Saint Names for Girls: 65 of the Best Names

Picking a name for your new baby can be a difficult decision. There are so many choices that you may not know where to begin. All terms have different meanings, and it can take time trying to sift through them all. If you are looking for a word with a great story behind it, consider the saints. These people have excellent reputations, fun names, and interesting nicknames. The names below all belong to female Saint Names for girls and could be just the right fit for your new baby girl.

1. Abigail

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “cause of joy, or father’s joy.”

Description: Abigail is the patron saint of beekeepers and honeybees. Saint Abigail took care of the sick, and she loved bees. It is also a biblical name. Abigail’s husband offended King David but came to the king with an intelligent approach to avoid bloodshed. The name itself is more popular, and in 2020 was at number 13. Abby is a popular nickname for this one. 

2. Adela

Origin: German

Meaning: “noble or serene.”

Description: Adela is the patron saint of writers and poets. The name originally was a shortened version of the names Adelheid and Adelaide, and it stood on its own later as the name of the youngest daughter of William the Conqueror. 

3. Adelaide

Origin: Portuguese

Meaning: “noble, kind.”

Description: Adelaide is the patron saint of second marriages and abuse victims. This name is gaining in popularity along with Ada, Ava, and Audrey. Katherine Heigl’s second daughter is named Adelaide. Great nicknames for this one are Addy, Ada, and Adele. 

4. Adele

Origin: German

Meaning: “nobility”

Description: Adele is the patron saint of the eyes. Saint Adele took care of her family and became a nun when her husband died. The name itself was originally a shortened form of Adelaide and Adelheid.

5. Adeline

Origin: French

Meaning: “noble or nobility.”

Description: Adeline was a blood saint of the Healing Church. The name was initially a French diminutive of the name Adele. It first came to England in the eleventh century and was a common name in the Middle Ages. Other variations of the name include Adalyn, Adalynn, Adelina, Adaline, and Adelyn. 

6. Afra

Origin: Arabic, Latin, Hebrew

Meaning: “pale red, young deer, or woman of Africa.”

Description: Afra is the patron saint of converts, martyrs, the abbey in Augsburg, Bavaria, and penitent women. Initially, Romans used this name as a nickname for a woman from Africa.  

7. Agatha

Origin: Greek

Meaning: “noble in spirit.”

Description: Saint Agatha of Sicily is a beloved martyr from the third century. She is the patron saint of people living with breast cancer, rape victims, bellfounders, and wet nurses. People will pray to her for assistance with fire. The most famous Agatha is mystery writer Agatha Christie. 

8. Agnes

Origin: Latin, Greek

Meaning: “lamb or pure.”

Description: Saint Agnes of Rome is the patron saint of engaged couples, young girls, virgins, gardeners, and rape victims. She is one of the most-celebrated Roman martyrs. The name itself is a Latin variation of the Greek Hagen, which means chaste. 

9. Alice

Origin: German 

Meaning: “noble cheer.”

Description: Alice was one of the youngest saints to enter a Cistercian convent at the age of seven. She is the patron of the paralyzed and the blind. Saint Alice was also known for her visions. The name came from the Old French name Aalis and was made more famous by Alice in Wonderland. Ali is an excellent nickname for this one. 

10. Amata

Origin: Roman

Meaning: “lover or beloved one.”

Description: Amatais is the patron saint of anxiety and mental illness. It is also a name used in Roman mythology, and she was King Latinus’ wife. The name is an excellent choice if you look for something unique, and Ama would work as a nickname. 

Cute baby girl laughing

(Cute baby girl laughing)

11. Anastasia

Origin: Greek

Meaning: “resurrection”

Description: Anastasia of Sirmium is martyrs, weavers, poison victims, and widows. The name itself is the feminine form of the Greek word Anastasius. The name was common with early Christians, who named daughters born around Easter and Christmas Anastasia. 

12. Anne

Origin: Hebrew, French, English

Meaning: “full of grace.”

Description: Anne was the patron saint of miners, housewives, and mothers, and she was also the mother of Mary. The name was initially a form of Hannah, and it can also be spelled Ann and have the nickname Annie. 

