French Names: 100 Names for Children

France is a beautiful country, so it’s not surprising that it’s home to brilliant boy and girl names. These French names include popular names in France and a few that are upcoming. 

Further, French names are among the top choices for baby names, and they offer a profound meaning. There are many influential and famous men in history whose legacy reflects their French names’ popularity. Some names are popular outside France, but they include a new form with French spelling and pronunciation. More so, giving your child a popular name in many countries can encourage a sense of bilingualism and multiculturalism. These French baby names are a great way to include a sense of uniqueness and tradition in your child’s name.

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50 French Names for Boys

Name: Jean

Meaning and origin:

Jean means God is gracious. 

IIn all French-speaking countries and the European continent, Jean is a male name that originates from an old French name Jehan. Additionally, the Greek name derives from a Biblical Hebrew name Yochanan, which means “Yahweh is Gracious.”

Name: Julien

Meaning and origin: 

Julien means a child born of love. 

Julien is a French name that comes from the ancient Roman family name Julianus, a derivative of Julius. Also as important, the name has been used worldwide by emperors, scientists, saints, and more in history.

Name: Raphael

Meaning and origin

Raphael means healed by God. 

Raphael is a boy’s name

Julien is a French name that comes from the ancient Roman family name Julianus, a derivative of Julius. Also as important, the name has been used worldwide by emperors, scientists, saints, and more in history.

Name: René

Meaning and origin:

René means born again.

René, reborn in French, is a common name in French-speaking, German-speaking, and Spanish-speaking countries. It derives from Renatus, a Latin name, and is a masculine form of Renee. 

Name: Théodore

Meaning and origin :

Théodore means blessed by God.Théodore is a masculine name that derives from the ancient Greek name Theódoros, which means “Gift of God”. In Greek, the name constructs from the  words theós (God) and dṓron (Gift).

Name: Chandler

Meaning and origin

Chandler means a person who sells candles. 

Chandler is an occupatChandler is an occupational name for the seller and maker of candles. Consequently,  it’s derived from Old French chandeliers and Late Latin Candelaria, a derivative of candela (candle).

Name: Matisse

Meaning and origin 

Matisse means the presence of God. 

Matisse derives from a Hebrew Biblical name Matityahu (Matthew), which means gift of God.

Name: Chevalier

Meaning and origin 

Chevalier means a person of nobility. 

Chevalier derives from Old French culture and portrays a chevalier knight (literally “rider,” “horseman,” from Late Latin caballarius, which is a derivative of cabal presence presents ‘horse’). Accordingly, during the Middle Ages, only men of wealth could afford and maintain a riding horse.

Name: Fitzgerald

Meaning and origin.

Fitzgerald means son of a powerful ruler. 

Fitzgerald is an Anglo-Norman surname from the name Gerald. It forms by adding the prefix (fi-t-z), an Anglo-Norman French prefix, and ‘son of’ to the name.

Name: Etienne

Meaning and origin.

Etienne means crown.

Etienne is a boy’s name with French roots that means “garland, crown.” It’s common and a popular classic in French-speaking countries. Moreover, a part of its popularity in English-speaking countries is associated with fashion designer Etienne Aigner.

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Name: Louis

Meaning and origin.

Louis means brave warrior.

Louis is derived from the founder of the Frankish dynasty’s Germanic name, which means a renowned or famous warrior. It associates with lucky number 4, and it still appears among the top 100 baby names.

Name: Beaumont

Meaning and origin.

Beaumont means from a beautiful hill.

Beaumont is a boy’s name of French origin that means “the beautiful mountain. Also, it’s a habitational name from one of the five places in Normandy or several other places in France with the name.

Name: Lamar

Meaning and origin.

Lamar means born near the sea. 

Lamar (la-MAR) is an Old French name that means “from the renowned land or the sea.” Additionally, the name comes from the French name “le Maire,” which translates to English as “pool.”

Name: Olivier

Meaning and origin.

Olivier means from the olive tree.

Olivier is a French name that means “olive tree.” It was once similar to the word Olivia, a Latin word that means “olive.”However, the spelling was changed to Oliver and became a medieval name in England.

Name: André

Meaning and origin. 

André means the valiant one or the courageous one. 

The name is Andreas, a Greek name, a short form of compound names derived from “andr” – warrior, man. André, often transliterated as Andre, is a French form of Andrew. It’s also common in the English-speaking world.

Name: Durant

Origin and meaning. 

