Top of Stairs Baby Gate: Best of 2021’s Recommendation

Who doesn’t love the stair-experience in their homes? Unfortunately, it has occurred to us that babies beat us to it. One time, they may be within your reach. The next, you will be running after them as they roll down the stairs. Quite tragic! Luckily, baby gates have made parents give a huge sigh of relief. Not only are the stairs safe, but they also can blend in well with your home décor, therefore contributing to the aesthetic home scenery. With that in mind, getting the right choice can be tedious. That’s why our team goes overboard in our research and review to bring you the best top of stairs baby gate. 

1. Do You Need to Buy a Baby Gate?

Generally, when babies are about to hit their 7th month, they turn into mini-explorers. Undoubtedly, you will occasionally have a cat-rat chase when trying to make them settle in one place. So, unless your house has enough baby-proofs, a baby gate will save you a great deal. 

That is to say, and you’ll not have to worry about them crossing ‘boundaries’ -too dangerous zones or snacking on your cat’s leftovers. What’s more, you will be preventing your baby from falling over the staircases. 

2. Types of the Top of Stairs Baby Gate 

The two major types of baby gates you should know are;

Hardware-mounted baby gates: With this type, you will first need to screw the gate in an angled banister, door frame, or wall. Of course, permanent holes are not appealing, but the gate provides optimum security or protection to babies. Even better, placing them near stair tops and risky spots is baby-proof. 

Lastly, as a precautionary measure, do not screw the baby gate in plaster or drywall alone. The two surfaces may not provide enough stability. 

Pressure-mounted baby gates: For the pressure-mounted baby gates, you will not screw in since they are similar to tension rods. An advantage to this type is the ease when setting it up because you don’t need tools. All you may require are the correct room measurements to enable it to stand upright on a tightly secured door, or wall ends. 

Furthermore, it is portable. Again, pressure-mounted gates are generally best for flat areas. It is because when you forget to double-check its closing points, the baby may fall over and get an injury. 

Children play with the safety door in front of the stairs at home

(Children play with the safety door in front of the stairs at home)

3.Factors to Consider When Purchasing Top of Stairs Baby Gate

Majorly, you will need to consider the following factors before your purchase. 

Height: First, ensure the distance between the bottom of the gate and the floor is approximately 1 to 2 inches. It prevents the baby from sliding underneath. Then, the general height of the gate should be more than three-quarters of your baby’s size. 

The distance between the vertical lines: Secondly, the distance from one rod or vertical line to another should not surpass 6 centimeters. In this way, your baby’s head will not get stuck in between the lines.

Material: Nowadays, there’s a variety of options you could choose from when buying a baby gate. For example, the gates could have a wire mesh, transparent glass, or even be wooden/made of steel. Whichever choice you settle for, keep in mind the type of design your house possesses. 

Passed JPMA certification: Further on, certification from Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) guarantees quality products. Often, a certification sticker on the frame or package will help you assert yourself. 

Easy to install and use: An easy installation and use are recommendable. When doing a set-up, the earlier you get it done, the better chances you have at keeping your baby safe. Also, in case of emergencies, you should be able to access your baby swiftly.

Other functions: Some of the baby gates we’ll suggest having additional features such as an automatic closing. In this scenario, the door will automatically close behind you when you make your way out of the baby zone. Besides the hands-free mode, others will give you an easy time in constructing and extending the space left by the gate. The extension helps in fitting the gate to room openings. 

4. What is the Best Baby Gate for Top of Stairs?

The eight baby gates below are among the best gates for the top of the stairs that we found. 

Qdos Crystal Hardware Mount Baby Gate 

Price: $229.99

Measurements: 29.5’’to 39.8’’ wide 

Height recommendation: 30.7’’

Why we like it 

  • First, it has a simple installation process involving just four screws. 
  • Then, it has a one-way function hence preventing the stairs from any location that may require you to control the direction of opening.
  • Also, it meets the safety standards of the United States, thereby guaranteeing quality and security. 
  • Apart from complimenting your house, they can also provide an easy time when you want to check up on your baby. 
  • Most importantly, its handle has an At-A-Glance indicator that turns green when you have locked the door or red when it’s still open and insecure for your baby. 

Regalo Easy-Open Wide Baby Gate 

Price: $39.99

Measurements: 29’’ to 50’’ wide when expanded. 