13, Apollonia

Origin: Greek

Meaning: the female version of the name Apollo

Description: Apollonia is the patron saint of dentistry and people who have dental problems. The femininity variation of the Greek sun god Apollo, Nia, and Polly are fun nicknames.

14. Audrey

Origin: English, French

Meaning: “noble strength or noble maiden.”

Description: Audrey is the saint of neck and throat issues. Before becoming a saint, she enjoyed showing off her wealth.  The name comes from the Anglo-Saxon Aethelthryth, a name that later became Ethelred. 

15. Aurelia

Origin: Latin

Meaning: “the golden one.”

Description: Aurelia is a fourth-century saint. Her tomb in Strasbourg was the center of a popular cult in the Middle Ages. Lia and Aurie are great nicknames for this one. 

16. Ava

Origin: English

Meaning: “life, bird, water, island.”

Description: Ava is the saint of hoboes, the falsely accused, insane, homeless, mentally ill, orphaned, penitents, midwives, single mothers, stepchildren, reformed prostitutes, and tramps. People did not use this medieval name for a long time, but it is becoming popular again.

17. Barbara

Origin: Greek 

Meaning: “strange or foreign.” 

Description: Barbara is the patron saint of miners. Her baptism occurred when she was locked in a tower by her abuser. Bab, Babs, Bobbie, and Barbie are common nicknames for this vintage name. 

18. Beatrice/Beatriz

Origin: Latin

Meaning: “bearer of happiness.”

Description: Portuguese saint Beatriz is the patron of prisoners. She is also known as Saint Beatrice da Silva Meneses, and she founded the Congregation of Immaculate Conceptions of the Blessed Virgin Mary. When you look further back into the history of this name, you find it spelled as Viatrix, which means “voyager.” Birdie, Betty, and Bea are great nicknames for this one. 

19. Bibiana 

Origin: Latin

Meaning: “life”

Description: Bibiana is the patron saint of people with headaches, epilepsy, mental illness, hangovers, torture victims, and single laywomen of the church. Bibi is a fun nickname for this relatively unknown name.

20. Brigid

Origin: Celtic 

Meaning: “exalted one.”

Description: Brigid, or “the Mary of the Gael,” is the patron saint of the hearth, the harvest, fertility, babies, boatmen, blacksmiths, children with abusive parents, and children with unwed parents. Nicknames include Biddy, Breda, Bridie, and Bedelia

Baby girl is lying in bed, looking away

(Baby girl is lying in bed, looking away)

21. Carmen

Origin: Spanish, Hebrew, Latin

Meaning: “song, truthful, poetry.”

Description: Carmen is the patron saint of education. The name itself has roots in Spanish and Italian, a nickname for Carmel and Carmelo, and Carma and Cari are good nicknames. 

22. Catherine 

Origin: Greek, Latin

Meaning: “pure”

Description: Catherine of Alexandria, or “Saint Catherine of the Wheel,” is the patron saint of philosophers, scholars, potters, single women, and spinners. Jesus commissioned her to spread his prayers and devotion, and she was a spiritual guide to others. You could also spell it as Katherine. Cate, Catie, Cathy, Kate, Cat, Kay, and Cath are good nicknames.

23. Cecilia

Origin: Latin

Meaning: “blind or one-eyed.”

Description: Cecilia is the patron saint of poets and musicians. The name itself is the feminine equivalent of the Roman clan name Cecil. Saint Cecilia was a martyr who supposedly sang directly to God. The name was popular in the Middle Ages, and Cece is a fun nickname for this one. 

24. Charity

Origin: English

Meaning: “giving, kindness.”

Description: Charity is the patron saint of charity. The name comes from the old French’ chaste,’ which means Christian love. According to the New Testament, Charity is the greatest virtue, and Chari is a good nickname.

25. Clare

Origin: Latin, Irish, English

Meaning: “illustrious one, bright, gentle, or warm.”

Description: Clare of Assisi is the patron of embroiderers, goldsmiths, television, laundry, and weather. She founded the Order of Poor Ladies, and she was the first woman to write out monastic guidelines. 

26. Colette

Origin: French

Meaning: “people of victory.”

Description: Colette is the saint of expectant mothers, sick children, and women trying to conceive. The name Colette is charming and gaining in popularity again after disappearing for almost 30 years, and it came back into the Top 1000 in 2012. You could use the nicknames Lette, Ette, Lettie, or Ettie.

