Best Organic Rice Cereal for Baby: A Guide for Novice Mothers

Introducing the little one to food can be a challenge for many parents. You struggle with whether to introduce regular or organic food. Most importantly, you aim to get the healthiest, tastiest options available. You, therefore, spend hours researching and seeking advice from other people. 

If you are in this situation, it is understandable. Our article looks at the best organic rice cereal for a baby. We know that there are many types available, which makes it a difficult task. So, We will share what we consider the best in the market.  

1. Why Use Baby Rice Cereal

The benefits of rice cereal are many. Your baby’s delicate tummy will find it easy to digest. It has tons of services, including a fantastic energy source. Rice cereal contains magnesium and calcium that are critical for healthy bones. As a result, your baby’s bodily functions will perform at optimum due to additional micronutrients like copper, zinc, and selenium.  

Introducing certain foods may destabilize your baby’s digestive system. Go for those that contain pro and prebiotics for a healthy gut system. Fortunately, many babies tolerate rice cereal well, so you will not have to worry about allergic reactions. You will find options that are lactose, soy, or gluten-free depending on what your baby needs. 

Baby rice cereal made from cereals

(Baby rice cereal made from cereals)

2. The Best Time for Babies to Add Rice Cereal

Introducing any solid food depends on the motor and oral skills.  The baby should comfortably be able to move the food in the mouth.  However, for most babies, this will not happen until they reach about four months. You find that there is less resistance in accepting anything in the mouth. Your little one is still not ready if she pushes things out of her mouth using her tongue. 

The baby should also have a slightly more developed digestive system and motor skills.  Can your baby control her head and neck? Is she able to sit in an upright position? 

Also, check the behavior of your baby. You find that there is a sudden interest in what you are eating. Do they want to put the food in their mouth, or do they do that cute leaning-in thing? If yes, your baby is telling you that they are ready to explore other types of food. 

Modern parenting may result in spending too much on internet information to determine the baby’s development. Note that each child is unique and will develop at their place. For some children, at four months, they can eat solid food. 

Other children may only be able to do so from six months and above. Observe your baby and only introduce food once you are comfortable that she is ready. Consequently, if you are not sure, get the go-ahead from the physician. 

Some parents will add rice cereal to bottle milk for children who are less than four months old. It helps when the baby is not able to get full-on milk alone.  Some people have reservations about this.

It could lead to weight gain and possible future obesity.  Moreover, it presents a genuine choking hazard. 

3. Advantages of Baby Organic Rice Cereal

There are several advantages of giving a baby organic food. Such include:-

  • A Limit on Chemical Use; The farmer uses natural methods for weed and pest control. It eliminates the need for pesticides or herbicides. 
  • You give your baby foods that are rich in nutrition and, most importantly, safe. You get a healthy dose of vitamin C, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, and calcium. Additionally, the foods will not have any residual chemicals that can harm your baby.
  • No GMOs or Additives; The farmers do not interfere with a genetic component in any way. Additionally, the final production process does not use additives such as sweeteners or hydrogenated fats.
  • They Taste Good; Proponents of organic foods say they taste so much better. It could be due to the natural farming processes that do not interfere with the food.
Wooden spoons of various gluten-free flour

(Wooden spoons of various gluten-free flour)

4. How Do We Choose Organic Rice Cereal?

When choosing the best organic cereal, focus on the following;

Check the Formula Ratio;

Read the labels carefully to check the iron content. Iron is critical for the production of hemoglobin. If your baby’s red blood cells do not contain enough, she could develop anemia.  It compromises the transportation of oxygen in the body.  In babies, iron is also critical for brain development. Therefore, until the baby reaches one year, she will need at least 11 mg per day. 

Check for Bad Ingredients;

You, of course, only want to give your baby the best options. Additives like sugar, salt, flavors, and preservatives add no value. Moreover, your baby may develop allergic reactions to some of them.  Take note of the ingredient list when shopping. 

Think of Texture and Taste;

Unless you aim to record funny videos of your baby rejecting food, be careful about their texture and taste. Texture plays a significant role in whether your little one will accept food. Experts recommend that you start with a puree before moving onto lumpy surfaces.  

Taste is also essential. For a long time, your baby has only been used to milk or formula.  Introducing a new flavor can result in some initial resistance.  Fortunately, organic food is quite tasty, so you may not have a challenge. 

