Best Place to Pierce Baby Ears: a Comprehensive Guide

Before you become a parent, you admire other babies. You loved their rosy cheeks and baby smell. Also, you cannot get over how cute the little girls look with their pierced ears. You know for a fact that that is something you will do if you have a baby.
Now you are a parent. And like many others, you may have so many questions about piercing your Place to Pierce Baby Ears. Accordingly, there are safety concerns, what others will say, and so much more. Our article will provide answers to some of your problems. We will also recommend the best places to pierce baby ears. Let’s dive into the topic.

1. The Culture of Piercing Baby Ears

Different cultures have different opinions on piercing baby ears. In the United States, for example, it does raise some controversy. There is an ongoing petition in the UK to set a minimum age for ear piercing.  

But, it is a lingering customary practice in places like Latin America, Brazil, Nigeria, and Spain. Moreover, for some cultures, it is not uncommon to find boys with piercings as well. 

However, many people agree that baby ear piercings have become a fashion statement. It is especially true amongst baby girls.  

Some cultures - piercing children's ears

(Some cultures – piercing children’s ears)

2. What Age is best for Piercing Baby Ears?

The age question is another point of contention. For instance, experts like the American Academy of Pediatrics feel it is a decision your baby should make for herself. That means you wait until she is old enough to give her a choice. 

Two months is ideal because she gets the benefits of the protection of the ongoing vaccinations. The baby also can’t touch the wound when in pain. Otherwise, an older child may tug or try to pull out the earrings when in discomfort. 

Waiting until the baby is two years old has its advantages. Because they are less prone to allergic reactions, you can also communicate with her and provide instructions like not touching the piercing.

The cute baby wears ear studs

(The cute baby wears ear studs)

 3. Place to Pierce Baby Ears–How to Prepare Your Baby for Ear Piercing?

Please note the following tips before you take your baby for ear piercing. But first, make sure you talk to the pediatrician about your plans. Also, reading articles such as this one will prepare you well for the process. 

Healthy physical condition- Put yourself in your baby’s shoes. Would you go for a cosmetic procedure of any kind when sick? So, do not take your baby for ear piercing when she is unwell.

First, you want to avoid any risk of her developing other infections. Secondly, she will be less irritable and better able to handle the pain or discomfort of the piercing process.   

Avoid allergies- Ask the person doing the ear-piercing for hypoallergenic earrings. Most recommend the 24-carat medical-grade gold plated studs. Additionally, plastic is also a good option if you determine your baby has metal sensitivity. 

 Prepare baby well– One of the things you want to do is find a way to distract your baby during the piercing. Therefore, carry along her favorite toys or books to keep her occupied. They will also calm her afterward. 

Dress your baby appropriately- Pay due consideration to how you dress your baby. Avoid any clothing that you will need to remove by pulling over the head because you don’t want to hurt the little one or risk snagging the fabric on the new earrings.  Your best bet is buttoned clothes.  

(The doctor is preparing to Pierce the little girl’s ear)

4. Place to Pierce Baby Ears–Where is the Safest Place to Get Ears Pierced? 

You have various options of where you can get your baby’s ears pierced. These include:- 

Pediatrician or medical professionals- Some doctors will offer baby ear piercing services. Some will even provide you the service immediately after delivery. The advantage is you have a medic at hand to ensure everything goes well. Most importantly, they do it under sterile conditions that help reduce the chances of infections.  

Piercing experts-You will find people offering ear piercing services in different locations. The options are numerous, including tattoos or piercing parlors. Additionally, some jewelers may offer the service. The choice to go to such a place is a personal decision.

However, please do your due diligence on their level of expertise and certification; it shows that they have passed the necessary regulatory inspections. 

It doesn’t hurt to pay a visit to the location. Is a chance to check the standards and level of cleanliness. Finally, do not be afraid to ask for a client portfolio and seek answers to your burning questions.

5. Place to Pierce Baby Ears–How to Prevent Complications after Puncture?

Now that your little one has her cute little stud on, that’s not it. Well, the work is just beginning. Take extra good care of the puncture to avoid any complications. Here are essential things you need to know. 

  • Cleaning and disinfection- Clean and disinfect the wound twice a day; Stock up on antiseptic or antibiotic lotions. Alternatively, it’s advisable to use alcohol. Before touching her ears, wash them and your hands thoroughly and make sure they are both dry. Maintain the same consistency for up to 6-7 weeks. It is essential not to give bacteria a breeding ground. 
  • Stay away from dust- Dust is not only dirty, but it also carries its share of pathogens, including bacteria. Such can cause infections that can lead to severe lifelong complications.  
  • Prevent pulling ears- Please do not allow her to pull or tug on her ears. Touching the ears can lead to infections if her hands are not clean. Further, it will delay the healing process.  Do take note, it is essential to consult a doctor in case of any infections. 

(A healthy baby after ear piercing)

6. Place to Pierce Baby Ears–What are the Symptoms of Perforation Infection?

The piercing perforation is an open wound until it heals. Sometimes something may go wrong, and an infection sets in. watch out for the following:

  • Redness or swelling around the earlobe that lasts over 24 hours. Do not confuse this with the initial redness that will present in the initial days after the piercing. However, if it persists and presents with other symptoms, it could be a cause of concern.
  • Pus, blood, or other fluids coming from the piercing puncture
  •  Blisters that are maroon or red and are very sensitive to touch. Furthermore, a single, large blister could be indicative of a developing keloid
  • Fever a few hours or days after the piercing

What happens if you notice an infection? You may feel the temptation to treat it, but please do not. First, remove the earrings. Then, take your baby to the doctor.

Depending on the seriousness of the situation, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics and other medications. Additionally, the doctor can teach you how to take care of the infected area. 


We have shared the main things you need to know about piercing your baby’s ears. It is a decision you must take seriously. First, arm yourself with the proper knowledge to understand what you can expect. If you have read our article, you are accepting the appropriate steps. 

Have you had the opportunity to pierce your baby’s ears? If yes, what advice would you give to other parents? Please share with us tips, tricks, and best advice. 

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