27. Saint Names for Girls: Dymphna

Origin: Celtic

Meaning: “young deer.”

Description: Dymphna was an Irish saint patron of people who suffered from nervous disorders, illness, and incest. The name comes from the Irish name Damhnait, which means eligible or fit. Dee and Didi are fun nicknames for this one. 

28. Edith

Origin: English

Meaning: “prosperous in war.”

Description: Edith Stein is also known as Sister Teresa, and she died at Auschwitz. She is a patron of converts from Judaism, people who have lost their parents, and martyrs. Edith was also one of the six patron saints of Europe. The name was very popular about 100 years ago in Stockholm and London. This name is coming back for people looking for a stylish and vintage name for their little girl. 

29. Saint Names for Girls: Elizabeth 

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “God is my oath.”

Description: Elizabeth Ann Seton founded the first free Catholic girls’ school in the United States. She also founded the Sisters of Charity and was the first native-born American who became a saint. 

Another Elizabeth that fits into the saint category is Elizabeth of Hungary, the patron saint of people who have a hard time dealing with illness. The name itself came from the Hebrew name Elisheva, and it is also a Biblical name as Elizabeth was the name of the mother of John the Baptist. 

30. Esther

Origin: English

Meaning: “hide, conceal, star.”

Description: Esther is the patron saint of crypto-Jews, and she was also married to Persian King Ahasuerus and was his Jewish queen. Hettie, Ettie, Etsy, and Tess are fun nicknames for this one. 

Little girl hiding under the white blanket

(Little girl hiding under the white blanket)

31. Saint Names for Girls: Faustina

Origin: Latin

Meaning: “fortunate”

Description: Saint Faustina is also known as the “Apostle of Divine Mercy.” She is famous for her diary, which recounts her visions of Jesus. Tina is a good nickname if you decide on this one for your little girl. 

32. Felicity

Origin: English

Meaning: “happiness”

Description: Felicity is the patron saint of healing, and she also represents young pregnant mothers. It is an excellent virtue name, along with Faith and Hope. The expression softened with the hit TV show and became more popular with the rise of the American Girl doll Felicity Merriman. Lissie, Feli, and Cici are fun nicknames for Felicity. 

33. Saint Names for Girls: Gabrielle

Origin: French

Meaning: “God is my strength.”

Description: The name Gabrielle is the female equivalent of the patron saint of messengers. This one is a fun and firm name for a little girl. You could use the nicknames Gabby, Elle, and Bree.

34. Gemma

Origin: Latin

Meaning: “precious stone.”

Description: Gemma Galgani is the patron saint of students, pharmacists, paratroopers, parachutists, and people who have migraines, headaches, back injuries, and back pain. She is an Italian saint and called the “daughter of the Passion” and “gem of Christ.” Emma, Emmy, Gem, and Gemmie are great nicknames for this one. 

35. Genevieve

Origin: French

Meaning: “Woman of the race or tribe woman.”

Description: Genevieve is the patron saint of Paris, who defended the city against Attila the Hun because of her courage, rational thinking skills, and prayers. The name comes from the medieval Germanic name Genovefa/Kenowefa. There are many nicknames for this one, including Eve, Genna, Evie, Ginny, Viv, Vivi, Ginger, Vivvie, Gemma, and Genie. 

36. Saint Names for Girls:Gertrude

Origin: English

Meaning: “spear, strength.”

Description: Gertrude is the saint of gardeners, the mentally ill, travelers, and the recently deceased. Trudy, Gert, and Gertie are good nicknames for this one. 

37. Gianna

Origin: Italian

Meaning: “od is gracious.”

Description: Gianna Molla was the first working mother and female doctor officially recognized as a saint. She is the patron saint of pregnant mothers, unborn children, and doctors. Gigi, Gia, Ana, and Gina are fun nicknames for Gianna.

38. Saint Names for Girls: Helena

Origin: Roman, Greek

Meaning: “right or shining one.”

Description: Helena was the name of a Roman Empress who converted to Christianity. She is the patron saint of converts, archaeologists, troubled marriages, and divorced people. Helena is also the saint of discoveries. This name is an excellent alternative to Helen. She was also Constantine, the GGreat’smother. You could use Elle, Lena, Lenie, Heli, and Hela for nicknames. 