Durant means steadfast. 

Durant is a name of French origin that derives from the Latin name Durandus, which means enduring. Some notable individuals with the name include Adrian Durant, a U.S. Virgin Islands sprint athlete. 

Name: Gerard

Origin and meaning. 

Gerard means excellent at using a spear. 

Gerard is a masculine name with variations in Romanic and Germanic languages. Consequently, it consists of two meaningful parts, in this case, gari – meaning spear, and hard – meaning strong, brave, or hard. 

Name: Leo 

Meaning and origin

Leo means bold, like a lion. 

Leo stems from the Latin word lion. It dates back centuries and has a translation serving as a version of Leopold or Leon, often meaning lion-hearted or brave people.

Accordingly, Leo is confident, unafraid to start up conversations. The name sounds soft yet with a strong side.

Name: Marc 

Origin and meaning.

Marc means warlike. 

Marc is a Catalan, French, and Romanian masculine name of Latin origin that derives from Marcus, a Roman name. Its variations, including Marcos, Mark, Marko, and Marcus, are a common given name. Additionally, it may mean to be warlike or God of war.

Name: Marcel

Origin and meaning. 

Marcel means a little warrior. 

Marcel is a male name of French origin, meaning a young warrior. It’s an Occitan form of Marcellus, an Ancient Roman male name belonging to Mars in Latin. 

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Name: Nicolas 

Meaning and origin.

Nicolas means victory of the people. 

Nicolas derives from the Greek name Nikolaos, which means victory of the people. If you’re Christian, you’ll be proud to learn that five popes have borne the name. Besides, Nicholas is a common variation of the name, especially in English-speaking countries.

Name: Pierre

Meaning and origin. 

Pierre means strong. 

Pierre is a French personal name from Old French Pierre “rock,” “stone,” a name for a person who lived by an outcrop of rock or on stony soil. Moreover, it is a metonymic occupational name for a stonemason or quarryman that means strong.

Name: Richard

Origin and meaning. 

Richard means a strong leader. 

Richard is a first name that originates from Old French and Frankish. It descends from Prato-Germanic “ric” leader, king, ruler,’ and “hard”,  ‘hardy, strong, brave,’ which translates to strong in the rule.

Name: Sacha

Meaning and origin. 

Sacha means defender of humanity. 

Sacha is a variant of Sascha, a Slavic and Russian diminutive of the names Alexandra and Alexander. From ancient Greek, Sacha means defending men. It’s constructed from ‘aléxein’ – to help/defend, and anēr – man.

Name: Valentin

Meaning and origin. 

Valentin means healthy or strong. 

Valentin is a male name with the meaning healthy, strong. It derives from the Latin name Valentinus, commonly found in France, Romania, Russia, Scandinavia, etc. Some similar names you might want to consider include Valentino, Valentinus, and Bálint.

Name: Antoine

Meaning and origin.

Antoine means praiseworthy or priceless. 

Antoine is a French name coming from Latin Antonius, which means highly praise-worthy. The name is a variant of D’Anton, Titouan, Danton, and Antonin common in France, Belgium, Switzerland, West Greenland, and Canada.

Name: Beau

Meaning and origin. 

Beau means a beautiful person. 

Beau is a name of French origin that means handsome. It’s a common choice as a given name since the mid-20th century, and it’s consistently climbing the popularity charts. Consequently, in America, it’s traditionally used as a masculine name.

Name: Curtis

Meaning and origin.

Curtis means an accomplished or refined person. 

Curtis is a common English name that derives from Old French curteis, often used as Courtois modern-day. It comes from Spanish Cortes and the Portuguese Cardoso. The name means courteous, polite, and well-bred.

Name: Denis

Meaning and origin. 

Denis is devoted to Dionysus, the Greek god of wine. 

Denis or Dennis is a name from the Graco-Roman name Dionysius, through one of the Christian saints called Dionysius. Furthermore, it also borrows from the Medieval French forms of Dionysius. Saint-Denis served as a third-century to Gaul and was also the first bishop of Paris.

 Name: Dior

Meaning and origin. 

Dior means golden. 

Dior is a name of French origin that relates to the name D’Or, which means golden. The name became popular because of Christian Dior, a fashion designer and founder of Dior, a famous luxury fashion brand.

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Name: Fabien

Meaning and origin.

Fabien means farmer. 

