Kids Flashlight: Best Flashlights to Add Fun to Your Child’s Playtime

Kids flashlight can be a lot of fun for kids. For instance, they can do so many things with them, and they can add an extra dimension to play. There are many different kinds. Therefore, it may be hard to figure out where to start with choosing one for your child. 

There are a few different options and styles to consider depending on your child’s age and what functionality you want from the product. Above all, you want to be sure to pick the best one for your child that they can use quickly and have a lot of fun.

1. Why do You Need a Kid’s Flashlight? 

  • Outdoor night amusement

For example, your child can use a flashlight for playing outside. They may want something that gives off a lot of light so they can use it in the dark for playing or having a campout. Besides, you can also use a flashlight during the day to explore more sheltered places. Therefore, a flashlight can enhance your child’s creativity and explorative nature.

  • Indoor entertainment

Flashlights are great for indoor entertainment. For instance, you can make shadow puppets on the wall or use them for searching. Kids will make up new games and use flashlights as a part of the fun.

  • Comfort

It can be scary for a kid when the power goes out. However, having their flashlight next to them if they need it can help alleviate the worry that goes along with thunderstorms.

Mom uses Kids Flashlight to tell stories to the kids

(Mom uses Kids Flashlight to tell stories to the kids)

2. Best Kids Flashlight  Purchase Guide 


Consider the purpose behind buying a flashlight for your child. There are different choices, whether you just want a standard flashlight or something that projects stars or plays games.


For charging, you can choose a regular flashlight, which has a battery, or you could consider those that charge by USB. In other words, battery life is essential when it comes to kids’ products. You want to know how long it will last, especially when they may forget to turn it off.

Material and Durability

You also want to be sure the flashlight is safe for your kids and durable. For instance, kids tend to drop and throw things. By buying a flashlight that can hold up to these things, you will be sure it can last longer.


If your kid is out exploring, you want to be sure the flashlight will not have problems if it encounters water. Therefore, a waterproof flashlight may be a worthwhile investment if it will be getting a lot of outdoor use.


It is essential to consider the flashlight’s strength as well. This information is necessary when you think about what your kids will be using it for and whether you need something that shines brightly.

Product Parts

The flashlight should not come apart quickly. Above all, you do not want to risk your child being able to swallow pieces of it. It needs to be sturdy and not have parts that a child could eat.

The children used a flashlight for indoor entertainment

(The children used a flashlight for indoor entertainment)

3. Best Kids Flashlight Product Recommendation

LeapFrog Scout’s Goodnight Flashlight


Functionality – Projector and night light toy

Power Source – 3 AA batteries

Age- 9+ months

Price- $30


  • Educational

This flashlight is educational. It projects the planets, and kids can have fun learning about them, counting stars, and finding colors. In other words, it makes learning fun.

  • Soothing night light

Besides, you can also use the night mode for a night light to play soothing sounds to help lull little ones to sleep. 


  • Not a regular flashlight.

While the projection of the planets is fun, it is not a regular flashlight. Therefore, it is not bright enough to use for other things. 

  • Expensive.

This toy flashlight comes in at $30, which is expensive for a flashlight.

VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight


Functionality – Multi-Colored flashlight toy

Power Source- 2 AAA batteries

Age- 1 to 3 years old

Price- $13


  • Working flashlight

This product works as a flashlight and features five different colors. In other words, your child can have fun exploring through additional color filters.

  • Educational

This flashlight also serves as an educational toy. A ladybug speaks, the flashlight plays fun songs and animal sounds and teaches numbers. 


  • The lights flash.

While it does light up like a flashlight, it will flash on and off. As a result, this flashing makes it hard to use as an actual flashlight. 

  • Sounds do not stop.

It is more of a toy than a flashlight. Consequently, it constantly plays music or talks, so you cannot turn off the noises and have it just be a flashlight.

Melissa & Doug Giddy Buggy Flashlight


Functionality – Actual flashlight

Power Source- 2 AA batteries

Age- 3 years old and up

Price- $11


  • It is an actual flashlight.

Instead of being a toy and calling itself a flashlight, this product is an actual flashlight. 

  • It has an easy on/off switch.

The on/off switch is easy to work. Therefore, kids can use it by themselves without requiring assistance with turning it on and off.

  • It is cute.

This flashlight is colorful and adorable. So, it is sure to be a hit with kids.


  • The brightness of the light is not easy to adjust

Customers have noted that while it is a good flashlight, the light itself is too bright because it is an LED light. Therefore, kids may end up shining it into their faces and the faces of others. 

Other customers have said that it is too dim. 

Dorcy LED Flashlight


Functionality – Flashlight

Power Source- 3 AA batteries

Price- $13


  • Bright

This flashlight offers a good amount of light for kids to explore and make shadow puppets.

  • Waterproof

The flashlight is supposedly waterproof, so it should hold up well to use outside.


  • Difficult for younger toddlers to operate.

The buttons can be challenging for younger toddlers to press. As a result, they may need more help from you when they play with it.

John Deere Tractor Flashlight 


Functionality – Toy and flashlight in one

Power Source- 2 AA batteries

Age- 18 months and up

Price- $11


  • Working flashlight and toy in one.

This product is enjoyable because it is a toy and flashlight in one. Kids can have fun zooming the tractor around with its working light. In other words, they can use it as a flashlight or a toy or both!

  • Auto shut-off

Kids tend to forget about things and may leave flashlights on. Therefore, they may not last as long as you want. However, this one will turn off on its own after about 60 seconds.

  • Easy to grip handle

The handle is easy for a kid to grab and hold.

  • Very durable

Customers found this product very durable and that it was able to withstand being dropped.


  • Cannot turn off the light manually.

The light will go off on its own after about 60 seconds, but there is no way to turn it off on your own. 

EverBrite 6-Pack LED Flashlights.


Functionality – Flashlight

Power Source- 3 AAA batteries per flashlight

Price- $16


  • The set comes with six flashlights.

This set is cost-effective since it comes with six flashlights. If your kids lose one, you will have many spares. There are also different colors, which can be a fun touch.

  • Small

These flashlights are an excellent choice for kids because they are small and easy to hold.

  • It gives off a good amount of light.

These flashlights give off a good amount of light and are great for searching. They are LED and shine brighter and farther than other flashlights of the same size.

  • Long-lasting

People like these flashlights because they last a long time. In other words, the batteries will run the flashlight for 17 hours before you need to replace them. 

  • Easy to find.

Not only will kids like the bright colors, but these colors also make the flashlights easier to find.


  • Not ideal for outdoor use.

These flashlights work well inside but are not ideal for outdoor use because they are so small.

4. How to Safely use kids flashlight 

When you give your child a flashlight, they must know how to use it safely. Encourage your kids to be gentle with flashlights and not throw them around or drop them. Your kids should also know not to open the flashlight or shine them into others’ eyes. By making sure your children know the rules for flashlights, they will be able to have more fun with them, and they will also last longer.


The flashlights above are excellent choices, but it comes down to what is suitable for your child. If you are looking for something more like a toy, you can choose from LeapFrog, VTech, Melissa & Doug, and John Deere. For a more traditional flashlight, Dorcy and EverBrite are the way to go. Flashlights add a lot of fun to playtime, so investing in the right one for your child will enhance their imaginations.

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