39. Inez

Origin: Portuguese 

Meaning: “ure, chaste or poor.”

Description: Inez is the patron saint of those seeking purity and innocence, and it is also the Spanish version of the name Agnes. Spelling variations include Ines, Ynez, and Ynes.

40. Saint Names for Girls: Irene

Origin: Portuguese

Meaning: “eace”

Description: Irene is the saint of Portugal. Saint Irene died when she refused to sacrifice the pagan gods because of her faith in the Holy Scriptures. The Greek goddess of peace, Serene Irene, made the name very popular in ancient Rome. You could use the nicknames Rena, Rina, or Reina.

Pretty newborn baby girl wearing hot pink flower headscarf

(Pretty newborn baby girl wearing hot pink flower headscarf)

41. Saint Names for Girls: Isabella

Origin: Italian

Meaning: “od is my oath.”

Description: Isabella is the patron saint of those with illnesses. It is also EElizabeth’sname, and Izzy, Bella, and Izzie are fun nicknames. 

42. Jacinta

Origin: Greek, Spanish

Meaning: “eautiful, Hyacinth, purple.”

Description: Jacinta Marto is the patron saint of people persecuted for their religion, ill, and prisoners. Jazz and Jacie are good nicknames for this name. 

43. Joan

Origin: English

Meaning: “”God’sgrace.”

Description: Joan of Arc, the “aid of Orleans,” aided the French to win the Hundred Years War. She is the patron saint of soldiers. 

44. Josephine 

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “od will add.”

Description: Josephine Bakhita was a slave in Sudan as a child. She is the patron saint of Sudan and a victim of human trafficking. The name also comes from Saint Joseph, who took care of Mary and Jesus. Josie, Joey, and Jody are fun nicknames for this one. 

45. Julia

Origin: Ancient Roman

Meaning: “upreme god, downy, youthful, or sky father.”

Description: Julia is the patron saint of Corsica, and it is also a variation of Saint Julian, who dedicated his life to helping the poor. Ancient Romans used this name for the girls born in the house of Julius, and Jules is a great nickname for this one. 

46. Kateri

Origin: Native American

Meaning: “”ure”

Description: Kateri Tekakwitha was the first Native American saint, and she is also known as the “ystic of the Wilderness”and “he Lily of the Mohawks.”She is the patron saint of Native Americans, people in exile, ecologists, environmentalists, and the environment. You could use the nicknames, Kat or Katie, for this one. 

47. Louise

Origin: French

Meaning: “amous warrior.”

Description: Louise is the patron saint of widows, sick people, and orphans. The name itself is the female equivalent of Louis. She also dedicated her life to helping Saint Vincent de Paul to serve the poor. The name is usually related to a competent, efficient, and studious name. It is popular in Paris and is on the rise in the United States. Lulu, Louie, and Lou are good nicknames. 

48. Lucy/Lucia

Origin: French, Italian

Meaning: “”ight”

Description: Lucy of Syracuse is the Patron saint of the blind, and it is also the name of one who vowed to marry Jesus. It comes from the Latin word “”ux,””which means light, so girls born at dawn were commonly named Lucy and Lucia. You can also spell this name as Luci or Lucie. 

49. Margaret

Origin: Persian

Meaning: “”earl”

Description: Margaret of Antioch is the patron saint of pregnant women, and saint Margaret also escaped from her ffather’spagan lessons. There are many nicknames, including Marge, Margie, Madge, Midge, Mag, and Maggie.

50. Saint Names for Girls:Marina

Origin: Latin

Meaning: “f the sea.”

Description: Marina is the patron saint of those with kidney problems, and SShakespeare’splay Pericles features this name. She is a virtuous princess born at sea, and Rina, Mar, and Mari are fun nicknames. 

Portrait of a baby girl on a white background

(Portrait of a baby girl on a white background)

51. Matilda

Origin: German

Meaning: “ighty in battle.”

Description: Matilda is the patron saint of parents with big families. In addition to being a saint’s name, it is also a great vintage and stylish name for your baby girl that is having a comeback. Many people recognize this name from Roald DDahl’sheroine, and Matti, Tilly, Tilda, and Tildy are good nicknames for this one. 