Fabien is an English form of the Roman name Fabianus. The name was initially given to people descended or adopted into the female line in a Roman family named Fabius. Lastly, it derives from Latin faba, a broad bean that’s an important food crop in antiquity.

Name: Geoffrey

Meaning and origin.

Geoffrey means peaceful.

GGeoffrey is a French masculine name considered an Anglo-Normal Germanic compound*friþuz ‘peace’ and *l’ idole ‘god.’ In French, it’s pronunciation is Jeffrey. You can also use Jeffery, a spelling variation of Jeffrey.

Name: Guy

Meaning and origin. 

Guy means guide. 

The guy is a French name derived from the Germanic and Italian name Guido. Also, Guy is an Anglicization of a Hebrew name that means “Ravine.” Some historical figures who used this name include Guy of Avesness, a Bishop of Utrecht (1253-1317).

Name: Hubert

Meaning and origin. 

Hubert means a man with a clever mind. 

Hubert is a French, German, Jewish, and English name from a German personal name made up of the elements hug – “mind” and berth – “bright or famous.” Combined, these elements mean “mind-bright.” Similar names include Hugbert, Hugubert, and Hubertus.

Name: Hugo

Meaning and origin. 

Hugo means intelligent. 

Hugo is a masculine surname of Germanic origin, Hugo, which means “mind.” You can also use Hugh, an English version of the name, or Ugo, the Italian version. Accordingly in many European countries, kids born on April 1st are mostly named Hugo.

Name: Javier

Meaning and origin.  

Javier means born in January. 

Javier is a masculine name of Spanish origin that derives from Xavier. The roots of the name have Basque origins. It etymologically originated in Etxaberri, which means castle or new house. In French names, Javier is often given to babies born in January. 

Name: Jules

Meaning and origin. 

Jules means forever young. 

Jules is a short form of Julian, Julius, or Julia. It derives from Latin Julianus, from Greek Iolaus, which means downy-bearded, or in Latin lupiter dyeus – “sky, shiny.” The name was invented in the Middle Ages and honored minor Christian saints.

Name: Justice

Meaning and origin.

Justice means morally right. 

Justice is a nickname for a fair-minded man. It derives from Old French and Middle English “justice,” “equity.” It was an occupational name for a judge, so it has been used since the 12th century. 

Name: Kurtis

Meaning and origin

Kurtis means a refined or accomplished person. 

Kurtis is a male name adopted in England thanks to the Normans when they conquered the territory in 1066. The name derives from curteis, an Old French word meaning accomplished or refined.

Name: Noel

Meaning and origin. 

Noel means born at Christmas time. 

Noel is a male name that derives from nael, an Old French word that means born on Christmas. The name’s history goes back to the birth of Jesus, which was known as “Natalis dies,” translated as “day of birth.”

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Name: Pascal

Meaning and origin. 

Pascal means born at Easter time. 

Pascal is a French and English name derived from Latin Paschalis, a derivative of Pascha (Easter) from the Aramaic and Greek “Passover.” The name was historically given to sons born at Easter. 

Name: Quentin

Meaning and origin. 

Quentin means the fifth one. 

Quentin is a male name given to male children derived from the Latin name Quintus, a diminutive form of Quintus, which means the fifth. Variant forms of the name include Quintin, Quinton, and Quinten.

Name: Russell

Meaning and origin. 

Russell means red-haired. 

Russell is a male name originating from the French name Russel – Old Norse Rossel (red-skinned or red-haired). Russel enjoys great success on the popularity charts, with appeal and usage remaining constant until the 1990s. 

Name: Sébastien

Meaning and origin. 

Sébastien means adored or respected. 

In Latin, Sébastien means revered or venerable and is derived from the Latin word Sebastianus, which refers to someone from Sebaste, a town in Asia Minor, today known as Sivas in Turkey. 

Name: François

Meaning and origin. 

François means a free-spirited person or someone from France. 

François, derived from François, was originally an ethnic name that meant “Frenchman.” It can also be traced to Latin origin with the meaning free man or Frenchman. 

Name: Orville

Meaning and origin. 

Orville means from the town of gold. 

Orville is a primarily mane name of English origin that means a Golden Town. The name was created by Fanny Burney, an English author for a character in the novel “Evalina.” It matches up with French elements “Or” (gold) and “Ville” (city/town). 

Name: Germain

Meaning and origin. 

Germain means a trustworthy friend or from Germany. 

Derived from the Old French personal name Germain, this was popular around France where it was borne. A 5th-century saint created the name. It comes from Latin Germanus, originally meaning the same stock. 

