Best Pillow for Baby Flat Head: Help Baby Form a Perfect Head Shape

About Best Pillow for Baby Flat Head, Parenthood is undeniably a challenging yet eye-opening task to most parents. Certainly, there is a lot to learn with the welcoming of a newborn. For instance, after a couple of nights, maybe you’ve started noticing your baby having a flat head, and this has sent you in a panicking mode. At this time you should need a Pillow for Baby Flat Head.

Alternatively, it could be that you’re curious about the infant flat head syndrome you’ve heard time and again in your antenatal clinic checkups. 

With our years of experience in baby’s comfort and perfect upbringing, we’ve managed to bring solutions to your disposal. Hence, in this article, we have featured the baby’s flat head syndrome’s best pillow. Additionally, we’ll get some enlightenment on plagiocephaly. 

1. Best Pillow for Baby Flat Head–Infant Flat Head Syndrome

Positional Plagiocephaly is the medical term referring to Infant flat head syndrome.  

What is Infant Flat Head Syndrome (IFHS)? 

As the name suggests, the Infant head syndrome is a specific part of the flat baby’s head, leading to an asymmetrical look. A sneak peek from above, particularly, would reveal a cheekbone and ear that appear pushed forward. Generally, it occurs in the 7-12 weeks of infancy. 

Causes of IFHS.

Without a doubt, an infant’s bones are usually feeble, frail, and flexible until they’re about one year of age. Indeed, this explains why there’s a frequent elongated look on babies’ heads after birth. 

  • Similarly, this occurs in IFHS, whereby there’s gradual and prolonged pressure exerted on the soft bones of the baby’s head while in a sleep position. Notably, pressure points come from various places such as the carrier, crib, bouncy seats, or the swing.
  • Additionally, pressure from an infant’s twin or the mother’s pelvis can cause the syndrome. 
  • Moreover, conditions like a baby’s skull forming too soon and stiffened neck with less motion can contribute to the syndrome. 


Usually, the syndrome doesn’t cause any problems relating to the brain’s damage, nor does it disrupt the baby’s development. However, if you leave the situation uncorrected for a longer time, the skull bones might stiffen and remain deformed for life. 

Another condition that may accompany IHFS is difficulty breathing while sleeping. Again, the baby might find it hard to lift the head on a bed’s surface level. 

Can it be corrected with a pillow?


Luckily, plagiocephaly is temporary and disappears – in case there’s no underlying issue. On the other hand, you can choose to reverse it with a quality plagiocephaly pillow. Not only do the baby pillows relieve pressure on the baby’s head and neck, but they also help shape the skull. 

2. Factors to Consider when Purchasing the Best Pillow for a Baby Flat Head

  • Material; A quality material has tags to it other than being durable. As such, ensure the material is hypoallergenic for babies with allergic reactions. 
  • Size; It goes without question—the size of the pillow matters. Larger or smaller pillows conversely pose a lot of discomfort to your baby as they sleep. Therefore, consider buying a pillow with the right proportion to the size of your baby’s head. 
  • Pillow height; A required baby pillow height should be 3 centimeters or less. As time goes, you’ll also make readjustments.
  • Easy to clean; Of course, the pillow should be easy to wash to maintain its cleanliness. 
  • Design concept; When it comes to the pillows for baby flat heads, you’ll find several designs. For instance, there are U-shaped and rectangle pillows. Symbolically, all the plans have a space at the center that reduces the syndrome. 
Best pillow for the baby flat head

(Best pillow for the baby flat head)

3. Best Pillow for Baby Flat Head–Our Recommended Pillows for Flathead

Here is a list of baby pillows that we recommend:


photo 1_.jpg

Price; $ 17.95.

Age-appropriate; Up to six months of age

Why we recommend it

  • First, it is organic.
  • Then, its fabric allows for ease of breathing.
  • It also has a hypoallergenic material making it friendly to sensitive skin. 
  • Even better, you can get it in thirty-two different designs.
  • You can choose to hand wash it or instead wash it with a machine.


  • Unfortunately, your baby’s hair might get stuck on the fabric as they sleep.
  • It causes sweating in warm weather conditions, making it unreliable.


photo 2_.jpg

If you are a parent looking for a pillow that you can use for different functions, this is the ideal pillow for your baby. 

Price; $23.95.

Age-appropriate; babies of varying ages

Why we recommend it

  • The versatile in that a baby can use it while lying on the floor and during breastfeeding, in a bouncer, oin r a stroller.
  • It can transition with your infant into toddlerhood.
  • Is machine washable besides being 100% cotton/polyester fabric?
  • It is available in a variety of colors.


  • You cannot use it in the crib since it is not a sleeping pillow. 


photo 3.jpg

What makes Bliss and Baby pillow unique is having pediatricians taking part in the design. 

Price; $16.95

Age-appropriate; up to the age of fourteen months old.

