitizer has coconut oil, aloe vera, and banana to keep little hands moisturized. It means your kid’s hands won’t be dry or crack after using the product. Above all, it has the recommended alcohol percentage to keep your baby germs free.


  • It has a steady spray, so it’s easy to use for kids and adults
  • Dries quickly
  • No sticky residue
  • Tested by pediatricians and dermatologists
  • Easy to carry


Fresh monster hand sanitizer

Best Hand Sanitizer for Baby

This hand sanitizer is convenient to carry in your baby’s diaper bag and older kid’s backpacks. Secondly, it’s travel-friendly, and the bottles shatterproof. Further, it contains aloe vera to keep the skin moist and prevent dryness. So,it contains 70% alcohol which is above what the FDA recommends.


  • Effective in killing germs
  • Convenient for babies and older kids
  • It has aloe vera to keep it skin-friendly 
  • No added fragrance to keep allergies away
  • Made from safe ingredients


  • High alcohol content makes it drying for sensitive skin types

How to use hand sanitizer for baby safely

The American Association of Pediatrics (AAP) says that young kids and babies can get poisoning from using alcohol-based sanitizers. While these are the most effective in protecting your baby, you must be careful. To keep your baby safe:

  • Put the sanitizer on their hands.
  • Rub the sanitizer on their little hands and cover all areas
  • Hold their hands until the sanitizer is completely dry
  • It may take around 20 seconds for the sanitizer to dry

When you are using wipes, be sure to follow the same process. Further, make sure you watch your child, so they don’t eat their hands before they dry.


Without a doubt, washing your baby’s hands with soap and water (warm) is the best option. But, when you are out and about, a sanitizer will come in handy. Be sure to keep your kid safe as they use the sanitizer. Remember to read the sanitizer’s label to make sure it meets the FDA and CDC’s requirements.

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