Name: Hamelin

Meaning and origin. 

Hamelin means home. 

Hamelin is a boy’s name with Old German origin that means little home-lover. The name comes from an Old French root Hamel in France, which indicates the original bearer worked at an outlying farm that depended upon the main village. 

Name: Lacey

Meaning and origin. 

Lacey means a person from Normandy. 

The name Lacey was recorded in different forms, including Lassy, Leacy, and Lacy. It’s an English surname with Norman-French origins. The name was introduced into Britain during the 1066 conquest. 

Name: Darren

Meaning and origin. 

Darren means from the town of Airelle. 

Theories are stating Darren originated from Darragh, an Irish first name, which means oak tree. Other sources cite the name came from a Gaelic surname meaning great. 

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 50 French Names for Girls

Name: Audrey

Meaning and origin.

Audrey means noble strength. 

With Old English roots tracing back to the pre-Middle Ages, Audrey derives from Aethelthryth (strong or noble). The name was used by Saint Audrey, also known in the historical form as Saint Æthelthryth.

Name: Brigitte

Meaning and origin. 

Brigitte means great and magnificent. 

Brigitte is a female name given to notable people like Brigitte Bardon, a French singer, and actress born in 1934. The name was derived from the Irish noun brígh, which means strength, power, virtue, and vigor. 

Name: Coraline

Meaning and origin. 

Coraline means maiden, heart. 

Coraline is a primarily female name that is a diminutive form of Cora and Caroline. It’s derived from the Latin word coralium and means “coral” in French. 

Name: Élise

Meaning and origin. 

Élise means God is satisfaction or oath of God. 

Élise is a shortened form of Elizabeth in French. The name originally came from a Hebrew name meaning oath, my God. It means my God is abundance, or my God is an oath. 

Name: Gabrielle

Meaning and origin. 

Gabrielle means God is my strength. 

Gabrielle is a female name of French origin that means God is my strength. It comes with other variations, including Gabriella, a Czech variant of the name. 

Name: Jeanne

Meaning and origin. 

Jeanne means God is gracious. This is a French female name, an equivalent to the English Jane, Joan, Jean, and other historical figures named Joanna. The Greek name derives from Yochanan, a Biblical Hebrew name that means Yahweh is Gracious. 

Name: Juliette

Meaning and origin. 

Juliette means beautiful, youthful, energetic. 

Juliette is a French name that is a diminutive of Juliet. It comes from Julius, a Latin nomen (clan name). The name is seen in Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ a young heroine in the play. 

Name: Madeline

Meaning and origin. 

Madeline means elevated and magnificent. 

Madeline is a feminine name of Greek origin. It’s also a modern rendering of Magdalene, translated as “of Magdala.” You can find the name in different spellings and pronunciations. It’s popular among followers of Christianity. 

Name: Marie

Meaning and origin. 

Marie means lady of the sea, drawing motivation from Mary, the mother of Jesus. 

Marie is a French version of Mary’s name in English and “Maria” in Latin. Also, it has Hebrew origins as it was derived from “Miryam” or “Miriam.” It’s a popular name in Belgium, France, Denmark, Norway, and Austria. 

Name: Mélanie

Meaning and origin. 

Mélanie means little dark-haired girl. 

Mélanie is a feminine name from the Greek word Melania, which refers to blackness, and melas, which means dark. It was introduced to England in the form of Melanie. 

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Name: Noémie

Meaning and origin. 

Noémie means pleasant, lovely, winsome. 

Noémie is a female name of French origin. It’s a variation of Naomi’s Hebrew name, which means lovely, winsome, pleasant, good. Other biblical variations include Neomin and Naomi. 

Name: Sylvie

Meaning and origin. 

Sylvie means from the forest. 

Sylvie is a French variation of Sylvie. It originates from a Latin word for forest Silva and means spirit of the wood. The god of the forest was historically associated with Silvanus.

Name: Cosette

Meaning and origin. 

Cosette means something tiny. 

Cosette is a feminine name pronounced Koh-ZETT. The name originates in France and is popular as the heroine of “Les Miserables” by Victor Hugo. It’s the nickname given to Euphrasie by her mother. 

Name: Esmée

Meaning and origin. 

Esmée means the beloved one. 

Esmée, commonly Esme, is a first name drawn from the French verb esmer, which means esteem, signifying esteemed. You can also use Esme in a short form in Spanish name as Esmeralda, which means emerald.