Why we recommend it

  • Its material, in particular, is a natural fabric. Furthermore, it does not hold the baby’s hair while sleeping on it.
  • Next, the pillow has 100% breathable materials making it comfortable for the babies while lying on their backs.
  • In addition to being washable in a machine, it is light.
  • It is rectangular in size, making it very convenient since you can easily fit it into a diaper bag.


  • The pillow is only twelve inches wide.
  • Sadly, there is no choice of prints.


photo 4_.jpg

Baby pillow for newborns is a three-dimensional breathable pillow measuring approximately 37.5 cm by 22.5cm.

Price; $ 19.95.

Age-appropriate; newborn or baby

Why we recommend it

  • It has a 100% cotton fabric bound with a sponge making it comfier. 
  • Equally important, the pillow has an international certification. 
  • It is concave in shape; thus, the baby’s head rests effortlessly.
  • Is soft and sturdy.
  • It is resistant to microbes, thereby preventing microorganisms from affecting your baby. 
  • It provides adequate control of body temperature.


  • The washing process can regrettably make the fabric shrink.
  • Secondly, constant washing may harden the pillow.


sweeter baby pillow.jpg

This baby pillow is excellent at managing flat head syndrome, for it ensures that the baby’s head has a perfect alignment with the spinal cord. Also, it allows 180-degree movement of the head.

Age-appropriate: 0- 12 months

Why we recommend it

  • It provides your baby with the proper sleeping positions.
  • Then, it has bamboo memory foam that provides extra cushioning and comfort.
  • The pillow has an extremely softcover.
  • You can use it in various places, for example, cribs, beds, strollers, etc.
  • You can wash it in a machine.
  • It is durable.


  • It is not recommendable for car seats.
  • It is expensive when compared to other pillows. 

 Best Pillow for Baby Flat Head–NEWBORN BABY SHAPING PILLOW

Newborn baby shaping pillow measures approximately 29cm by 3cm by 23 cm. Again, the pad has bamboo fabric foam stuffing in it. 

Price; $ 18.99

Age-appropriate; from age 0-12 months.

Why we recommend it

  • The pillow is gentle on the baby’s skin and thus provides softness and comfort to the baby.
  • The size of the pillow is large enough for the infants to rest comfortably.
  • It is durable.
  • It is easy to wash.


  • The pillow is not ideal for sleep.
  • It is also pretty expensive.

Best Pillow for Baby Flat Head–BABY LOVE MEMORY FOAM PILLOW

photo 07.jpg

Memory foam works perfectly for babies whose head circumference ranges from 40-48 cm.

Price; $ 10.00

Age-appropriate; three months up to toddlerhood

Why we recommend it

  • This pillow may help correct the flat head syndrome and improve the health of infants with congenital torticollis.
  • Pillowcase – machine washable; cushion – hand washable.
  • You can use it in various areas, for instance, bouncer, crib, etc.


  • It is expensive when compared with its competitors.


bebo beba_.jpg

Bebo Beba is just what you need for your bundle of joy.

Price; $ 9.99.

Age-appropriate; from age 0+

Why we recommend it

  • Its light gray color matches the nursery décor.
  • The fabric is soft and breathable.
  • This pillow is machine washable. Therefore you do not have to worry about your baby messing it up.
  • Its shape, of a heart, makes it optimal for your infants’ skulls.
  • Outstandingly, pediatricians designed it.
  • It is long-lasting as well as having a simple design.
  • Reviewers are recommending it for travel.


  • For bigger babies, the size might be too small.

4. Best Pillow for Baby Flat Head–Other Methods of Correcting a Baby Flat Head

  • Let the baby play on his stomach; In other words, cultivate tummy time in your baby during the day. Consequently, laying babies on their stomachs while supervising them as they play will help toughen the baby’s neck muscles.  Further, it’ll help shape the head, especially at the back.  
  • Adjust the baby’s sleeping direction; Constantly change your babies’ head while sleeping on their back – either from left to right, or vice versa. At all times, ensure the flattened part of the head faces upwards, and the rounded side is on the mattress. 
  • Change breastfeeding position; Regularly changing the feeding sides encourages babies to turn their heads in the two directions even as they sleep. 
  • Serious need to use a corrective helmet; In a few rare cases, the pillows may fail to work when this happens to your baby. After about six months, purpose-seeking medical attention before the problem gets out of hand. Often, the doctor will suggest a helmet or surgery for an extreme case, both of which need immediate intervention. 


As a parent, one way you can prevent the effects of flat head syndrome is by using one of these specially designed flat head pillows. These pillows will surely cushion your baby’s heads and help distribute the pressure on your baby’s head evenly when the baby lays on his back. Majorly, the pillows aim to provide comfort to your little one.

Other than the pillows, you can also try tummy time or constantly switching your baby’s heads as they sleep. Whichever the case, ensure your baby does not lie on a similar spot for long. 

To sum up, even as we bid you good luck in restoring your baby’s round head shape, we do hope to receive inquiries from you. There’s no denying, our babies are our pride, and we have to ensure that they grow in the best way possible.

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