Choose Organic Rice Cereal with Various Flavors;

You like a little variety in your meals, right? Well, so does a baby.  For them, it is a stage of exploration and adapting to new foods. Therefore, explore a variety of flavors and see which ones your baby likes best.

Getting various flavors will also let you know which one works well for the baby. Some of them can result in allergies.  Others may play havoc with the baby’s digestive system.

5. 2021 Best Baby Organic Rice Cereal

Let’s look at our top recommendations for the best organic rice cereals for babies.

1. Earth’s Best Organic Whole Grain Rice Cereal

Earth's Best Organic Whole Grain Rice Cereal

Earth’s best is full of fortified iron, proteins, and vitamins. The rice bran extract helps with iron absorption. As a result, your baby will have a robust immune system that encourages healthy growth.   

It has a fantastic flavor, additive, preservative-free, and 100% organic. 

What you may not like

It has a short shelf life.

2. Bellamy’s Organic Baby Rice Cereal

Bellamy's Organic Baby Rice Cereal

Bellamy’s organic baby rice cereal uses natural ingredients consisting of rice flakes. The flavor is healthy, and it contains no additives, sugar, or salts. Additionally, it has a smooth texture, making it ideal to start your baby on solids. It contains iron, Vitamin C, and prebiotic that help maintain a healthy gut environment. 

What you may not like

The product contains milk, so it will not work for a lactose-intolerant child. 

3. Gerber Baby Organic Rice cereal

Gerber has a strong market reputation for baby foods. The Single Grain Organic rice does not disappoint. It contains 6 B Vitamins, zinc, vitamin C, E, choline, and calcium as some of the nutrients. Hence, baby will have good overall health, healthy bones, good eyesight, and a robust immune system. Simply mix it with a little water, formula, or breast milk, and you are good to go. Finally, it contains no additives or GMO.

 What you may not like

The taste may be a little bland.

4. Happy baby, Happy Bellies Organic Brown Rice

Happy baby, Happy Bellies Organic Brown Rice

Happy Baby Happy Belly Organic brown rice cereal is GMO-free and organic. It contains no additives in the form of colors, sugars, or preservatives. It also includes probiotics, choline, and DHA for healthy brain development and eyes.  

The probiotics help the baby maintain a healthy digestive environment.  The nutrient profile also includes some vitamins.  Also, the baby cereal is ideal for kids who maybedairy or lactose intolerant as it does not contain any of these ingredients. 

What you may not like

It does not have a flavor. Your little one may resist it.  

It spoils quickly, so you need to store it well and use it fast. 

5. Organix Baby Rice Cereal

Organix Baby Rice Cereal

Organix Baby rice cereal is easy to use because all you need to do is mix it with a little milk. Moreover, it has a smooth, creamy consistency, meaning your baby will find it easy to consume. The 100% organic rice cereal is tasty and suitable for babies who are 6-months and above. 

It contains proteins, fiber, and vitamin B1. There is no sugar, salt, artificial flavors, and gluten. Therefore an ideal product for anyone who wants to raise their baby as a vegetarian. 

 What you may not like

 It contains nuts, so ensure your baby is not allergic to them. 

6. Rafferty’s Garden Organic Baby Rice Cereal 

Rafferty’s Garden Organic Baby Rice Cereal

Rafferty’s Garden Organic Baby Rice Cereal features a delicious combination of brown rice, milk, and fruit. It has no artificial colors or flavors. There are also no preservatives, sugar, salt, or GMO tweaking. 

Consequently, your baby will also get a healthy dose of iron. 

What you may not like

  • The taste is a bit bland, so your baby may not adapt very quickly to it. 
  • Lactose intolerance children cannot use the product. 

Final Thoughts

Organic rice cereal for babies provides a healthy, tasty alternative when introducing baby to food.  Farmers use natural methods to grow foods or rear livestock. They avoid the use of chemicals, additives, or GMO in their processes. It results in chemical-free food that keeps your baby safe. In addition, the Nutrient profile is rich, giving your baby everything they need for overall good health. 

Organic rice cereals are tasty, and the texture is just right for the developing palate. You have tons of options, and we have recommended what we feel are some of the best. So, explore a variety of flavors to see which ones your baby likes most. 

We hope you enjoyed reading the article and can now find it easy to decide on the best rice cereal for your baby.  so, please share with us feedback on your baby’s experience with organic rice cereal.

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