Toddler tables and chairs: The Best First Set of Tables and Chairs in 2021

Your baby is growing, and he is starting to express himself through different activities. Currently, drawing and painting have become the order of the day. Furthermore, he likes to read his books without too much interruption from the adults.  Toddler tables and chairs are a fantastic way to give them that freedom in a safe environment. Best of all, you don’t have to deal with cleaning up when he completes his project. Finding the best set of tables and chairs in 2021 is a critical step in helping your child develop.   

Yet, shopping for the right one can prove to be quite challenging. Our article will help you with the process by giving you our recommendations on the ones we believe are the best. As a result, we will help you pick the right one for your baby without too much hassle.

Soft pink and white children's tables and chairs

(Soft pink and white children’s tables and chairs)

1. When Can Your Baby Sit in a Chair?

You may be wondering when it is safe to babysit in a chair. The truth is every child is unique in their development. Some may reach milestones much earlier than others. Hence, at six months, some children can comfortably sit up without support. Others, it may take a little bit longer coming in at ages seven to nine months. Look out for the following to determine whether your baby can comfortably sit up.

  •  First, he should be able to hold up and control his neck and head. 
  •  Secondly, he tends to push himself to an upright position when you put him down on his stomach.
  • Additionally, he should be able to roll from one direction. 
  •  Finally, your baby scoots back and forth and then raises himself to a tripod position. Your baby will hold up his body by implanting his hands into the ground. 

2. What to Consider When Buying a Toddler Tables and Chairs 

Look out for the following when shopping for the best toddler table and chairs.


The age of a toddler will determine the size you buy. Also, aim for those that will give you use until the baby is about five years old. A height of 20 to 25 inches should be ideal. 

Seating capacity

will depend on how many children you would want to host at a particular session.  For an only child, one seat is sufficient. You can, however, get sets that can comfortably accommodate four or more children. 

Chair and table pairing:

Chair and table pairing is dependent on your preference. Indeed, you will get tons of designs to choose from to make beautiful and straight forward designs. Indeed, it even becomes more comfortable if you are custom making the set. 


Children are naturally energetic, consequently, look for a durable material. Also, read the manufacturer’s label to see which material. Wood and plastic are safe and can give long-term usage. Besides, we can also choose those products with metal frames, but be careful not to scratch the floor.


You may, on occasion, need to move a toddler from place to place. Furthermore, you may even want to use it outdoors, depending on the season.  Look for those that allow for folding of the legs because it makes it easier to move them around. You also save on trunk space if using the car. 

Activity item:

Go for furniture that gives you multiple functionalities. Indeed, the baby can use the table and chair set for eating or other activities. Consequently, look for those that have storage for the kid’s activity items. 


You want to keep your baby safe when using the furniture set.  Avoid those with sharp edges.  The material should also not splinter or crack. Also, check that the material is non-toxic and is easy to clean.  


Assembly depends on how comfortable you are putting things together.  Fortunately, you will find very many easy-to-assemble designs. For some, you do not even need equipment to set them up.  Moreover, most come with a manual for easy assembly.  

3. 2021 Best Toddler Tables and Chairs Recommendation 

 Please find below our recommendation of the seven best toddler tables and chairs in 2021.

Toddler tables and chairs–Utex 2 in 1 table and chair set


  • Material – wood
  • No. of pieces – one table, two chairs 
  • Ages – 3 years and above
  • Storage – Yes
  • Chair height – 21 inches 

The Utex set is indeed elegant and will look great in any room. Furthermore, you get ample storage for the kid’s items. Also, quickly switch the surface by removing or reversing it depending on the activity. As a result, you have a smooth surface for meal times and a construction surface for playtime.   

But, on the reverse, assembling it can be a bit challenging. Secondly, be careful about ensuring the screws remain tight so they don’t fall off. 

