Best Musical Baby Toys: Your Most Comprehensive Buying Guide in 2021

True to the words, music is the food to the soul, with babies having a share of this experience. When still in the womb, a baby can remember the specific type of music they listened to for about four months postpartum. It explains why your baby may become jumpy and suddenly lights up when they hear some music. Through music, you can stimulate a baby’s development in many ways—for instance, knowledge in languages and skills. You may be wondering which musical toy suits your baby and the benefits of using the toys. Worry not! We have compiled a list of musical baby toys and given a brief on what you should expect. 

Undergoing training a musical toy baby

(Undergoing training a musical toy baby)

Are Musical Baby Toys Suitable for Babies?

As we mentioned earlier, music benefits the baby a huge deal when they’re developing and growing. Their development includes creativity, intellectual, and memory retention. Additionally, music soothes restless babies when they listen to it. To parents worried about their pre-term angels, a therapist may often suggest a theme as part of the baby’s development journey. 

While almost everyone plays music, not much befits the baby. That’s why musical baby toys are recommendable. Manufacturers take caution in making the toys to ensure the materials are safe for babies. Furthermore, they include added features and appropriate songs. You wouldn’t want your baby to grow up spitting out curse words from a song, now would you?

The checklist in our next discussion will help you figure out what your baby needs. 

set of a baby playing toys

(set of a baby playing toys)

Best Musical Baby Toys Buying guide

Here, we will enlighten you on tips you’ll need to have in mind during your browsing or toy store visit. 

  • Design; A lot of toy designs are currently circulating in the sales markets. You should choose a toy model depending on your baby’s age, gender, and interests.  
  • Colour; Color, fun, and entertainment almost exist synonymously in a baby’s dictionary. Even though color sensitivity improves with age, babies prefer highly contrasted and bold colors. How about throwing in some red or green next time you purchase a musical toy?  
  • Material; We are all aware of babies ‘ behaviors when they get hold of items. From scratching to nibbling to intentional throwing, only a highly durable and high-quality material can survive the torture.’ Not only is this cost-effective, but this also saves you frustrations. 
  • Sound; More often than not, a baby will not distinguish a crappy sound from a normal one. Sadly, they may play along with the toy without knowing the damage it would cause to rather sensitive ears. As such, ensure to do a sound and volume control check when accessing the toy. 

Recommended for Best Musical Baby Toys in 2021

Below are 12 of our best recommended musical baby toys we wouldn’t want you to miss out on buying. 

WolVol Electric Toy Drum Set

What’s more interesting than having a baby play to their rules-free tunes? Besides being colorful, WolVol Electric Toy Drum Set has a set of lights, songs, melodies, drumsticks, dance music, to mention a few. Additionally, it is of remarkable quality, a feature that complements its long durability. 

Appropriate age: 3 years+

Price: $49.89

Vtech KidiBeats

Vtech KidiBeats is yet another set of drums that will benefit you in keeping your baby preoccupied and active. 

It has drum-pads that light up, cymbals with single sounds, melodies from different music genres, and resourceful battery life. Furthermore, you can opt to teach your baby letters and numbers through these drum sets.  

Appropriate age: 2-4 years

Price: $17.99

Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

True to its name, Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube offers a magical experience to babies. Some of its components include a harp, flute, violin, French horn, and piano. Almost always, a combination of the instrumental sounds presents eight beautifully synchronized masterpieces. 

It also favors babies in maintaining their focus as it is brightly colored. In addition to that, its materials are soft with round corners. It increases the baby’s grip on the item as well as guaranteeing their safety. 

Finally, it comes with 3 AAA batteries. 

Appropriate age: Any age

Price: $24.49

Baby Einstein Rock, Light & Roll Guitar Musical Toy

This guitar is perfectly fit for your baby’s tiny hands. Not only is it lightweight, but it also has big buttons to help a baby use it easily. Additionally, your baby can choose from ten classical tunes such as Mozart, Vivaldi, and Beethoven. 

In the case of volume adjustments, you will find the volume button at the side of the guitar. 

Appropriate age: 3 months+

Price: $14.99

Obuby Kids Musical Instrument Set

Obuby kids have a set of 17 different instruments. It is convenient for your baby because they’ll learn varied skills with each of the instruments. An added advantage is the absence of power. Therefore, you will not need to buy batteries. However, that’ll also mean no light-ups or speakers for the baby.

Nevertheless, the toys are colorful, and your baby will fall in love with them. 