Name: Fayette

Meaning and origin. 

Fayette means a little fairy. 

Fayette or LaFayette is a surname coming from Occitan words la faieta. It designates a beech forest. This is also a given name in the U.S., and it means a little fairy. 

Name: Geneviève

Meaning and origin. 

Geneviève means woman. 

Geneviève is a female name of Celtic or Germanic origin that means woman of the race. It’s mainly popular with Christians and can have other meanings like a fair-skinned or white wave. 

Name: Inés

Meaning and origin. 

Inés means chaste and pure. 

Inés is a female name of Portuguese origin that means “virginal, pure.” This is a form of Ages that has been popular since the story of the lover’s King Peter of Portugal and Queen Ines of Castro. 

Name: Noémie

Meaning and origin. 

Noémie means pleasant and lovely. 

Noémie is a female name of French origin. It’s a variation of Naomi, a biblical Hebrew name that means pleasant, good, winsome, lovely. Other variations of the name include Naomi and Neomin. 

Name: Amélie

Meaning and origin. 

Amélie means diligent and hardworking. 

Amélie is a name with Old German and Latin origin with a meaning industrious. Amelie is a variation of the Old German and Latin names Amelia and Emily. 

Name: Antoinette

Meaning and origin. 

Antoinette means highly praiseworthy. 

Antoinette is a diminutive form of Antonia and Antoine (from Latin Antonius). It means priceless and is also popular in the Christian religion. Its meaning in Christianity is praiseworthy toinette. 

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Name: Bernadette

Meaning and origin. 

Bernadette means brave as a bear. 

Bernadette derives from French and Old German, meaning brave as a bear or bear-hard. You can give the name to a girl as a confirmation of her bravery. 

Name: Charlotte

Meaning and origin. 

Charlotte means manly and strong. 

Charlotte is a diminutive of Charles. It’s a female form of Charlot and is of French origin. The name means “petite” or “free man,” which dates back to the 14th century.   

Name: Colette

Meaning and origin. 

Colette means the victorious one. 

Colette is a form of the word Nicolette, which was derived from Nikolaos, a Greek word. Notable people who have the name include Colette Alliot-Lugaz, a French soprano born in 1947. 

Name: Denise

Meaning and origin. 

Denise means the god of wine, following the Greek origin of the name. 

Denise is a girl’s name of French origin. It’s derived from Dionysus, a Greek god of wine, so it means devoted to Bacchus.

Name: Juliette

Meaning and origin. 

Juliette means youthful. 

Juliette is a French name that is diminutive of Julie. It comes from the Latin clan name Julius, or the “son of Jove.” Other related names include Julius, Julia, Juliet, Julie, and Juliana.

Name: Madeleine

Meaning and origin. 

Madeleine means magnificent, an elevated tower. 

Madeleine is a given name of Greek origin that exists in different pronunciations and spellings. It’s popular among people in Anglophone countries and Europe as well as Christians. 

Name: Sylvie

Meaning and origin. 

Sylvie means from the forest. 

Sylvie is a female name derived from the Latin word Silva. It means spirit of the wood and refers to a mythological god of the forest associated with Silvanus. You can use Silvia as an alternate spelling for Sylvie.

Name: Thérèse

Meaning and origin. 

Thérèse means to gather or to reap. 

Teresa, Therese, and Theresa are feminine, given names popular in French culture. Thérèse is derived from therízō (Greek verb), which means “to harvest.” Alternate spelling includes Terisa, Theresa. 

Name: Adaline

Meaning and origin. 

Adaline is a kind-hearted person. 

Adaline is a given name for girls that means “nobility” or “noble.” The name is a diminutive of Adele and has French origins. Variants include Adelyn, Adalene, Adalyn, Adalynn, and Adelina.

Name: Aimée

Meaning and origin. 

Aimée means the beloved and nurturing one. 

Aimée, often spelled as Aimee, is a feminine name that translates as “beloved,” “dearly loved.” Its English equivalent is Amy. 

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Name: Camille

Meaning and origin. 

Camille means perfect and unblemished. 

Camille is created from the Latin name Camillus, which denotes a youth of noble birth who assisted the priest with sacrifices. It gets its Latin heritage from Camillus, a Roman surname, which meant a boy that helped priests during Mass. 

Name: Celine

Meaning and origin. 

Celine means heavenly. 