Toddler tables and chairs–Kidkraft Farmhouse set


  • Material – wood
  • No. of pieces – one table, four chairs 
  • Ages – 3 years and above
  • Storage – No
  •  Chair height – 21 inches 

The primary material of the Kidcraft table and chair set is solid wood with a beautiful appearance. It brings a touch of adult decor to your toddlers’ play area. Furthermore, the collection beautifully blends in with the scenery, making it excellent for any room in the house.  

Most importantly, the solid construction means it won’t break when you join your kids for some fun activities.   

However, the assembly can be challenging. Secondly, you must take good care of the wood to avoid damages. 

Melissa and Doug 3 piece set


  • Material – wood
  • No. of pieces – one table, two chairs (you can get two extra seats if you wish)
  • Ages – 3 years and above
  • Storage – No
  • Chair height – 21 inches

The 3-piece design of this product is beautiful and straightforward. It comprises natural wood and is very easy to assemble. Further, keeping the set clean is as simple as wiping it with a damp piece of cloth. No matter how active the baby is, the chairs will not tip over. Also, there are no sharp edges, which makes them safe for use.   

Notwithstanding, the set does have some shortcomings. They scratch easily and may splinter. Also, make sure you tighten the screws and keep checking them.

Toddler tables and chairs–Humble crew five-piece Plastic set


  • Material – plastic
  • No. of pieces – one table, four chairs
  • Ages – 3 years and above
  • Storage – No
  • Seat height – 10 inches 

First, we love the vibrant colors of the humble crew five-piece plastic set. Consequently, it will look fantastic in any playroom. Secondly, it is easy to clean, making it ideal for messy eaters. Furthermore, assembly is easy, requiring no tools.  

However, the plastic does not give a good grip on plastic floors. Accordingly, place a mat under the set to avoid sliding.

Toddler tables and chairs–Costzon three-piece set


  • Material – plastic
  • No. of pieces – one table, two chairs with separate frames
  • Ages – 3 years and above
  • Storage – Yes
  • Seat Height – 20 inches 

Costzon features a unique design and ample storage. The material is toxicity free plastic, which is therefore durable, water, and stain-resistant. Keeping the set clean is easy, and the edges are smooth, resulting in a safety for the little ones. 

Additionally, the material is lightweight, thus making the set portable. The back and armrest ensure the baby is comfortable for a long time. The sturdy design ensures even heavier children can use the set.  

Although there are many advantages, the assembly can be tricky.

KidKraft 26166 Toddler tables and chairs


  • Material – wood, MDF, and metallic legs
  • No. of pieces – one table, two chairs
  • Ages – 1 – 3 years
  • Storage – yes
  • Seat Height – 20.33 inches 

The Kidkraft makes it to our list because children as young as a year can use it. Secondly, you have color options of white/pink and white/natural. Also, we love the fact that it has a storage compartment and is easy to assemble. 

Notwithstanding the positives, it is not a very durable set. 

Delta Chairs desk with storage


  • Material – wood
  • No. of pieces – chair desk combo
  • Ages – 3- 5 years
  • Storage – yes
  • Height – 23.23 

First, do you live in a small apartment where space is an issue? If yes, the Delta table and chair combo is the perfect solution. Secondly, you get storage under the seat. Additionally, assembly is easy, and the height allows your baby to climb and get off with ease. 

We also love the decorations on the set. Indeed, you get your choice of Elmo, Mickey Mouse, and even PJ masks.  

However, you will need to get another chair when your baby reaches age five and above.  

4. Questions and Answers for Toddler Table and Chairs

Q: How do I stop the children from moving the table?

For example, you can place a mat under the set to make it difficult to move the table. It is handy for plastic chairs. 

Q: How do I determine the best chair and table height for my toddler?

Measure from the floor to the bend of the knees. Additionally, for the table, give an allowance of 8 inches from the thighs.  

In conclusion

In conclusion, choosing suitable tables and chairs for children can protect your furniture from damage and increase the fun of your baby’s games. Finally, let us know your experience when looking for one in our comments section. 

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