Appropriate age: 18 months+

Price: $30.99

LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party

You’ve probably pictured your baby girl with a couple of fairy friends and teddy bears having fun at this tea party. LeapFrog can turn around a dull session into a joyful and impactful experience. For instance, its components like the teapot can light up to 6 colors accompanied by seven songs. At the same time, your baby will be learning the color names on display. 

Besides the tea, there are several cakes. The baby may gain skills such as counting and etiquette when serving. 

Appropriate age: 6-36 months

Price: $19.99

JOYIN Dancing Walking Yellow Duck Baby Toy

This beautiful dancing and singing duck will undoubtedly give your baby great company. Packed with different modes, it can play up to 7 melodies, activate sounds, and even generate heartbeat sounds. 

What’s more, it is easy to use, has a high quality, and can educate your baby on three sets of skills. That is, walking, listening, and feeling through touch. Even better, all these lessons are fun and interactive to keep your baby glued. 

Appropriate age: 19 months+

Price: $15.99

Infantino Hug and Tug Musical Bug

Infantino Hug and Tug Musical Bug

Wondering which musical toy to bring along when you and your baby are on the move? Look no further because Infantino Hug and Tug Musical Bug have got you covered. You can carry along this bug to entertain your baby while they’re in the car seats or strollers. It has two clacker rings, peek n’ see mirrors, and knotty legs. 

It plays music for about 90 seconds. In the process, it keeps moving back-up. 

Appropriate age: 0 months+

Price: $12.88

Fisher-price Classic Record Player

This musical toy is what we term as ‘simple yet having a sophisticated effect’ on babies. Fisher-price Classic has five records that play up to 10 different songs. Without a doubt, the forms are worthwhile, fun, and easy to learn. Also, long durability is achievable provided you use a 3AA  battery- an essential requirement in powering it up. 

Appropriate age: 18 months+

Price: $28.49

Skip Hop Musical Egg Shakers Trio Rattle

Skip Hop Musical Egg Shakers Trio Rattle is also another simple musical toy. Suggestively, the name implies the existence of three pieces: Owl, Fox, and Hedgehog. Each of them produces specific sounds when the baby shakes them. It doesn’t require a battery to be powered up. Moreover, the material manufacturers make it from is safe for babies. 

Appropriate age: 3 months+

Price: $9.99

Musical Baby Toys– Tiny Love Gymini Deluxe Activity Play Mat – Into the Forest

Hyperactive babies are most likely to fall in love with this musical instrument. In the play mat, you will find about 30 songs accompanied by other 18 activities. 

The benefits? Well, your baby will eventually strengthen their upper body muscles when lying on their tummy, improve motor skills through grasping the toys, and most importantly, improve their cognition. 

Appropriate age: 0 months +

Price: $59.99

Musical Baby Toys–Done by Deer Musical Toy Antee

The shape of this toy is similar to that of an anteater with additional strips in some. It has Velcro straps for easy attachment. 

Appropriate age: 0 months and beyond

Price: $29

FAQs about Musical Baby Toys

Q1: What age can a baby play with musical toys?

A: This is highly dependent on the musical toy you buy, whereby you’ll find a label on the age. Nonetheless, the recommended period is three months and sometimes a higher period. During this time, the baby has at least undergone some developments concerned with senses. In this way, they can discern sounds from words and effectively learn. But again, the earlier, the better!

Q2: Is the light from the toy harmful?

A: Light-up toys have two sides to them that are different. On the one hand, long hours of staring into the toys might make the baby unaware of their surroundings. On the other hand, with proper guard from a responsible individual, the light promotes attentiveness and focus. With your baby in the right hands, they’ll majorly reap the benefits of the toys. 

Q3: Baby toy safety reminder

A: Do take this caution seriously. When buying plastic musical baby toys, ensure they are BPA-, PVC-, and phthalate-free. These three substances can negatively impact your baby’s health. When it comes to wooden toys, the glue holding the toys should be non-toxic and the wood of high quality. It reduces the chances of splinting.  

Q4: How to interact with your baby?

A: You are not limited to the number of ways you can interact with your baby when playing the musical toys. One of the methods could be, You arrange a baby time dedicated to education. Alternatively, instead of jumping off to bedtime stories, interchange the book with a musical toy. Lastly, singalongs could be great for your older toddlers. 


Undeniably, the world would be a less lively place without music. Babies may not necessarily listen to music based on their moods as adults do, but the act has tremendous effects on them. Within a few times of using the baby musical toys, you’ll realize your baby has grown to be patient, creative, and can express themselves. Just in case you are also interested in raising the next pop star, this could be a perfect chance for you. 

Try incorporating the toys we have gathered for you and then guaranteeing yourself and your baby a great experience.  

We hope to interact with you more on ways of improving our babies’ lives.

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