Celine is a French first name for girls that claim Latin origin. It comes from Celina, a feminine form of Caelinus, a Roman cognomen, which means heavenly. Its equivalent in Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian is Celina. 

Name: Chantal

Meaning and origin. 

Chantal means a stone for building. 

Chantal is a given name for girls of French origin that can be traced back to cantal, an old Occitan word that means stone. It was used as a given name in honor of Jeanne de Chantal, a Catholic saint.

Name: Clarette

Meaning and origin. 

Clarette means clear and bright.

Clarette is a female name of Latin origin that means bright, famous. This is a rare, elaborated form of the name in Clare, but with a diminutive “ette.”

Name: Geneve

Meaning and origin.

Geneve means the race of women. 

Geneve is a female name that means tribe or woman.  The name has French origin and has a history as a female name besides being an appealing place-name. 

Name: Marlène

Meaning and origin. 

Marlène means a graceful star of the sea. 

Marlène in French is a form of Marlene. It’s a combination of the names Lena and Maria but also a derivation of Maria Magdalena. 

Name: Rosalee

Meaning and origin. 

Rosalee means a garden full of roses. 

Rosalee is a female name of French origin. It’s a diminutive for Rosalyn or Rose and is created from a combination of Rose and Lyn. The name means beautiful rose. 

Name: Octavie

Meaning and origin. 

Octavie means eighth. 

Octavie is a girl’s name of Latin origin, meaning eighth. This is a feminine form of Octavius. It was a clan name for Roman emperors and was often used in Victorian times. 

Name: Marceline

Meaning and origin. 

Marceline means young warrior. This is a female name of French origin that can be used as a variant of Marcella. 

Name: Yvette

Meaning and origin. 

Yvette means archer or yew in some cases. 

Yvette is a French feminine name that means God is merciful in Greek. It’s a feminine form of Yves. It can be translated to mean trustworthy, fearless, strong, and humble. 

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Name: Sara

Meaning and origin. 

Sara means princess. 

Sara is a female name with Hebrew origin whose derivative in the Bible is the name, Sarah. It’s of Hebrew origin and means princess. You can use Sarah as a variant of Sara, especially if you want it to sound more English. 

Name: Rosalie

Meaning and origin.

Rosalie means rose. 

Rosalie is a feminine name. The German, Dutch, and French form of the name is Rosalia, derived from rosa, a Latin word meaning rose. 

Name: Solange

Meaning and origin. 

Solange means solemn or religious. 

Solange is a female name of French origin. Sollemnia, a common form of the name in Latin, means religious or solemn. It’s a fanciful name that also means angel of the sun. 

Name: Nadeleine

Meaning and origin. 

Nadeleine means a ray of hope. 

Nadeleine is of French origin and means a ray of home. This is a female name that is also a modern rendering of the Greek epithet Magdalini. 

Name: Lizette

Meaning and origin.

Lizette means consecrated in God. 

Lizette is a female name of French origin that translates to God is my oath. This is also a variant of Elizabeth that can also mean God’s promise in some places. 

Name: Joelene

Meaning and origin. 

Joelene means pretty. 

Joelene is derived from Hebrew, meaning “God will add another son,” referring to the birth of Joseph, Jacob’s 11th son, who was designated as one of the 12 tribes.

Name: Elloise

Meaning and origin. 

Elloise means famous in war. 

Elloise, of German origin, is a variant of Elosie, derived from ‘Helewidis,’ a name composed of ‘haila,’ which means hearty, hale, sound. 

Name: Chanel

Meaning and origin. 

Chanel means pipeline. 

Chanel is derived from a French surname meaning “pipe.” It’s popular because of Chanel’s Persian fashion cause, named after its founder, Coco Chanel. 

Name: Belle

Meaning and origin. 

Belle means beautiful. 

Belle is a French name that means beautiful. It’s related to the Greek, Portuguese, Spanish, and Latin words for beautiful. 

Name: Aurore

Meaning and origin. 

Aurore means golden and lively, or goddess of dawn. 

Aurore is a French name for girls derived from the Latin name Aurora, the dress of dawn. Notable people who had the name include Aurore Auteuil, a French actress. 

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Hopefully, this detailed article has helped you find an excellent name for your baby. Remember, they don’t necessarily have to be French to own these amazing names. Lastly, a tip on picking out your baby’s name; avoid intended pun names. For example, a name like Shanda Leah might seem all fun right now but will make your child a teasing target in the future. 

Hope to explore more exciting parenting knowledge with you.

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