Best Toys for a 10-month-old Baby: Help Your Child Develop Better

About Best Toys for a 10-month-old Baby, Babies are the cutest creatures in the world, and do you know what makes a baby better?

The right toys. According to experts, toys are vital for the development of a baby’s brain. However, it doesn’t mean that you can buy your child any toys. You’ll find a variety of baby toy categories. 

We will discover some of the best toys that any ten-month-old baby should own by reading this article. Additionally, we will look at the importance of these toys and how they impact the baby when he or she is playing with them. 

(Best TOYS for A 10-Month-Old Baby)

Ten-month-old baby development milestone

As a baby grows, they develop different characters and attain new capabilities signifying physical and mental growth. Some of the development milestones achievable by a ten-month-old baby include;

Language/communication milestones

Babies are typically loud because they will want to repeat sounds, scream, and sometimes cry for no reason. They have realized that you are responding to the noises they make. Also, a ten-month-old should be able to react to essential communication like ‘no,’ ‘come,’ ‘baby,’ and more.

Enhanced physical capabilities

Even though they cannot carry heavy loads and run for miles, ten-month-olds are stubborn and will not want to sit in one place for a long time. 

Hence, expect them to be crawling everywhere, respond to music by dancing, and move with a lot of energy and enthusiasm.

Interactive capability

Since they are already playful and responsive to words and sounds, you should expect a ten-month-old to know who the parents are and a stranger. More so, you might realize that babies are picky and are not comfortable around everybody at this age. At the same time, they can play with their age mates but under supervision.

Cognitive ability

At this age, babies are more aware of what is around them, and if you are keen, you will realize that they are slowly putting things together in their minds. They will remember some stuff and will want particular objects or toys. Additionally, they can understand some words like ‘TV’; for example, they can respond by pointing to the television, however, after showing them ‘TV’ while pointing and pronouncing. Their memory tends to pick little things.

Strengthened social sentiment

Babies are known to be sensitive creatures, and at ten months, a baby can take note of what people are saying around them. For instance, if a baby trips when trying to balance and you don’t look or sound ‘sorry, there are high chances to go on with whatever they were doing. If you say sorry when they trip on the other hand or react in any way, they are likely to start crying due to your response.

ten-month-old baby girl interact with plush toys

( ten-month-old baby girl interact with plush toys)

2. How to choose toys for a ten-month-old baby

There are three main factors that you will want to consider when buying a toy for your ten-month-old. They include;

Best Toys for a 10-month-old Baby–Safety

Most probably, the baby is not going to use the toys appropriately. They eat toys, throw them around, and sometimes, they can even throw a piece at you. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the toys are not poisonous or too small to fit in a baby’s mouth to avoid swallowing. 

Equally important, they should also be light and soft to get hurt when they hit themselves.


At this age, your baby has developed a little bit of personality. Therefore, you should buy susceptible toys that are compatible with who they are. Consequently, learn what they like, what they watch mostly, what theme song they are always humming and what makes them dance. 

This way, you won’t buy toys that will just lie around in the house. Equally important, look at what their playmates have; kids tend to want their friend’s toys.

Best Toys for a 10-month-old Baby–Interactivity

Because babies are active at this age, you may not want to go for a simple toy that does not engage the baby. So, anything that attracts attention is good, from transparent balls with flickering lights to remote-controlled toys; remember, there are many less boring options and will keep your young one focused and entertained.

3. Best toys for ten-month-old baby recommended

There are plenty of options to go with if you are looking for the best toys for your ten-month-old. From telephones, music instruments, toy cars, and more, you can always find something ideal. Some of the top toys according to buyers include;

Fat brain toys Dimple

Fat Brain Toys Dimpl

This toy has an attractive and colorful design to stimulate a child’s mood and sense of touch, thanks to its squeezable nature. The benefits of this toy include

  • First, it improves a child’s motor skills.
  • Its bright colors influence a child’s mood to be happy.
  • Most Importantly, it is safe since it’s food-grade silicone and BPA-free plastic.

