How to Clean Baby Ears Safely and Efficiently

About How to Clean Baby Ears, many considerations for maintaining your baby’s health and hygiene, such as cleaning ears and noses.

Since they are unable to do it for themselves, you need to do it for them. You may notice earwax coming out of your baby’s ears. As adults, many of us were taught to clean our ears with cotton swabs. However, you do not want to use those on your baby because you can easily damage the eardrum. 

If you want to clean your baby’s ears, you need to understand the purpose of earwax, which parts to clean, and the best way to do this. Our article will teach you how to clean your baby’s ears properly and avoid risk.

1. Do You Need to Clean Your Baby’s Ears?

The majority of the time, you do not need to clean your baby’s ears. Even alternative methods, such as ear candling, are downright dangerous. Earwax occurs naturally in the ear canal and has some great benefits. Earwax keeps dirt and other things that could harm us out of the ear. It also keeps germs away from the eardrum. 

In addition, earwax itself contains anti-microbial enzymes that prevent the growth of fungus and bacteria in our ears. Therefore, removing all of it puts us at greater risk for infection. It will usually build-up, dry out and then move to the outer ear and fall out on its own.

Doctor detects baby's ears

(Doctor detects baby’s ears)

2. Causes of Earwax Buildup

However, earwax can cause problems if it builds up too much. Your baby may make more of it than he can get rid of naturally. This problem is rare in infants, but it can happen. If this buildup lasts a long time, it can cause itching, earaches, and hearing problems. 

Remember that using fingers or cotton swabs to clean the baby’s ears can cause additional buildup. Instead of pulling the earwax out, these methods often push the earwax in and can cause damage to the eardrum.

Nurse in cleaning newborn ear

(Nurse in cleaning newborn ear)

3. How to Clean a Baby’s Ears?

If you want to clean your baby’s ears, you need to be very careful not to cause additional damage or buildup. For example, there are a few different ways to do this.

With a washcloth

(Baby wipes)

The easiest and safest way to clean your baby’s ears regularly is with a good old washcloth. During bathtime, use a soft washcloth for babies. This washcloth should not be too abrasive or rough. Use warm water, but nothing too hot to wet the washcloth. 

You should make sure that the temperature is comfortable before putting it on your baby. Wring out the excess water and gently wipe the outside of each ear. Do not put the washcloth into your baby’s ear, as this could cause it to push further inside.

With ear drops

put ear drops into the ear

( put ear drops into the ear)

If you are concerned about your baby’s earwax, talk to your doctor to get ear drops. You can use these drops when the buildup is too deep or difficult to remove with a washcloth. The drops actually soften the hard wax to help it flow out of the ear easier. 

Make sure to rub the bottle between your hands to warm it up a bit, lay down the baby on her side in your lap, and fill the dropper with the amount of prescribed medicine. Open up the ear canal by gently pulling the ear lobe down and slowly drop in the medicine until the canal is full. 

Your baby will probably be uncomfortable, but try to get them to stay in that position for five minutes to allow the medicine to settle in the ear. Lastly, turn the baby over, and the wax should fall out.

4. How to Clean Baby EarsImportant Safety Tips for Cleaning Baby’s Earwax

What can you do? 

Your baby should be calm and relaxed when you go to clean her ears. Also, make sure your baby is full and well-rested. Going into the process with as happy a baby as possible will have a better outcome.

What can’t you do?

Never use cotton swabs, your fingers, or Q-Tips in your child’s ears. You should not spray any oil or water in the ear to try to flush it out.

5. How to Clean Baby EarsWhen Should I Call the Doctor?

There are a few instances where you should make sure to take your baby to see the doctor. If your baby is tugging at their ears often or seems in pain, make sure to get them in. This action means that they are uncomfortable, and their ears are itchy. 

This behavior could indicate an ear infection.  You should also take them in if their hearing is affected or they are unsteady while walking. If too much wax is coming out or yellow/greenish discharge or bleeding from the ear, take them in.

Let the doctor check the baby's ear

(Let the doctor check the baby’s ear)


The biggest thing to remember is that earwax is often harmless. If you are worried, make sure to consult with your doctor and decide the proper course of treatment for your baby together.

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