Best Car Sun Shade For Baby: Protect Your Baby Safely

Taking your baby out of the house presents its challenges. Therefore, you have to pack the right things to keep them comfortable at all times. Hence, you need food, diapers, and even entertainment.  

But, how much thought do you put into protecting them from the sun? High temperatures can be very uncomfortable, even for adults. Furthermore, direct sunshine can also be dangerous because of the UV rays. 

That is why our article will explore the best car sunshade for babies. Accordingly, we will tell you why you need them and the options available. Finally, we will also share with you our recommendations on the ones we consider the best.    

Let’s dive into the topic of car sunshades a little more below. 

1. Why Do We Need Car Sunshade for Baby

Protection from Direct Sunlight; 

Too much direct sunlight can be dangerous. Moreover, your baby might get hot and very uncomfortable. 

Additionally, we have had stories of children who die because of very high temperatures due to direct sunlight exposure. 

So, the best sunshade and sunscreen should help protect your delicate little one. 

Protect Your Baby’s Eyes; As an adult, you keep your eyes safe by wearing sunglasses. But, your little one may not be comfortable with glasses. Hence, a sunshade will help protect their still-developing eyes without impacting visibility. 

Baby Sleeps Well; When your baby is relaxed and comfortable, she will have no problem falling asleep. Moreover, it makes travel or being outdoors more comfortable for the caregiver. 

Privacy Protection; You want to keep your baby away from prying eyes. Therefore, instead of covering her up with a blanket, a sunshade will provide the functionality you need.  

2. Car Sunshade for Baby Product Types

Pop-out; Have you ever opened your car and a blast of hot air hit you? It happens when the car heats up because of direct sunlight. That is why pop-out sun shades rest on the inside of the windows. Most are universal fit and will be ideal for any car window size. Consequently, when you don’t need it, simply remove it, fold it up and store it.    

Pull-Down; Think of pull-down sun shades like you would blind. You put it on top of the window and pull it down when you need it. 

Static Cling; Static cling has the advantage of not needing suction cups to stick. Furthermore, you can quickly move it from car to car. It saves you from purchasing different ones every time. 

Semi-Permanent; Semi-permanent shades are like the tint films you see on car windows. Simply cut the sunshades to size and stick them on. However, installation may not be straightforward, so you have to be patient. Also, you can consider getting an expert to do it for a neater job. 

baby seat car curtains

(baby seat car curtains)

3. Best Car Sun Shade For Baby Buying Guide

 Size; The size will typically depend on how big or small your car windows are. But, you can also look for the universal fit ones. In the end, it saves you from having to struggle to install. 

Material; When shopping, look for materials that are heat resistant and durable. Accordingly, it should also be light and preferably nylon or polyester. 

Free of PVC; PVC will not give UV protection. Further, over time it will degrade, meaning you do not get long-term usage. There are, however, some PVC products with UV resistance. They may, however, impact the overall cost while you have other excellent options. 

Easy to Install; The installation process should be smooth and seamless. Some are simple to put up, and you can easily do it yourself. Additionally, some manufacturers will throw in manuals to help you out.  

Large Suction Cup; A large suction cup helps the sunshade stick to the window firmer. However, not all have them, so determine what works well for you.  

Convenient Storage; You may not always need to use the sunshade every time. It helps if it is easy to fold and keep away. So, look for those with storage bags for additional safety. 

Visibility; Your sun shade of choice should not affect your ability to see in any way. Therefore, mesh types are excellent if you are looking for good visibility. 

Does Not Affect Window Opening; Think about the installation process when shopping for sun shades. It should not hinder the opening or closing of the car windows. 

Car window Shape; The shape of the car window will determine the type of sunshade you buy. You can buy those that allow you to customize by cutting them into shape.  

4. Best Car Sunshade for Baby Recommended

1. Enovoe Comfy Ride Cling Sunshade

Enovoe Comfy Ride Cling Sunshade

What we like

  • Most of all, it gives up to 97% UV protection.
  • Then, it has a static cling and meshes for visibility. 
  • It has a dual-layer design for durability and better protection
  • Additionally, the installation of Enovoe is easy.
  • It comes with a storage pouch.