Height requirement: 30’’

Why we like it 

  • It has an extra-wide space, thus giving your baby a safe playing spot. 
  • Additionally, you can easily use it after installation, which is also quick. 
  • It comes with safety features, multiple-locks that are suitable as well for pets.  
  • Moreover, it has two other extension kits, 1 adding about 12 inches while the other extends with a 6-inch. Its adjustable nature makes it fit for the bottom of the stair of the doorway. 
  • Besides, it has a JPMA certification. 
  • Finally, it has a steel material making it strong and durable. 

Summer Infant Multi-Use Decorative Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate 

Price: $86.00

Measurements: 28.5’’ to 48’’ wide 

Height requirement: 36’’

Why we like it 

  • An automatic closing feature makes Summer Infant stand out from other baby gates. In addition to the auto-close gate feature, there’s a hold-open feature that keeps an open door as you go about your duty.
  • Also, it has more than one opening hence giving you a chance to set it between areas of your liking, for example, between the stairways and doorways. 
  • Similar to other gates, it has an easy and quick installation process. You may only use a tool when mounting the hardware. 
  • Lastly, the bronze finish makes it appear stylish and beautiful. 

Retract-A-Gate Safety Gate 

Price: $134.50

Measurements: 52’’

Height requirement: 34’’

Why we like it

  • To begin with, it has a JPMA certification. 
  • From the name, Retract-A-Gate is a retractable that fits in any place around the house, be it the kitchen or stairways. 
  • In addition, it doesn’t produce an irritating sound during its closing and opening.
  • Next, you can use it while inside the house or during an outdoor activity. 
  • To conclude, washing the mesh material in the baby gate is easy. You may only need water and some soap to remove the accumulated dirt. 

KidCo G2000 Safeway Baby Gate 

Price: $42.95

Measurements: 24.75’’ to 42.5’’ wide 

Height requirement: 30.5’’

Why we like it

  • Firstly, you’ll only need one hand to operate the baby gate. 
  • Secondly, even though you can use it in hallways, it has a specific design for the top of stair use. 
  • Then, when you aren’t using the gate, you can take it down since it has quick-release hardware. 
  • Plus, its directional stop halts the gate from swinging past the stairs. 

Munchkin Loft Aluminum Gate 

Price: $174.75

Measurement: 26.5’’ to 40’’

Height requirement: 30.5’’

Why we like it

  • First of all, it has a certification from JPMA with a 1-year warranty.
  • Also, when need dictates, you can quickly unmount the gate from the wall. 
  • Furthermore, it has a double-lock system that babies cannot easily use. Therefore, your baby remains secured at all times. 
  • Moving on, it has an indexed sizing system to accurately estimate the size of the gate and make proper adjustments with the preset positions. 
  • It has an integrated tuning system. The system aims to position the gate vertically despite the walls being uneven. 

Top of Stairs Baby Gate–Evenflo Multi-Use Décor Talk Walk-Thru Metal Gate 

Top of Stairs Baby Gate

Price: $69.99

Measurement: 28’’ to 48’’

Height requirement: 36’’

Why we like it 

  • Evenflo can be both a pressure-mounted gate (while at the bottom of the stairs) or a hardware-mounted gate (at the top of the stairs). 
  • Again, it has a light indicator with the colors red to inform you about an open baby gate and a green one giving a heads-up on a secure gate. 
  • Additionally, the materials are of high quality and last long.
  • Also, it has an auto-close hinge, thereby giving it a bidirectional movement. 

Toddleroo by North States 47.85’’ Wide Easy Swing and Lock Baby Gate 

Toddleroo by North States 47.85’’ Wide Easy Swing and Lock Baby Gate

Price: $46.49

Measurement: 28.68’’ to 47.85’’ wide

Height requirement: 31’’

Why we like it

  • Toddleroo can fit in varied spaces, for instance, door openings.  
  • Further, it has other much-needed features such as one-hand operation and easy-to-remove hardware mounts when not in use.
  • Besides the above, when your baby is old enough for the baby gates, you may use them for your pets. 


All in all, your baby’s safety is paramount. Therefore, securing the paths they use as they roam about the house is bound to keep everything in order. For a fact, there are numerous top of stair baby gates. Nonetheless, the ones we have selected will leave you and your baby with your worthwhile experience. 

We will be thrilled to have you onboard on discussing ways to improve the livelihood of our babies. Therefore, reach out to us for more information concerning babies and a beautiful journey of baby growth. 

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