How to Cut Baby Hair: A Step-by-Step Guide for Parents

Baby hair is precious; how to cut baby hair can be challenging for parents to move onto the first haircut. It is a significant rite of passage and usually means that your child is about to become a toddler. While we try to hold on to babyhood as long as we can, it comes to a point where your baby needs a haircut.

There are various reasons that you may want to cut your baby’s hair yourself, but you may be nervous about it or not sure of the best way to go about it. This guide will help guide you through cutting your child’s hair smoothly, so you can go into it with confidence and make it an effortless experience for the both of you.

1.When Should You Cut Your Baby’s Hair for the First Time?

The first hairstyle for a one-year-old

(The first hairstyle for a one-year-old)

In terms of when you should cut your child’s hair, it depends on a few factors. Some kids have hair that grows faster and may need it as soon as eight months. In comparison, others may not be ready until they are toddlers. You need to make sure your child is ready. Getting a haircut involves sitting still, and many babies will not do this well. They will probably be more comfortable with a parent cutting their hair than a stranger.

It also depends on how the parents feel as well. Some parents are not ready to cut the baby’s curls, while others like a more trimmed look. Keep in mind that baby curls may not grow back once you cut them. Fine hair tends to grow back thicker than before. It can be emotional for both the baby and the parent, but there are things to do to make it smoother for both of you.

Cut the baby's hair

(Cut the baby’s hair)

2. What does it Take to Get A Baby’s Hair Cut?

Prepare tools 

To cut your child’s hair, you need to have the proper tools and setup. Having a successful first haircut can be achieved with appropriate planning. Barber shears are ideal because they are sharper and more precise. You may also want to have an electric trimmer with comb guides ready.

The trimmer will help you get a closer cut more accessible, and the comb guides will ensure that the hair ends up the same length. You will also need a cape or a towel to cover your baby so that the cut hair does not bother them. You also need a spray bottle with water and a comb.

Hair cut use tool

(Hair cut use tool)

Prepare the space.

Depending on where you are going to cut your baby’s hair, you may need to prepare the space differently. If you want to try to cut the hair in a chair, a high chair is ideal. If you plan on cutting your baby’s hair in the bathtub, toys are helpful to keep your baby entertained as you cut. 

Make sure the baby is in a good mood.

To have a successful haircut, you need to make sure that your baby is ready, and that the timing is right. Do not try to rush it or fit it in before something else. They should be well-rested, fed, and changed before you begin. Be happy, relaxed, and explain what you are doing. Your good attitude will rub off on them, so it is a better experience for both of you.

A baby getting a haircut

(A baby getting a haircut)

Be flexible and adapt.

All babies react differently to their first haircut. Some are relaxed and easily entertained; others may be interested in your tools. Some may find it hard to sit still. Be sure to watch closely so that you can pull away quickly so that your baby does not accidentally get hurt. Also, be flexible enough to reschedule it if you need to. If your baby is not in the right mood or things do not go well, you can always try another day again.

Beautiful infant hairstyle

(Beautiful infant hairstyle)

3.How do You Cut Your Baby’s Hair for the First Time?

Step 1: Set up your space.

The first thing you need to do is get things ready. Get the high chair set up. You may want to put it in front of the TV if it helps to keep your baby still while you cut. Make sure you have all of your supplies within reach before you get your baby ready. Layout the tools listed above, but make sure they are out of reach of your baby and any other children. Also, be sure to have a towel to go around your baby.

If you are cutting hair in the bathtub, the methods below are the same, except you will set it up as if you are bathing your child. Make sure to have some bath toys for them to play with so they are distracted.

Shearing hair, washing hair

(Shearing hair, washing hair)

Step 2: How to Cut Baby Hair–Get your baby ready.

Once your workspace is ready, get your baby ready. Place a towel around their shoulders. It is a good idea to use a hair clip to keep the towel from falling off. You should then dampen your baby’s hair with the spray bottle to make it easier to cut.

After the hair is wet, start the shearing hair

(After the hair is wet, start the shearing hair)

Step 3: Start with minor cuts.

When you cut your baby’s hair, comb it and concentrate on small sections at a time. Using two fingers to hold it while you cut will help you cut evenly. Slide your fingers through as you move it away from your baby’s head to find the desired length. Then, cut right underneath. Make sure to keep your fingers between your baby’s head and the scissors—trim small sections at a time.

Mom starts to cut the hair for your child

(Mom starts to cut the hair for your child)

Step 4: Realize you may need to do another round of cutting

You may need to do touch-ups later on or the next day. Since this is not something you do every day, you may have missed pieces or realized that a section is not even. You can always go back and touch up later on. 

Step 5: Trim around the ears.

Cutting hair around the ears can be a bit tricky. Use your fingers as a buffer and follow the curve of the ear. You need to be extra careful here since your baby may move around. 

Trim the hair on both sides of the ear

(Trim the hair on both sides of the ear)

4. How to Cut Baby HairSome Tips for Cutting Baby Hair

Take care with sharp tools.

The scissors are very sharp, mainly if you use barber shears, so you need to take care. Keep them out of reach of your child when not using them. You also need to be careful as you are cutting.

Know when to quit

If things are not going well, you can always try another day again. 

Little girl is very afraid of scissors

(Little girl is very afraid of scissors)

5. How to Cut Baby HairFive Baby Hairstyles to Try


Instead of using scissors, you could use a trimmer with a guard. This method will allow you to get a closer cut. It will also go much quicker than using scissors if your goal is short hair. Make sure to use a more extended guard to keep the blade further away from your baby’s scalp.

Long with layers

If you want to keep your girl’s hair long, a great way to refresh it is to add layers. You will not need to cut it as much, but it will add a new dimension and a new look to the hair.

Short and sleek

The short and sleek look is suitable for little boys. It does not need much maintenance and will still look nice. 

Classic bob

A classic bob is a great look for a girl. They are easy to deal with and easy to cut. 

Cute little girl hairstyle

(Cute little girl hairstyle)


If your child has trouble keeping the hair out of their eyes as it grows, you may consider cutting bangs. These are easy to do at home.

A little girl cutting her bangs

(A little girl cutting her bangs)


With the right tools and some preparation, you can successfully cut your little one’s hair at home. The key is making sure that your child is relaxed and happy. There is no need to rush it. Make sure you and your child are ready, use the tips above, and your child will soon have a cute new hairdo.

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