2. Premium Window Sun Shade

Premium Window Sun Shade

What we like

  • First, the universal fit making it easy to install
  • The rear window shade is removable and easy to store
  • Also, a premium window sunshade protects up to 80% sunlight. 
  • Consequently, the installation process is easy and will fit on door frames. 
  • It comprises nylon mesh material that does not affect visibility. 
  • Finally, it also does not interfere with the opening of the car windows. 

3. Kinder Fluff

Kinder Fluff

What we like

  • Above all, it comes in a pack of four. It is ideal for any window size. 
  • Also, as necessary, it features UV absorbers and blockers, giving up to 99.85% UV protection.
  • Also, you don’t have to worry about the window size because it will fit any.

4. Uarter Universal Sunshades

Uarter Universal Sunshades

What we like

  • First, it comes in two different sizes. Uarter universal comes in two pieces for the rear side windows.  You have medium or large options, so make sure you take the window’s correct measurements. 
  • Additionally, the material is elastic, meaning it is stretchable, making it easy to fit.
  • Finally, the product has a strong UV protection effect.

5. Car Sun Shade For BabyZoto Car Rear Window Sunshades

Zoto Car Rear Window Sunshades

What we like

  • Luckily, Zoto does not interfere with the opening or closing of the windows.
  • Also, it has excellent UV protection.
  • Lastly, Zoto does not use static cling or suction cups. Instead, it uses Velcro and elastic to stay up.  You get full window coverage resulting in excellent sun protection. 

6. Car Sun Shade For BabyShade Sox Universal Car Side Window

Shade Sox Universal Car Side Window

What we like

  • It is easy to install
  • Most of all, it has excellent UV protection
  • Also, It does not impact visibility due to the mesh fabric.
  • Lastly, Shade Sox Universal comprises a flexible material that is easy to install over-the-door. So, it does not interfere with the opening or closing of the windows. 

 7. Peyou Universal Rear Side Sun Shades

Peyou Universal Rear Side Sun Shades

What we like

  • First, it comprises breathable mesh fabric that does not interfere with visibility.
  • Then, it has a two-layer mesh for flexibility and durability
  • Also, it is easy to store when not in use in the storage bag
  • Peyou comes as a pack of 2 sunshades for the rear windows.

Finally, it is easy to install, and you get up to 99% UV protection.

8. Pony Dance Car Curtains

Pony Dance Car Curtains

What we like

  • Most importantly, it features a unique design without compromising the UV protection, so you get up to 90% protection from UV rays. 
  • Furthermore, it has noise and light reduction, making it ideal for young babies.
  • Then, it has excellent privacy from prying eyes.
  • Pony Dances are curtains that you attach with suction cups and rope. It is fantastic because you can share the curtains between cars. 

9. Ggomart Car Side Window Sun Shade

Ggomart Car Side Window Sun Shade

What we like

  • First, it has heat protection due to polyester fabric
  • You can draw it back like a curtain and tie it with straps
  • Luckily, it is removable and easy to store 
  • Moreover, mounting it is as simple as using the five magnets on the metallic window frame. 
  • Lastly, if you want a view of the outside, simply draw it to the side like a curtain.

 10. Best Car Sun Shade For Baby–Munchkin Brica Magnetic Sun Shade

Munchkin Brica Magnetic Sun Shade

What we like

  • First, it does not interfere with the opening and closing of the windows.
  • Munchkin Brica stands out because of how easy it is to install. All you need is the magnets, and it clicks into place.  
  • Also, as necessary, it remains secure, and your child will have no access.  They will, therefore, not interfere with it once you have it in place. 

Additionally, you get UV and glare protection, resulting in a more excellent car.  

11. Best Car Sun Shade For Baby–Zatooto Car Side Window Curtains

Zatooto Car Side Window Curtains

What we like

  • Most of all, it will fit on any car window.
  • Consequently, installation is easy using the 16 magnets
  • Zatooto  has a cooling effect due to the satin fiber material

Finally, it provides full window coverage that gives sufficient protection from UV rays.

Final Thoughts

We have gone to an in-depth exploration of the importance of sun shades. We also know how challenging it can be to find the best one.  That is why we looked at what we consider 11 of the best car sunshade for babies to determine the most suitable type for you. 

However, when shopping, ensure that you get sufficient protection from UV rays.  

It should be easy to install and remains secure no matter what kind of terrain you drive over. It would be interesting to get your feedback if you have tried any of the above. Please let us know the advantages and disadvantages from your viewpoint. 

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