V Tech sit-to-stand learning walker

VTech Sit-To-Stand Learning

The sit-to-stand learning walker is the best during a baby’s transition from crawling to standing and walking. Benefits and features include;

  • It has a removable activity panel that a baby can use when sitting or standing.
  • Five key piano to encourage creativity
  • It has two colorful spinnable rollers, shape sorters, and three buttons that light up to enhance motor skills.
  • Finally, it comes with a pretend phone with over 70 melodies and phrases for more fun.

Leapfrog learn and groove table 

The groove table is the perfect toy for babies who love music, shapes, color numbers, letters, and more. The features and benefits include;

  • Fortunately, it has over 70 songs and tunes.
  • The Baby gets to learn different sounds.
  • Finally, it has a learning mode and music mode for fun and learning.

Tomy Toomies hide and squeak eggs

TOMY Toomies Hide & Squeak

Babies become curious as they reach ten months old, and this toy will put their curiosity to the test by hiding the chicks inside the eggs. Some of the benefits and features of this toy include;

  • It has six attractive artificial eggs and a storage box
  • Also, the chicks chirp when gently squeezed on the head
  • Most importantly, it improves a child’s hand and eye coordination

Top bright activity cube

The bright top cube enhances the baby’s brain development and stimulates their senses through colors, numbers, and shapes. Consequently, it is ideal for bonding between child and parent. Benefits and features include;

  • First, it’s a safe and non-toxic wood material.
  • Then, it’s a fun activity on every side of the cube.
  • Finally, the child can learn numbers, time and also improves motor skills through the gears.

V tech brilliant baby laptop

V tech brilliant baby laptop is a kid travel-friendly laptop full of fun. Furthermore, It is a colorful laptop that can help your baby learn more about colors, animals, and shapes by pressing various buttons. Its features include;

  • It has over 115 sounds and melodies to entertain the baby.
  • Also, It comes with parental control options, e.g., the auto turn-off feature.
  • Lastly, easy to use thanks to the large buttons

Fisher-price laughs and learns a 3-in-1 smart car

The fun car will help your baby to learn about shapes, numbers, and alphabets. Some of its amazing features include;

Leapfrog shapes and sharing picnic basket

Babies love picnics, and with this basket, they can have a picnic whenever they want and get to learn letters and numbers while enjoying their picnic. consequently, it makes learning fun because;

  • It has 15 interactive picnic gear and parts
  • Additionally, it plays more than 150 sounds and melodies.
  • It comes with three modes for picnic, music, and shape/color.

Munchkin float and play bubble bath

If your baby likes taking a bath, this toy will make their experience much better. Because they are fun and will improve your baby’s senses while helping them get clean. Some of the benefits of this toy include;

  • Each bubble has an animal character inside
  • The bubble floats on water
  • Easy to grip even when wet
  • Most importantly, it improves the baby’s sense of touch, sight, and hearing.

10.Best Toys for a 10-month-old Baby–Beiens Soft Baby Cloth Books

The beiens soft baby cloth book is a touch and feels crinkle book great for infants and toddlers. Beiens books are very interactive. These books have bright colors to ensure your baby is attracted and busy at all times. 

It’s a great way to bond with your little one. More unique features include; 

  • First, it is 100% safe. High-quality materials can ensure baby safety.
  • Secondly, it makes sounds and crinkles.
  • Thirdly, it’s engaging, has colorful pictures and touchable textures. 
  • Lastly, it’s a great form of entertainment for your little one. 


If you wish to buy a suitable toy for your ten-month-old baby, you need first to pay attention to your child. You have to take note of what they like. For example, if they respond to use, you may want to get them a toy that can play music and melodies. It is also essential to make sure that you are buying the original product. Babies are very sensitive and can react to the smallest toxins.

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