52. Saint Names for Girls:Monica

Origin: Latin

Meaning: “dvisor”

Description: Monica of Hippo is the patron saint of victims of domestic abuse, abusive and unhappy marriages, mothers in grief, and relatives who convert to Catholicism. You could use the nicknames Mon, Mona, Moni, or Nikki for this one. 

53. Odilia

Origin: German

Meaning: “ealth”

Description: Odilia of Cologne is the patron of good eyesight. She was a nun in the eighth century who was born blind but later gained eyesight. Ody, Odie, and Delia are fun nicknames for this one. 

54. Philomena

Origin: Greek

Meaning: “over of strength.”

Description: Philomena is the patron saint of lost causes, desperate people, children, and virgins. You could use the nicknames Menna, Lolo, Philly, and Mennie.

55. Priscilla

Origin: Latin

Meaning: “ncient, venerable.”

Description: Priscilla is the saint of marriage. People have used this name for their little girls for over one hundred years. Cilla is the best nickname for this one since you may want to avoid the nickname Prissy.

56. Saint Names for Girls:Rita

Origin: Latin

Meaning: “”earl”

Description: The name Rita comes from the Latin word Margarita. Rita is an Italian saint who is the patron of troubled marriages, parenthood, and lost causes. 

57. Rose

Origin: Latin

Meaning: “lower”

Description: Rose of Lima is the patron saint of Latin American and Peru. She is also the patron of florists, embroiderers, gardeners, and fighting families. 

58. Sofia or Sophia

Origin: Italian, Greek

Meaning: “isdom”

Description: Sofia is the patron saint of wisdom. The name comes from the Greek word of the same meaning, and Sofie is a great nickname. 

59. Saint Names for Girls:Sylvia

Origin: Latin

Meaning: “o be of the forest.”

Description: Saint Sylvia was the mother of Saint Gregory the Great, who encouraged her children to lead holy lives. Nicknames for Sylvia include Sly, Sil, Silvi, Sylvi, Vi, and Vee.

60.Saint Names for Girls: Teresa

Origin: Greek

Meaning: “o harvest.”

Description: Teresa of Calcutta, Mother Teresa, worked in India and established CCharity’sMissionaries. She is the patron saint of Missionaries of Charity, World Youth Day, and the Archdiocese of Calcutta. Tracy, Terri, Tess, and Terry are good nicknames for this one. 

(Christmas baby girl)

61. Saint Names for Girls:Ursula

Origin: Latin

Meaning: “mall female bear.”

Description: Ursula is the patron of England, orphans, archers, and female students. The name itself comes from the Latin word Ursa, which means bear. The most well-known Ursulas are actress Ursula Andress and the villain from The Little Mermaid. You could use the nicknames Lula, Sula, Uchi, Ursi, or Ursu for this unique, but maybe a problematic, name. 

62. Veronica

Origin: Greek, Latin

Meaning: “ictory bringer.” 

Description: Saint Veronica helped and cared for Jesus by cleaning his face with a towel. The name Veronica has many nickname possibilities including, Franky, Ronie, Ronna, and Vonnie.

63. Saint Names for Girls:Yvette 

Origin: French

Meaning: “raised, yew, or archer.” 

Description: Saint Yvette was a mystic who cared for Lepers. Etta and Evie are fun nicknames for this one. 

64. Zoe

Origin: Greek

Meaning: “life”

Description: There were two saints named Zoe, Saint Zoe of Rome, and Saint Zoe of Pamphylia. Zoe of Rome was married to Nicostratus, who was a Roman court official. She was unable to speak for six years before Saint Sebastian made the sign of the cross over her, and she regained the ability. Saint Zoe was a martyr who was tortured and murdered. A variation is Zoey.

65. Saint Names for Girls: Zita 

Origin: Italian

Meaning: “emale child or maiden, little hope.”

Description: Zita is the saint of domestic servants, maids, waitresses, and waiters. If you lose your keys, you may also pray to her to help you find them. Saint Zita gave away her food to those who needed it. 


The names above are great choices if you are looking for a saint name for your baby girl. We hope this guide with the different meanings and nicknames will help you find just the right name for your new baby. 

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